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[SOLVED] Ryzen build freezing, can't find the problem

Just edit the title to say (solved) in front.

Definitely the motherboard, I’ve seen these issues pop up all over with people running the ASrock AB350 since it’s a cheap and popular board. I’ve stopped recommending it in builds for now.

Agreed. I had issues with its larger brother. Also decided to upgrade to the Killer X370 and it died after two days. Still waiting on replacement. Went with the Killer cause I got it for $20 CAD more, so $110 CAD. Great deal for an X370, but ASRock is not making me feel all warm and fuzzy. This build is my first hands on experience with ASRock.

So if I RMA the board, is the new one likely to start doing this as well? I know it’s an inexpensive board, but it’s in my 12 yr old’s PC, so I didn’t want to spend too much. That being said, I want the damn thing to work.

I don’t know, I would assume ASRock is aware of the problem at this point and what is causing it. Either way I would RMA the board and hope the new one doesn’t have the same problem.

It sounds to me It might be a heat problem. What is the name and model number of the case. You might want to check if the case is known to have poor airflow. My desktop got completely destroyed about a year ago by excessive heat (didn’t have enough fans in case) , than a huge power spike, because I was too cheap to buy a Unintorable Power Supply

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That’s a good point. Once I get the new board in and see if it solves the issue, I’ll come back and add an edit to let people know (I know it’s flagged as solved, but I figure the update would be helpful, as well.)


I have a feeling it doesn’t affect all these boards, but ASrock might just have quality issue where some boards are passing testing, but shouldn’t be. I’ve done stress testing on the CPU, GPU, and RAM for several days and no issues with the new board after the RMA.

please update with any resolve I have same board and cpu,
the long and thick of it is, my z270 i7 7700k build was tripping my d6 error code for gpu issues, got a new gpu and same thing (nothing like what I’m dealing with now) so as I sent that one back. I had the asrock ab350m pro4 and ryzen 1200 sitting around for another build. so I threw my g3 supernova 850w psu, gtx1080ftw hybrid, cooler and ssd and dominator platinum corsair 3000mhz ram and went to town. worked for all of 2 to 3 weeks. then HARD FREEZES, once in a while a black screen, sometimes it restarts. did all the same tests and fresh installs and everything to no resolve.

sounds like the board has issues RMA might fix it. using the 2nd agesa update might have broken it . so going back a bios version could help but make you miss a few changes. honestly just taking a stab in the dark.

Just got the new board back yesterday. After reinstalling everything, the system is working fine. Hopefully this fixed it. If the problems start again, I’ll re-update this post.

Good luck with yours!

Lol I just replaced the same board with a MSI B350M gaming pro for a friend’s build because of the same issue!

Thank god for amazon extended returns.

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Lucky you! I’m just crossing my fingers that this board doesn’t develop the same issue. I’m not updating the BIOS or anything for a few weeks to see if it settles in ok.

Any updates on this?

Yes, actually need to update the post. The new board is rock solid, haven’t had a hiccup since.


Thanks for providing an update on the issue! :smiley:
We always appreciate it when others share their experience and resolution with the community so others that come across it can benefit as well.

As part of this I have cleaned up your original post to make it a bit more readable. I hope you don’t mind.

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I appreciate it, actually. I’m pretty new here, and I’m not used to the formatting yet. Hopefully the post helps someone else out!

There is a bug that affects 1st Gen Ryzen CPUs that causes them to lock/reboot when reactivating powered-down cores that have been idling. This thread is well worth reading:

4 month necro, thread is locked.