Star Citizen - Should i "Fly Now"

I'm really thinking about quitting EVE Online at this point, but i'll spare everyone and not start ranting about that fuckshow of a game.

So, my curiosity finally got the best of me and I was wondering how people are playing Star Citizen, and surely after about 5 seconds of Googling, I am taken to the Star Citizen site. I thought that it was perhaps a private invite Beta or something. Now. I wanted to ask everyone, especially/hopefully some of you which may be actually playing the game. Should I go ahead and drop $45 USD on Star Citizen?

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The last "space game" with "open everything" I spent money on is unplayable meaning it crashes at random intervals and when it runs, it does at 20FPS. (SpaceEngineers if anyone was wondering)

I say keep your money in your wallet while you wait and see.


i have also been keeping up on the status of the game. so far it's in alpha 2.4 which means a large amount of the game play is not yet implemented, however it is playable kinda. remember when we were promised a eve size universe? well it's at 1 planet and 3 space stations atm. here's the "status" page
im going to wait.

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Yeah, i was thinking of simply paying once the thing is complete. I'm just desparate for an EVE replacement right now, is all. Thinking about selling my accounts. CCP are just a huge pissoff.

Do that

I have a lot of money is SC and am waiting till at least beta, too many alpha patches and 50gb+ downloads

It's also extremely CPU bound, when I had an FX chip it was unplayable

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You should only pay now if you feel like the work done up to this point is promising and you want to help fund the games development. Also, if you don't mind being an alpha tester. It's completely crowd funded and it still has a long way to go before the official release. The more people that fund it, the more likely it is to be completed. You should go onto Youtube watch some of the current videos before making a desicion.

So far, I've spent about $100 bucks and I've bought 2 ships. My second ship won't be flyable until the next alpha update to 2.5, but I'll keep the ships that I've purchased once the game goes live officially.

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That's really hard to say. I think you should watch youtube vids (as mentioned by @Knight26) and wait for free weekends. Afaik there was one a couple of weeks ago.
If you want to support the developers, then go ahead and fund it ;-)

I've spent too much money on the game but I'm not even running the test environment yet. I keep tabs on some Youtube channels like SMB's weekly sunday shows ( )
The game has much work left to do on the technical side and you'd need a heavy rig to get decent performance, in case that matters much to you. The brunt of the teams efforts are now focused on the single player campaign that will be released as a separate game (early backers got that included) called Squadron 42. Untill that's out of the gate, probably some time next year, the multiplayer test environment will remain fairly limited in scope and in early alpha state.

To be clear, it's not certain that the full multiplayer game that is Star Citizen will be released even in 2017. Though I'd expect the test environment to grow into something quite impressive and reach a genuine beta state (beta = largey feature complete) at least.

I was running SC on my i5 2500k with an 7870oc at around 40-45fps when I last benchmarked it. It runs fine on my 390 as well, so I think it is playable on decent hardware. However, it remains to be seen how hardware hungry the game will be in its final state.

Star Citizen .... the game that will never come out.


By the time it comes out, the graphics will be like what TF2 (aka, the game Valve is killing) graphics is today. Maybe I can run it on a tablet by then.

Saving this comment to be served back to you at a later date for your dining pleasure. :P

@Prenihility Unless you have a driving need to back the games development hold onto your money. If you want space combat and you have disposable income try Elite:Dangerous.

I have a stupid amount of money invested into Star Citizen and have been backing and participating with testing since 2013.

It might be finished by the time I get round to completing all the x-btf games sat in my steam account... That would be nice 😊


Off topic:

What the hell's been going on with TF2? I haven't played in years. Wanna get a nice retail copy of the Orange Box and start playing again.

Also @everyone

Please, guys, I don't want to double post like a total jackass. I'm really curious about Mass Effect. Keep the ball rolling with my Marathon/Throwback thread.

TF2 had a new update called "Meet Your Match", they made a Competitive mode that costs $9.99 to enter, because in order to be competitive, you needed money to be competitive, which is bullshit. You have to use a command line to create a server instead of clicking on a button (they took that button away for some stupid reason). TF2 has gotten bad as of late, a shame as it's still my favorite FPS.

Oh, my... Doesn't sound good at all. Well, i'll install it up again at some point. I just hope it isn't a complete shit-show. Then again, I've been playing Heroes and Generals. So I don't know. The negatives of microtransactions epitomized.

dude here that's spent $410 so far.

I have enough trust in CIG to produce a game worth playing in the future, because it's a man with a dream being lead by a very active community giving them direct feedback and no publisher to dictate.

I would say if you have the extra money there and want to get involved in the most unique in-development game get the starter pack ($45) and see how you like it, If you don't it might be $45 lost, or it might be $45 spent today for a AAA game later.

A little over a year ago i was huge into the game, I'm further away from it now because im waiting for beta, but I do really enjoy hopping into a Swarm mode every one and a while to see what's changed.

Is there word of when Beta actually starts? Supposedly the full release is 2016, but they haven't even started Beta testing? How the hell does that work?

I remember when SC was first announced. It was dope and I was just about to quit EVE myself.

I did end up quitting EVE but I resisted buying into SC. I'm soooo glad I did since I now see this game will prolly take another 6-10 years till first full release. I feel that's an accurate estimate. "Early release" games notorious take extra time to reach release because they're in no hurry; gamers are suckered into giving them all the money they need before the game is even ready. They have no motivation to get to release.

Although I haven't played it yet myself, I recommend checking out Elite and Dangerous. The gameplay looks great and many people rave about it.

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No man's sky comes out in like 3 days