This platform platform appeats to be imminent

A Threadripper PRO, 8 channel, 96-128 lane system with 15/24/32/64 cores.

At last we may see more than 4 slots on the motherboard at last, and might explain why the TRX40 platform was so hobbled in terms of IO.

Edited to have the right imminent link, and the older link differentiated

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Eh we will see there was rumors of this quite a bit ago

Yes, as the TRX80 chipset, but sightings of TR Pro 3955WX on chip heatspreaders look like this is more substantial this time.

It will be a well timed salvo against Intel. I wonder if this will be in the last x86 Mac Pro, also.

I mean Apple is going Arm, and at the longevity of their releases probably is their last one.

If they release WX series it will be interesting for sure. 3 Tier of systems Main stream, enthusiast, Professional

You think they will update that machine? Why? The 2019 can be upgraded pretty substantially.

When are major manufacturers going to release workstations based on AMD products? Are Intel’s non-compete distribution agreements that watertight?

I buy four to six workstations every three or so years for my organization, and I’m really underwhelmed by Intel XEON. If I could buy a Threadripper from HP, Dell or Lenovo I would do so gladly.

I don’t have time to go the DIY route in the enterprise world, but AMD seems happy with occupying just that tiny DIY market segment.

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Your GamersNexus link is from Septemper last year?

Here’s a summary of the most recent info/leaks from videocardz.com.

Sounds like it may be announced by AMD next week on July 14th; 7 days after 7/7… :wink:

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Lenovo is predicted to next week [July 14th]…

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Not one of your three listed, but BOXX makes a threadripper workstation. So does System76.

I could make one as well. None of these are considered tier 1 suppliers by the people in charge.

Sadly having no other choice, ordering two Dell precision next week, with core i9-10900 in them. Intel wins again.


Honestly, I have to see the pricing on the 12 and 16 core parts, and see the latency benchmarks. If the latency is still unsolved, I may have to wait untl Zen 3 Threadripper if they do a silicon interposer and combine the IOD and CCD for the low core count Pro parts.

If it’s inflated by the “pro market tax”, I might not be so quick to get onboard.

That’s a bummer. IMO, Boxx makes some nice workstations.
I don’t have any experience with the System76 workstations though.

If these are going to be Zen2 parts, I am no so interested. What Will be of interest is the layout of the new boards and if they are to support Zen3 TRs

Yes, though a recent update is here

Ditto. I’m not interested in Zen 2 parts if the latency penalty is still there.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if these go beyond 256Gb of ram which has been a criticism of the trx40 platform for certain workloads.

Interesting to see more rumors in regards to this popup.

With 8 channels, it will be a struggle not to :slight_smile:

IIRC, it is one DIMM per channel, to enable differentiation between EPYC SKUs, so that would suggest there is a higher chance that the limit per slot will not be so draconian.

TRX40 having only 4 slots in 16/8/16/8 configurations (or worse! - looking at you, TaiChii!) was also a huge disincentive.

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