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Ryzen build freezing at idle, can’t find the problem


My specs are:

Ryzen 1600

Gigabyte B450M-DS3H

1060 3gb

New 500w power supply.

HyperX Fury 8gb x2

It freezes in idle and sometimes in BIOS. My pc ran fine for 1 month until i did a bios update,installed gigabyte app center and updated windows ( all 3 were done on same day!). I have changed PSU, graphics card, tested RAM and downgraded to F1 bios (downgrading bios should fix it right? BUT IT DOESN’T) , reinstalled windows ( it even hangs and restarts during windows installation sometimes) but nothing helped. I highly doubt it’s the motherboard.

My issue is very similar to this guy over a year ago : ( [SOLVED] Ryzen build freezing, can't find the problem )

^He RMA’d the mobo and it solved and i’m thinking of doing the same but what exactly is the problem? Manufacturing defect or design defect/bug? Should I sell the mobo and buy a new brand or do RMA? What if it happens after few months?

I’m very surprised board makers havent solved this problem yet??


@OldManGrimm I found your thread at ( [SOLVED] Ryzen build freezing, can't find the problem ) and made mine. Can you help? Is the RMA unit working fine for you?


Check your BIOS for a “Power Supply Idle Control” option. If you don’t have it, but have a “C6” option instead, update your BIOS. Once you have the “Power Supply Idle Control” option, change it to “Typical”.


@SamX If that doesn’t work try to set your ram speed lower 2133 mhz


i have done all those…power supply idle, disable c-states etc but same problem :confused:


my ram is hyperx fury which runs at 2133 by default max. even with xmp.


Is your pc Overclocked ? oh :frowning: do you have the chipset drivers and

ryzen balanced power plan)

installed on your pc usally windows installs it with if not here is where you can download it
don’t know if this helps otherwise that Mainboard could have defect


It even hangs in the BIOS sometimes…I doubt its software related + yes i have alll chipset divers.


had a mobo die this summer on me but a asus one that did similar things mostly bsod’s and freezes but your mobo seems to be on the same path


which asus mobo died? i’m trying to buy the asus TUF b450 plus. hope it doesn’t have the same problem :open_mouth:


I had that motherboard it was a notoriously crappy one that was known for this issue. however there are other things that can cause freezing on first gen ryzen as has been often seen by linux users.

don’t downgrade your bios you much more likely to have better results on a newer one. about ram though what speed are you trying to run your ram at. first gen ryzen often can’t handle the listed xmp rating.

  1. if you can test your cpu to see if it fails the kill ryzen benchmark.
  2. try setting power supply idle control to " Typical Current Idle" in the bios
  3. try disabling c states.

edit I see you tried these things.

check reviews of you motherboard look in the 1 star list on amazon, newegg, etc, see if others have freezing problems


thanks for your reply. i have disabled c-states, made it typical current idle but no solution.

My RAM is 2133 mhz.

AFAIK the “kill ryzen test” only affects during heavy load. mine freezes under idle…i can game for hours…


kill ryzen is only “supposed” to cause problems with certain compilation tasks but it can affect other things it’s just harder to notice. in fact replacing my original 1600 with one that passed kill ryzen stopped my freezing issues. but when I later upgraded to a 2700x they came back because the board was just terrible and picky.

one other thing you can try which mitigated issues for me when I had similar issues, but wasn’t a permanent solution because of my use case, is to try disabling all IOMMU and virtualization (amd-v) options in the bios.


I have all those disabled but still crashes :frowning: I found loads of Asrock b350m PRO users having the same problem due to faulty mobo.

As for my motherboard, Its a B450 so still new in market but I have since found 2 people with this exact same problem on this Gigabyte mobo. Looks like a faulty design i think :confused:


well then if you wind up switching I’ve had good results with my replacement msi b350m mortar and the b450m mortar should be just as good.

but I recommend you still test for kill ryzen
if it fails get it replaced anyway.


Yea…I’m in India and can only buy from the list of motherboards in this websites : (Please check)

And yea I like MSI but i heard people say msi bios dont have voltage offset so voltage wont go do down during low workloads ( when OC’d)

I’m leaning towards the Asus TUF B450-PLUS GAMING.

Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear from you


since I’m using a 2700X now I don’t need to do manual OC anymore and just rely on XFR. I will admit that the bios on my motherboard is… odd. it works fine as far as I’ve needed it to but it is at least a strange layout. the only reason I didn’t get the tuf board myself is the pcie layout wouldn’t work for me. I do VFIO so I needed access to 2x16 slots and one x1 that isn’t covered up by a dual slot gpu.


Ohh I myself have this case ( )

This would fit the atx TUF board? All my life i have been using the matx boards…


yes that’s a 7 slot case so it’s a full atx case I am using a variant of the define mini c. which is one of very few cases that are full spec matx (5 pci slots)


asus strix x370f :stuck_out_tongue: nah you are fine :slight_smile: