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Some RTX 2080 ti cards gpu's are failing ? what's going on? ! update ! gamersnexus finished testing the 2080ti's


There really isn’t a point to buy anything less than a 2080ti if you want RTX and there isn’t a point to buy any RTX card if you don’t.


for a new build, to stay at the cutting edge & somehow future proof i think there is a point


I get that but realistically the 2080 and 70 are only about as good at conventional games as the 1080ti. In RTX games anything less than the 2080ti is just not gonna be worth it from what’s be shown and even when it is working it is a lot of very small detail that does not comes through in actual gaming when you don’t have the time to stop and inspect every little thing, and that’s assuming games actually use those features.

Then there is the hardware. It is pretty much all ready tapped out performance wise so what you buy is what you get. If you don’t OC that’s fine, but if you have gotten used to the idea of the base card only being the starting point of performance then the RTX series will be a let down.

So yeah sure go future proof yourself for whatbthats worth but it is a lot of money for… Well nothing at the moment when compared to the currently available options which are only getting cheaper.


the reason i asked that question, which no one answered yet or knows for sure
is that i finally upgraded from my haswell era machine
i ordered my new parts (amd cpu no Integrated Graphics) and waiting them to be delivered …
what left is the gpu.
i don’t want to hijack the thread so i think i will open another asking for help choosing one


Well it seems to be 2080tis for now. Other than that the 2070s and so on seem to be showing regular failure rates, just people are headline grabbing because of the 2080ti mess and throwing in their other dead cards that are unrealted.

At least that what it looks like right now.


Vram generally:

  • Hynix
  • Elphida
  • Samsung.

I believe Samsung is used on the RTX cards.


All of them are supplying for the rtx cards I think