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Steam Play: Windows Games on Linux (Proton Discussion)



Native performance or bust.


I read somewhere a few years back that Valve never implemented an interface to opt into the Steam Hardware & Software Survey on SteamOS. Consequently, there aren’t any stats available (to the general public at least) about SteamOS usage. Any idea whether that has changed? or is even on a roadmap to be added later?


When I saw this news I immediately thought of Looking Glass. Then I thought about the VM and Windows licensing requirements.

Still, would there be a way to integrate some form or concept from Looking Glass into what Valve is trying to do?


Gabe really doesn’t want his business to be dependant on Microsoft. I see what the end game is here.


No idea since I’m not running steamOS or steam on Linux in general.
I tried steamOS once when it was still in very early development and the first version I downloaded wouldn’t even boot :sweat_smile:


Got any sources on that? Just curious. But, yeah given that Apple is letting OpenGL just die on their desktop platform, I can see this being a solution for all the OSX games that require OpenGL on steam. It does make sense. But some of the text files here also suggest that there is going to be more to this as well, but who knows at this point (besides Valve, of course) ?

I wonder if anyone has tried to contact Valve on this?


according to the steam DB person. But it could still be Linux related.


Interesting, thanks. It could very well be something that shows up in Linux as well, but we will have to wait and see. This would be pretty ultimate for Valve’s SteamOS.

Also, PCGamer just covered this story as well:

They haven’t said anything new. Just rehashing what other sites have said. But it is interesting how much traction this speculation is getting.


Im just kicking the breeze but it does seem like a lot of people are secretly ( not so secretly ) wanting to switch to Linux. Certainly more than even when windows 8 arrived, 10 seems to have royally pissed a lot of people off.


That’s a good thing! I have seen so many linux users around me hoping to get a compatibility layer.


Would be extra interesting if they also supported it by using the “add non-steam game to my library” option.


90% of my games are from steam. I can get Photoshop/Premiere Pro/Etc to work with WINE.

They do this, I stop using Windows indefinitely.


You have NO IDEA.

My gaming keyboard and meteor microphone, as well as a slew of personalized settings, get borked EVERY SINGLE TIME Win10 has an update. EVERY TIME. Minimum 1hour of bullshit to fix things after waiting on the update to finish. This is just 1 of many issues.

Edit: last update screwed up Window’s interaction with Discord. My mic didn’t work for 2 weeks and no troubleshooting steps could figure anything out. I just randomly solved the issue by mass-resetting a lot of stuff and then putting the settings back to where I wanted them.


Looks like Valve just confirmed that this is happening…

Valve has their own fork of Wine and it is called PROTON.


as a result of this work, today we are releasing the Beta of a new and improved version of Steam Play to all Linux users! It includes a modified distribution of Wine, called Proton, to provide compatibility with Windows game titles. Here are some of the improvements it brings to the table:


Soooo. What’s going to happen to wine now? With Proton, is wine still going to be a thing?


Yeah, of course Wine will still be a thing. It’s not going anywhere. Wine is used for more than just gaming. Proton is Valves own fork that will be built into SteamOS and the Linux client of Steam.


Looks like your in luck

yes i know that is only three posts up lol


I forgot wine was for more then just gaming. lol. My bad.


Ah well, it’s exciting news anyway!


I just turned it on. It’s now giving me the option of installing all my Windows games, even Fallout 4. Don’t know if they work or not.