Sponsored Video - For Audience Approval/Feedback

So, we were contacted about doing a video on a 55" 4k TV. I don't usually do TVs but this one has some cool technology and is going to be a fancy one. It's also $5000. They sent me a PDF outline with loads of highlighted things that they want me to mention. Most of it was specs, but some of it was marketing stuff. They agreed to let us do the video in our own style but said that we are "required by law" to mark this as a sponsored video since the product is worth $5000. My plan would probably be to use it on the set some or sell it and put the money to good use (I don't use TVs).

I don't like PDFs that tell me what to say, but I can probably do that and also give you my personal take on the TV. Let me know how you feel.


I am sure you'll make it so we know what the marketingsprech part is and what's your oppinion.
I am not objected to seeing a review of a TV (aka big monitor) =)

I'm fine with it as long as it is labeled. I have nothing against TVs. Use one on my battle station for twitch/YouTube.

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If you think it's an interesting product and worth the time to do a good review, then I would be interested in seeing it.

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Have the PDF on the TV and use it as a teleprompter during the video.


Maybe showing a practical application of it with a htpc or like how mine is behind my workstation and uses chromecast to watch content while working/playing.

If you agree with what the PDF is telling you to say then say so. If you do not agree with what the PDF tells you to say then say that too. Right off the top you say that this tv was given to Tek Syndicate for review. There ends your responsibility to us. Keep it honest and up front what is going on and I don't think anyone can reasonably fault your methods.

I think your OP explains your idea for what to do with it very well and I agree with your thinking.

Keep up the great work!

As long as your person pros and cons outside of the perscibed literature are still allowed in the style you usually do them then yeah I would be fine with it.

The problem with these is when reviewers are specifically told not to point out problem X or down side Y, or sugar coat it to make it seem like a positive in some bizarre backward universe.

As long as the ligimate unscripted views are still in the video under personal notes or what ever marketing term they want then yeah.

What kind of tech does it have? I could care less as long as you Label Title&Description and either say it in the video at the beginning / put a logo on the screen. If it actually has cool aspects that you are impressed with it do it.

I am outnumbered already, but I really like the idea of you guys finding things that are awesome that you like as opposed to being given an object and script. You wont loose me as a loyal member either way. But, that is just my personal preference.

As long as the sponsorship is made clear from the get go and there are no restrictions on being brutally honest about the performance of the unit, no qualms here. Just let us know what the sponsor wants mentioned, then put that som'bitch through its paces and show us what $5K would get us.

If there are restrictions on what can be said -- explicit or implicit -- don't do it.


I think you answered this question yourself.

It's not up to us to tell you what to do. However ... personally I respect you (and by "you" I mean the entire team) because you do the things you do not for money but because you believe in it. If I were in your shoes, I'd be worried about putting that kind of credibility on the line for a couple grand.

I don't think most of us care. If you want to talk about it, talk about it. If possible, let us know when it is your opinion and when it isn't. Just do whatever keeps the bills paid man. I don't mind a sponsored video or two every once in a while.

Just keep this channel/forum and what they stand for alive. Fucking love you guys and your site.

As soon as its stated that there is a sponsoring I would say we all are capable of looking at it with a grain of salt. Marketingsprech is soooo obvious usually

As long as you also state your honest opinion about the TV and its features, then sure I guess.

It would be pretty cool to have a 55" 4k monster in the set.

I wouldn't mind the fact that it's sponsored as long as your own opinions still shine through, so I'd say go for it!

I like the way Boogie2988 approaches sponsored content. He tells you right in the beginning that he was given something to make the video, he also puts it in the title of the video and the description (that it was sponsored).

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I suggest manipulating that product every which way.

For a $5000 product you will only get people that have that kind of money looking at that video...my suggestion is to turn that TV in to some sort of beast by manipulating every part of it right down to the UI and make it do things that would never even be thought of.

Add/change the ports
Change the UI
Download the UI
Deglass it
Make a custom housing for it

Either have fun with it or sell it...you could flip it for $3000-$4000 quick before Christmas.

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I say do the video. I won't buy the TV, but I do support a company giving you money or free stuff. Puts less financial strain on the audience.

For reading the PDF, I think Bill Burr does a great job of that part in his podcasts. He doesn't try to bullshit anyone into thinking he's talking in his own words or that he even likes the product. As long as people don't think you're trying to hype it or sell it, it'll be fine.

Do the video!

As long as the review isn't biased based on them giving you a product. Clearly state it was given to you in a sponsorship but continue to give us your true opinions and review of the product. For instance if the PDF says you cant say X,Y,Z then I am not for it. We still want pros and cons for certain use cases. If it takes a few minutes of marketing jargon I am okay with it.