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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review/Chat (SPOILERS)

Did anyone else see the movie?!?!?!

I absolutely loved it! Had a blast. Everyone was laughing/clapping/yelling out in unison. Was Awesome.

This is a place where we, who have seen the movie, can talk about it. So, there WILL be spoilers. If you haven't seen it.. then go away :P

I am seeing it again tomorrow in IMAX, but just a few things i wanted to get down as i am fresh from the theater.

Acting - 100%. the entire new cast is wonderful.
Title Crawl - The first line really hit me.. set up the whole movie. I literally said "OH SHIT!" lol.
Story - Loved it. it really sets up some new mythology, and mystery.
Opening - Kylo Ren in the first scene.... EPIC.
Middle - Great Pacing. So much fun.
Ending - the Death..... and the way it ended. What is Luke going to Say? What is the State of Kylo Ren? What more does Snoke need to teach him? how will the First Order retaliate?! What/who arew the Knights of Ren? 2 years?!?!! D:

Captain Phasma - We don't see much of her. Although, i know it had a lot to set up.. really wish the movie was 30min longer lol. I am certain she will have a larger role in VIII.
Lightsaber Battle - It wasn't bad, i just wanted to see a wider shot in there, like in Empire (bridge scene) and Jedi (the final part after Luke Yells "DARTH!".
Music - I just don't remember any new memorable themes/melodies besides Rey's. Perhaps i will notice more upon my second viewing tomorrow.

Teasers/Trailers - there are some scenes in them that were NOT in the movie (first teaser lightsaber ignition, teaser 2 maz handing lightsaber
Couldn't spot R2-KT (

I think this film may be better than Jedi (definitely better than the entire prequel trilogy combined). But... honestly.. it is Star Wars.... so i CAN;T really rate it. It is just GOOD. 9/10 for me.

Also..... going back to the car.. i am all "The way Luke looks at Rey.. is she his daughter? Could he have sent her to Jakku so she was far away from him, and Max Von Sydow's character was watching over her, like Obi-Wan did for Luke, and that is how he knew where Luke was?!?!?!?!?


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Not yet!!!!! Covers eyes!!!!

HA! You shouldn't have even CLICKED IT! LOL

I await your reply, post-screening :P

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The only bit I read was about Captain Phasma!!!! :oP

I'll let you know what I think about the film [I know how I'll feel, just by watching the trailers which made me feel like I was 8 years old... again, back in 1977] :O)

when will you be seeing it????

I don't drive and where I live (in England) the nearest cinema won't be easy to get to without a car! So, I am hoping that my brother Steve will take me!!! This Sunday I hope???

WAH!!!! I hope too! you will love it!.

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Went to see it in 3D just to realize that 3D wont work for me, just like 3DS is for me just two separate 50% opacity pictures.
I even tested in theater both eyes that yeah, both see own image? But head doesnt combine them like it should.. and I end up seeing it like its without glasses. :D

3D did work though in more complex scenes, but I still had really hard time looking into different things as it forces extreme tunnel vision. Then occasionally I strayed to Finnish subtitles and got my eyes locked into that focus, and I had to blink to get it off.

The thing is that I cant even find anyone describing this issue, and the only issue some may have from eyes not working together is seeing just flat image or weak 3D. Be it because other eye is weaker, or their going different directions.

My cool factor expectation were just that I'll see Luke crushing throats. :D

But I did tear up few times, and I dont cry because of sad moments even if they make me feel bad. It has to be something like seeing why Goku turns into Super Saiyan, or Naruto realizing who his dad actually is. But its always because of hope skyrocketing into another dimension.

I got this feeling like that lightsaber is going to remind him, and I bet he's going to be using it again.

Wow... i have heard of people that couldn't see 3D movies.. but never actually heard of a real account... that sucks. Well, at least you know now, and you can save a few bucks.

8/8? first time seeing anything reviewed out of an 8 too lol.
Things must go down differently in Finland :P

I can't wait to see it again today! I am also super hyped for Episode 8. They estabilished the new characters and set stuff up for basically anything.... Can't wait to see the KNights of Ren. After Reading some stuff about Rian Johnson (new Director for 8), it seems he also dislikes CGI for the sake of CGI. So he will embrace practical effects as well as 35mm film.

I'm having hard time to comprehend why I see it like that, mean eyes should route left to left and right to right side of brain?

So am I really having them wiring equally to both, eh?

Actually your right side of your body is left hemisphere of your brain, and the left side of your body is the right hemisphere of your brain. They're inverted. Learned this when I read learn how to draw with the left side of your brain.

1) Movie felt too short at times.
2) Almost felt like fan-fiction rather than actual SW movie (it doesn't mean its bad) (too overpowered characters, and yet not so powerful after all)
3) This movie is made like the 4th episode, which is a problem because its ep7... it leaves enough space to be filled by its own prequels, but maybe some junk spin-off movies? The smaller prequel movies would work for it i guess. But as a movie it lacks past and context on many things.
4) Too much fan service, like scene with Rye where she ordered storm trooper to unlock her chains, trooper reacted nicely first time... but then... crap... jedi mind trick works... disappointing fan service - i don't like it.
5) We didn't get the feeling from the bar, and the bar-keep person kinda sucked; making her really old but meant nothing - didn't exist before.
6) It felt too much was taken from games/ future fan fiction/trivia from story point but i haven't heard a single great line... that would mean anything in any way. JJ has to work hard to get some... because really.
7) I cannot really rate this movie, as its made in a way that you'd have to watch movies after 7th to really rate it. Its made in a way that story doesn't end it simply begins.

- because too much action at times.
(we lost times where they had peaceful talk / interaction between characters, without pushing forward action)
- too little meaningful talking.
- too short.
- cliff hanger.
- too op.

// opinions
Kylo Ren character,
I think JJ will make Ren a character that fell into darkness and then came out of it... and make Revan like story for him.

Fin character
I think he follows to tightly with Kyle Katarn story...

Rye character falls like Bastila or Satele Shan... they even looks similar... wouldn't be surprised its a kid of one of the jedi trainees or even Luke himself though i highly doubt it. Abilities could compare to Shan but still to OP.


Just saw it in standard 3D. Going to be seeing it again Sunday in IMAX 3D with @Braysive. Was an absolutely obsessive Star Wars (including EU) fan as a wee lass and lost the spark shortly before the prequels. 3D was well done.

Overall: "Satisfied / Moderately Pleased." I wasn't blown away, but I wasn't disappointed. Definitely got a little damp-eyed for the opening crawl and for a couple of scenes (but not The Death). Movie definitely felt too short, and there was not NEARLY enough Phasma. I realize they were making joking nods towards the plot rehash, but it definitely felt a bit too much like New Hope x Return of the Jedi crammed into a single film, with some random threads from the EU pulled in.

Characters: FUCKING LOVED THEM. Fin + Rey forever. Kylo was very well done, wasn't expecting so many scenes without the helmet. The Death felt kind of forced but I think they played it as well as they could have. Loved General Hux.

Ending: I was honestly expecting them to end with either a cut after we see cloaked-Luke, or for some kind of "now it belongs to my daughter" thing, but anyway it was a great setup for VIII.

If anything, I feel like the heavy fanservice notes are out of the way and I look forward to VIII and IX (and especially Rogue One).

I got the revan impression too, but from luke. He ran off to the unknown regions, not to search for the sith, but running from what he did, and what he failed to do.

Kylo ren was a pussy though. The fight scene between him and fin and rey was so weird. I mean, why was fin fighting with sabre? Unless he's a force adept and we just don't know yet, then kylo ren shoulda ripped him apart much more easily than he did. And same goes for rey, she's a force adept for sure, but she's not trained. I'm sure some people are gonna like these concepts since it leans towards a force where anyone can use it, not just people who are born with the gift.

But that doesn't take away that one of the stigmas of sith is that their sabre skills are supposed to be off the chart, that it's supposed to be one of the things they train most in since strength is something that they value above most other things. Fin shouldn't have been able to even tough kylo ren, and rey definitely shouldn't have been able to wreck him the way she did.

Regardless though, kylo ren was a great character, his dialogue was on point, and played the part of a great dark jedi - although, I'd say he's an initiate. If the idea was to make him come back stronger and darker, with a grey, cracked face, blazing red eyes, with raw eye lids, and with a much stronger will, then I think that watching him transform might be really compelling. I'd like to see him become stronger and stronger until he kills snoke and takes an apprentice of his own throughout the next two before he falls, or turns back.

the sith themselves get scars, and tissue damage from battles. Not from learning the dark side look at Palpatine, Malgus, Alek, and all others.

Its pointless for them(characters in sw) to look like that without actually making it in story. Yea he most likely have some bruises after being left on that exploding planet... but i don't think they want to make him ugly. They'll give him few artistic cuts here and there... splash some woman fan with half naked scared body shot... He'll play big villain role in begininning of next ep... and then he'll be gone while fin or something falls to dark side.

bet jj wants to do something like that... power in balance.

back to sith code,
it doesn't state anything about physical strength. They use their passion to gain strength.

  • there was a line in a movie where Kylo stated something that he's hiding something from sith master, i can only assume luke managed to drag him out of dark side - but they made agreement to find this sith master and bring him out into open where both luke and kylo will fight him.

Just saw it last night, it was amazing, and of course the theater was just going crazy.

I can't put a score on it, I just truly loved it as a Star Wars movie.

As for the 'Death', I wasn't all that surprised, the 'Actor' is getting to the point where doing adventure movies is more difficult.

I have one major concern for the future. So, J.J is not directing the next two, it is Rian Johnson.

That I'm not too concerned about, I thought J.J did great, and I feel 'safer' with J.J doing it, but there you go.

However my true concern is that Rian Johnson is giving creds for doing the script on Episode 8, so I assume Lawrence Kasdan is not writing this one?

All of the best Star Wars movies IMO was when Kasdan was writing it, (Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, now Force Awakens.)

If Kasdan is not writing it, I am personally quite wary.

the sith themselves get scars, and tissue damage from battles. Not from learning the dark side look at Palpatine, Malgus, Alek, and all the others.

There're definitely quite a few times where dark jedi have physical manifestations of the dark powers they are learning, and weilding, and basking in. Can't remember any particular cases off the top of my head, but there are some there. But since disney has decided that they are no longer adhering to the previous star wars works, then I suppose it's a moot point any way. We'll have to see how the new movies and lore will be handled.

it doesn't state anything about physical strength. They use their passion to gain strength.

Yeah, you're right. Kylo ren did have some impressive force abilities, but not enough to offset his sorry sabre abilities. Regardless of whether it is physical strength, with a sabre, or through prowess in the use of the force, sith prize strength in some form above all other things, and he woluda gotten eaten alive in the darwinian world the sith live in.

Just got back. I loved that shit!

I loved when they showed the faces of the people of the republic before they destroy the planet. it makes it much more emotional than when they go "Now you see Alderaan. Now you don't." I liked the dialogue when Kylo stabs Han through the chest.


I'm trying to relegate the more negative opinions to one section of this thread. That being said: Guys I really tried to like this movie. It just didn't and probably just like most films, could never draw me into an alternate reality quite like the original movies, or some of the books from the eu. Sorry @CyklonDX.

I will be referring to the originals a lot, and making comparisons. That comes with its own bias.

Gratuitous amounts of plucky lines piled in on top of each other. I felt as if i was watching an episode of the News Room ( I know that is Aaron Sorkin's work just bear with me). That is characters over explaining what their mental thought process is in a sarcastic or blatantly honest funny way. Just watch a few episodes of the News Room and you'll see what I mean. This could be a new trend in comedy that we are seeing in movies designed for younger adult audiences (These hip intellectual types. Believe me I talk this way too. Not that I think I'm hip- see, there I go) That comes down to a writing style that allows characters who are completely different to take on similar sense of humor. The original movies had funny moments, but not quite as many; and of the same style. This is something I'm still trying to sort out myself, but I did notice it; and it snapped me out of suspending my disbelief several times.

The score didn't mesh well with the action or dialogue overall.

Daisy Ridley's character Rey seemed a bit to goodey goodey in her interactions with BB-8. The guy from Red Letter media touches on this idea of characters treating droids like humans a bit more than is appropriate in his review of the Prequels. That being said I love BB-8, R2-D2, and even annoying ass C-3PO. But it was a bit too much, and took away from her character who is surviving as scavenger on bread rations in exchange for spare parts. She wouldn't be so nice. Try starving a bit and you'll see what I mean. You better believe she would have either scrapped that thing for rations, or held on to it for dear life as a survival tool.

One of the biggest plot holes is the one-upmanship of this bigger better Death Star cough cough starforge, "The Star Killer Base". Not cool, necessary, and a total rip not only from the original movies, but a game and a book. (Look up Sun Crusher). JJ, you were supposed and I believe quoted to be only paying homage to the originals, not ripping them and the eu off. Star Killer Base is also known as a plot device.

All being said I don't like JJ Abrams' directing style. He seems to be another one of these pseudo intellectual types that puts on glasses, and then claims to make smart films. This wasn't a smart film. The guy can churn out a film, but they lack that extra bit of magic.This could be a bias because I didn't really care for his Star Trek films, but I did see some odd similarities- i.e his inability to tie subtle things together while building to moments of action. He's like a smarter version of Michael Bay, but still not what I and many other fans are looking for- which is genius. But me and more cynical allies shouldn't be too hard on JJ Abrams because ultimately he wasn't capable of what I and many wanted. Perhaps no one is.


Now for the biggest Elephant in the room. I knew as soon as he walked across that scaffolding that Han Solo was a dead man. You know Harrison Ford wanted to be killed off in "The Empire Strikes Back"? You know why they didn't? Because that is a cheap Hollywood/writers trick that dates back to the beginning of story telling, and they had the balls to try something different. The killing off of characters is played out, and has been manipulating audiences for centuries by creating martyrs. By martyring Solo the writers have created sympathy for the protagonists and hatred from the antagonists. The oldest trick in the book. What a disappointment considering they already did that in the Originals, and in a much more creative way. My point- it was a cheap trick that is just bad storytelling, plain and simple. But I guess killing off the wise and old is a bit of a Star Wars thing.