Some one created a Walmart account using my mail

This morning I checked my Gmail account for emails and stuff, and I noticed two mails from Walmart regarding two attempts to change the password of the Walmart account. But I've never created a Walmart account. My Gmail account uses an unique password (24 chars long and very secure) and 2 factor authentication. So the email account is not compromised, but to be sure I generated another password for it.

The two attempts of changing the Walmart password didn't succeed. So my next step was to reset the Walmart password my self with a one time password totally different from the others, to gain exclusive access to the account.

With further inspection the account doesn't hold any sensitive information, it's registered at the name of "Byedam Cali", no address was provided, nor any billing information, just my email address.

I contacted the customer care of Walmart asking to delete the account but so far no response. I'm in Europe, so in the US it's pretty late in the night.

So what to do next? And more importantly how was it possible? I mean the only way is that walmart doesn't send a confirmation mail when someone signs up. Any thoughts, advice?

well how many people know of your gmail email if not many it may have been from a website breach where someone got your email and decided to sign you up for some random shit

Well difficult to say since it's a gmail account, so you know it's linked to youtube, google hangouts, and other services that I'm subscribed to. It's definetly possible that the email has leaked following a breach because I've been getting some spam lately.

Hopefully walmart will delete the account.

yeah probably someone set a spam bot to send it to you then set the email on the walmart account as yours or something :P well good thing your gmail isnt compromised

It's still suspicous that I didn't get any email confirmation regarding the creation of the account.

well maybe the account was made before it had your email then someone changed it to yours for what ever reason

Mmh changing the email address and the password requires an email verification, that's what they say in the account settings.

I'll try to set up a fake walmart account on a disposable email, and see if I get a confirmation.

yeah prob the best idea

Lo and behold, you don't get a confirmation email from walmart, so I can set up an account just by knowing the mail address. Nice walmart, thanks for caring about security, it doesn't even ask for the password twice.
It just asks for the email, first and last name and the password... -.-

Check if your mail address has been leaked. The best way to do that is via the database at
At least that way you'll know if it has been leaked or if someone made an honest mistake.

Then wait for Walmart's customer care to get back to you. That could take 48 hours.
If they can't/won't delete it, just add walmart's address to your Gmail's blacklist.

Oh wow, thanks LinkedIn and Adobe -.-


Get a new CC, and cancel your old one.

If by CC you mean adobe cc, I've never owned it.

I mean Credit Card. At least monitor your transactions closely. Your experience has all the signs of CC fraud.

Oh I don't have a CC, I don't trust banks.

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Well, nothing to worry about then lol.

just because you don't have a credit card doesn't mean that someone with enough information on you can't get a credit card in your name. ID theft at it's worst. I recommend checking your credit report ( I assume they have that in Europe as well) just to make sure something hasn't been opened in your name without your knowledge.

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UPDATE: the account has been deleted.


Same thing happened to me. It's also by the name Byedam Cali. Thanks Walmart for your 10/10 security.

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You may want to check if your email has been leaked: and change the password if you're using the same password you used for the leaked accounts.