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Star Wars: Episode 9 Teaser


I… I don’t know what to think. I don’t want to spoil the teaser for anyone so I’ll leave it at this.

I can see it being the best one in the sequels IF IT is done right.

At the same time… That laugh… Just watch it.

Edit: Alright. I gotta say something.

  1. Palpatine sounds as though he’ll be returning in some way
  2. Since when can she split open a fighter with a lightsaber? Come on. There wasn’t any escalation in her ability to suggest that as a possibility
  3. How come she is just now finding out she’s a Skywalker?
  4. I feel that they are detracting from the Return of the Jedi. That was a huge moment and by bringing the emperor back they’ll shit on it
  5. So the whole Kylo Ren thing never happened? He’s probably going to be a good guy now right? Damn it Disney.
  6. Is that yet another Starkiller base? They didn’t learn shit from how the first one and the Death Stars went down?

I don’t know… I’m in an odd place. It sucks to see the series you love make such poor choices. I miss the OT so much and after waiting so long to see sequels they just threw in the towel to cash out…


  1. Unless its purposeful deceit, then thats part from either Death Star, and Sidious makes Yoda like appearance
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I’m going to go see it in the theater, and then I’m not going to care what other people think about it or try and politicize it.

I think it’ll be a great movie to watch.



My friend is going out of state but when he gets back for Winter break him and I are going to go see it the day after Christmas.



And you know… People used to talk about how bad the new BF2 was, but it got better with time… It’s similar to the CoC implementation in Linux. Everyone sought out an alternative but Linux is still Linux and Star Wars is still Star Wars. I don’t think Mark Hamill would have continued acting in the movies if he didn’t at least feel something was right about it. It is what he is most known for afterall



I am extremely wary of outrage culture language at this point that I pretty much ignore any opinion on the internet. I’ll gladly have a conversation with someone in person though.

I did just finish watching yet another “SJW ruination” gamer video though so I’m already irritated with the internet and its tendency to promote critical thought reduction and compartmentalization.



The disparity of skill in Empire vs Return of the Jedi rings similarly.



Same. I like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Hellboy. Sexually frustrated, emotionally damaged, brain dead, illiterate punk poser fan boys aren’t going to “change my mind”




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I’m in the same boat as @AdminDev and @Steinwerks

I don’t have time to listen to critics and Disney haters for every opinion I should subscribe to. In fact, I love terribly written movies.

I feel like I’ll enjoy it, regardless of how “bad” “poorly written” and “Disney-fied” it is.



I’m just hoping for one last,



While rewatching last one, I skipped past Finn and the Harry Potter world

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Sounds like you missed scenes integral to the plot.



Pets and gambling :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m just hoping that they bring back Jar Jar Binks.



From last one I was hoping that Luke shows just the raw power and I’m good

aaand from this one I guess I’m just curious what does the Jedi book or two teach Rey



The previous one was so bad that this is gonna be a hard pass, unfortunately.


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Holy shit lmao



bruh its just gunna open with palpetine announcing he’s trans

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Transitioning to a Jedi?

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