Yeah that makes sense. So that makes 512GB a given pretty much, i wonder if they might go higher and actually just go up to 1TB or something. Maybe we’ll even see dual socket motherboards?

i read some new rumors in regards to the new upcomming Threadripper pro cpu’s.
According to the rumors there might be 4 new sku’s,
with upto 128 pci-e 4.0 lanes and 8 memory channels.
If these new cpu’s are going to be backwards compatible with TRX40 is still unknown.
But i personally kinda doubt it.

  • 3945WX 12C / 24T 4.0Ghz / 4.3Ghz. 8x ddr4 3200
  • 3955WX 16C / 32T 3.9Ghz / 4.3Ghz 8x ddr4 3200
  • 3975WX 32C / 64T 3.5Ghz / 4.2Ghz 8x ddr4 3200
  • 3995WX 64C / 128T 2.7Ghz / 4.2Ghz 8x ddr4 3200

Note that this is just purely based on rumors.
So it might be inaccurate.

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I concur on your doubts on backwards compatibility. TR4 socket could be left behind when Zen3 TRs come out, even. The Zen3 TRs could then use the sWRX8 socket with lower tier CPUs having less lanes, as per X99 of the past, IIRC.

The specs you posted echo what I have seen. The interesting one will be the pricing of the 12 and 16 core units vs the Ryzen SKUs.

Regardless, I hope TaiChi can redeem itself with a sensible 7 slot mobo.

I honestly think the Threadripper non-pro line will be ditched. AM5 might replace Threadripper non-pro with 4 channels and 64 lanes. The all important thing is latency. Current latency figures from CCD to IOD is still not good for music production. This is why people still buy Intel for music production.

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I think there is definite merit in an AM5 that has greater lanes and maybe channels.

The current set of 24, split 20 general purpose and 4 for the chipset is already IMHO barely capable.

They may go for 64, but 32 or 48 could avoid an overly large socket/package.

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I would love to see a few more lanes from AMD’s higher end desktop line. The 60 lanes of the old threadrippers was perfect, even 40 lanes from older Intel HEDT was great for power users.

I don’t see a desktop / workstation being able to use 128 lanes, outside of edge use-cases.


128 Lanes may have a use case in Deep Learning, given you have enough risers.

16 for GPU
24 for a x6 ZFS RAIDZ2 setup
4 or 8 for a USB4/TB4 card(s)
4 for networking upgrade

The above will consume 6 or 7 slots.

You dont need 16 for gpu it only needs 8 (99 times out of 10)

1 x16 gpu
2x 16 up to 8 nvme drives
1 for TBcard / Capture etc

Most boards that will support this will have a 10gbe option available so last slot is moot

The rumours were correct.

Lenovo announced the ThinkStation P620 today, with availability in September [2020]…

Full details here.

*The World’s First and Only 64 Core Professional Workstation

The ThinkStation P620, offers unparalleled power and performance, as well as the configurability to meet each customer’s unique needs in a way that wasn’t possible until now. By leveraging AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processor, Lenovo is delivering the only 64 core workstation platform – a new industry standard. Threadripper PRO processors also offer clock speeds up to 4.0GHz, 128 lanes of PCIe 4.0 bandwidth and 8-channel memory support. In addition to speed and flexibility, Lenovo customers now have unmatched core counts for multi-threaded workloads in a single socket platform – rivaling competing dual socket solutions.

Prior to today, traditionally the max core count that a single-CPU system could handle was 18 cores, while the highest a dual-processor system could support was 56. The ThinkStation P620 unlocks a new era of what can be accomplished with a single CPU workstation. Now users can achieve seamless 8K streaming in real-time, reduced render times, ultra-fast simulation solving, quick assembly rebuilds and smooth interactivity with 3D assets all without having to scale to a dual socket system.

Delivering on the Promise: Enterprise-Class Features, Reliability and Flexibility

The ThinkStation P620 delivers more than unmatched processing potential, with flexible GPU configurations, faster memory, quicker storage transfer speeds, and 10GB of built-in Ethernet – a new standard in connectivity. Lenovo designed and built the ThinkStation P620 to be the most versatile workstation on the market, removing the bottlenecks to allow performance to scale and user productivity to soar. This includes support for up to two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 or four RTX 4000 graphics cards, up to 1TB of memory and 20TB of storage. And when speed is king, this enterprise-grade powerhouse is the first and only PCIe Gen 4 workstation available today – offering twice the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0."


AnandTech has a an overview

Threadripper Pro is OEM only… :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

Wait are you telling me my frankenshit 3900X workstation has the same io as a tr board?

What the fuck?

So maybe my 2021 budget year will include some AMD workstations … the specs look overkill compared to the Xeon offerings… Hopefully there are more options than just the 64/128 CPU.


Only so many pcie slots, etc. Like I have an X470 aorus ultra from gigabyte, and the only thing its actually missing is U.2 and it’d be basically as good as a TR board if I’m interpretting OP correctly.

This shocks and annoys me.

There’s a lot of interesting info in the AnandTech article, including that it’s currently a Lenovo exclusive, and that there are four Threadripper Pro CPUs:

CPU        Cores        Base Freq     Turbo Freq
3995WX     64 / 128     2700          4200
3975WX     32 / 64      3500          4200
3955WX     16 / 32      3900          4300
3945WX     12 / 24      4000          4300

I think the guys in my GIS department would love the 3955WX powered workstation with 64gigs (8x8) of ram

No your X470 does not have as much I/O as TRX40. Not sure how you came to that conclusion.


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Damn it. I was really hoping for a 12 core TR system.
But my only hope now is if they make a 3945X.
Though I doubt that’s going to happen.