[Sorted] Razer KB Privacy Policy?

Got a keyboard for nothing, im never at a desk so its handy for when I am so took it.

It comes with software. I want to invert the Fn key for media controls like my laptop does, stop the LEDs changing colour, and maybe look at the macro keys so installed it.
I just checked the Privacy Policy and found this:
© Information about how you use our products and services** ► such as information about the amount of time you use our products/services for, your typing patterns, the pages you visit, and other information about your activities while using our hardware or software (including Synapse) or while logged into your Razer ID account. We collect this in order to provide feedback about your game performance, to develop our products and services, and to understand what your usage patterns and preferences are so that our marketing is relevant to you

Note the “typing patten” part.
Im not so clued on with all this, but I take it if I accept they will be collecting every word I type yeah?

If so, anyone know a way to make a Razer Anansi KB stick to one colour or just white? The hotkey just turns it to low, med or high.

Thanks, TT24

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Theres an open source version for linux


I can’t seem to find one for Windows.

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Will give it a shot and hope it stays how its set after dual boot.

They use it to show things like a heatmap of keypresses and how many times a key is pressed. Not really that useful for you but can be interesting to look at from a longevity standpoint.

Why not sell it and get a ducky shine or something if you don’t trust it.

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Im more concerned about these keypresses being collected and “passed onto our partners”, especially passwords and network credentials. Would be stuffed if anyone hacked into Razers servers lol. And you must agree to use any part of the software, even if I could turn it off.
Ive emailed their privacy department about it as im in the EU and may be able to opt out of stuff, or find whats collected.

I may do, it is awful. Like most Razer products, just a brand. But sells new for £150 :flushed:


I refused to install their collection garbage on my work computer. Turns out if you buy a $2800 laptop with (their terrible) corporate support you still can’t change the keyboard color without a login.

We don’t buy their laptops anymore.


I wouldnt touch their laptops with a barge pole. Ever since LTT Linus started singing and dancing about how amazing they where I knew they where just another AlienWare lol.
$2800, when im sure you can get the same laptop for a lot less, or a much better laptop for the same cost… smells like Apple :crazy_face:
Same goes for this KB, £150 new yet could get some CherryMX for less. And this has a silicone membrane (as had to repair). Still, better than reaching over to the laptop for now.

Awful that they have the same sort of thing on their laptops.

you let management know after your debacle

We’d already been testing other models, so mine was one of the last issued anyway.

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XPS15 is prob the best option these days Price/perf

DGPU isn’t good enough though.

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Ive had a Dell Precision yonks ago from a job, great buissness laptops. But personally I feel these thin Dells wont be as good just due to heat and longevity. My Precision then was chunky, but replaceable CPU and GPU. Ended up swapping out the AMD w4100. These days everythings soldered.

ThinkPads would be my suggestion. But I have no XP with their latest offerings and if they still stand up to their reputation. Depends on the senario, but will say anythings better than Razers offerings for any use case other than gaming showing off.

XPS is pretty solid unless your slamming it hard and @zavar is solving that issue

Also note XPS is far superior quality to Percision line and not really a thin rig (XPS you can upgrade ram and storage not sure if cpu/dgpu is soldered, but hoenstly your never gonna replace that as there really isnt a market for that stuff)

Maybe. Again this was way back in 2012, I’d say comparable to the XPS today, but with a workstation GPU rather than a consumer 1050. Dont know Dells range now tbh. But the precision back then could be bashed about no problem, wheres I wouldnt want to knock that shiny one.

Will be soldered in, thats how they make it super thin. Just causes problems when the screen gets broken from the front or back (due to trying to be super thin) and if the solder starts to crack again due to being thin.
Depends on the use case, on the road you’ll want something hardy rather than style. Does look like the Precision’s have also gone for the style creative audience now too. Shame.

There was a leak on their new models that will come out his year. They are following Apple and are making the t series thinner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it’s just a leak.

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I have an XPS15 and XPS13 I also have a Razer Blade 2016
Have used a X1 Carbon and while it was nice feel wise idk about them having a solution thats going to be as good as the XPS15 in similar design / size

(we should really stay on topic tho sry OP)

Yep, Dell are just as bad :frowning_face: I think their plan is to make AlienWare their new chunky power houses and the Dell branded laptops their “creative” types laptops who want thin bezels and touchscreens. Eww.

Cant imagine youll ever see one in a server closet haha

I just want a desktop I can take around with me tbh.

Who owns Lenovo now, they are all changing! This is all Apples doing!!! Curse you JOBS!!!


Ncase M1 if you can live off ITX or Cerverus if you need mATX (I have both and are both nice AF)

I mean, desktop performance in a laptop. Not a desktop. Sorry, wasnt clear.

Proper K series and a workstation MXM card :ok_hand: Thick enough to get the heat out without taking off :joy:

You are just so thermally limited you wont ever get that unless you want the huge AF super expensive gamer monstrosity