[Solved] Brand new Crosshair VII Q-code 8

Hey everyone,

As a follow up to this post from a couple of days ago. I got my CPU, RAM, and Motherboard. Got everything put in the case and the motherboard gives me Q-code 8 without even trying to post. I’ve tried moving RAM around, re-seating the CPU, downloading the bios to see if the flashback thing would work and nothing. It seems like its DOA.

Anyone have any experience on this? I’m going to be super pissed if I have to send this thing back.

Everything seems to be working now. I took the board out and tested it and it worked. Put it back in the case and its working too. So maybe there was a problem with the standoffs in my case (Define R6).

Wise moves. Great to hear.

Apparently Q code 08 for Asus is :

System Agent initialization after microcode loading

yeah its one of the first things the motherboard does after being turned on. I am really happy I did have the Q code display. Makes debugging that stuff easier.