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Some RTX 2080 ti cards gpu's are failing ? what's going on? ! update ! gamersnexus finished testing the 2080ti's


The gsync stuff makes me crease up…

How much do these monitor makers pay for the licensing and validation? (on top of the hardware cost of course).

and the consumer buys a gsync monitor EXPECTING it to work with their nvidia card.

Seems like both the consumer AND the monitor maker getting screwed here.


it’s the hardware module that makes some expensive there are some cheap monitor’s with ones and the module it’s about 100-200$~ I think and they complete monitor with it is 300$-350$ 🤷 but there is also newer g-sync module that supports 144hz at 3840x2160 with hdr that is like 500$ just the module and with monitor 1200$


I need to get one of these 2080Ti’s now because I can’t die without knowing what it’s like to BSOD on ray tracing cards.


It’s very realistic looking

If you didn’t know any better you would swear it was the real thing.


new nvidia driver



If you run the cards as they come factory out of the box,
then i assume that there wont be much an issue on hand here.
But of course wenn start messing around with overclocking then you could run into problems.

Thats why overclocking shouldnt be used for advertisement for cpu’s and gpu’s alike.
Because its missleading, same counts for overclocked benchmark numbers.


There has been a case (single) of a 2080 ti catching on fire even at stock :smiley:


Yeah but that could also be just a bad pcb that rolled of the production line.
And of course it all depends on where the exact root cause of the issue lays.
Board partners, pcb manufacturing processes etc.

Normally if you run them within specs they came out from the factory,
they shouldnt really fail.
But of course hardware failure can allways happen.

Thats why overclocking part of reviews are missleading.
People believe if they buy the same card as Gamers Nexus got for review,
that their card can overclock to the same numbers.
But that is never really guaranteed.


That’s just a bad multi-layered ceramic capacitor. Same issue as the 1080 FTW. The person just happened to get a bad capacitor. The PCB wasn’t at fault, it was the supplier of the multi-layered ceramic capacitors at fault. (Which was the case with the 1080 FTW)



Interesting results here… including some which fail so fast they certainly are defective and definitely not related to any sort of overclock:


So that begs to question… what components does NVidia supply to AIB’s for their own designs? Just the chip or chip+memory? Chip, memory + components?


I don’t know. My guess would be just the chip. Would make no sense for AIBs to buy more than they have to.

But it is just a guess.


Yup just the chip.


Then I would be interested to know who the RAM maker was on Joker’s artifacting card.


Nothing but the chip??


That’s what she said!


Once again…


I’m kinda out of the loop and went offline for awhile, so i hope you don’t mind me asking this question:
Is it safe to get an 2080 or even 2070 ? or they all have this issue ?!