2700x upgrade sanity check

The Gigabyte Gaming 7 actually has a sensible VRM that can radiate passively and still remain cool. And is cheaper than the Crosshair at $300CAD.

The only reason you would get a Crosshair is overclocking.

Well if you expect decent company support for your motherboard,
then you will be pretty much dissapointed with every brand out there.
In that regars they all pretty much suck.

Allthough some issues that people might complain about with certain motherboards,
are caused by bios or software related issues.
But those are generally fixed with bios and software updates over time.
On a new platform every board will have some niggles here and there.
But remember that also allot of the issues that users are complaining about,
are cause by human error.


Also probably worth noting that I think when people compare boards like this they are splitting hairs. At least to a certain extent.

Entirely possible. Although Asrock seems a bit nicer towards linux. The Asus support has been terrible for solving or acknowledging the issues, though they do seem quick in approving RMAs.

Definitely bios/software. The hardware seems really good and very well liked. But the expectation of waiting 1-2 years to get it stable seems accurate and if someone is affected by a persistent issue, I’m not sure that’s much consolation.

This totally happens. For example, using the wrong RAM slots and complaining about RAM instability. lol

Often true but I don’t think the bulk of it is so in this case. I hope yours works out great out of the box. If so, it’s a great board, and like I said I prefer the unique features of this board over the Taichi in my case, even though I had initially wanted the Taichi.

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i have to agree that Asrock on the Taichi in particular,
it´s really well packed with features like dual Nic´s and wifi and such.
Which is pretty nice, and also kinda makes the value for money king on the higherend board market in regards of connectivity features.
The Asrock Bios still could use some pollishing and improving.
But still its not a bad bios to work with overall.
The Linux support on the Taichi seems to be pretty good from what i read.
Except for the Asrock Taichi Ultimate version on which the 10Gbe nic seems to be a bit problematic to get working on Linux.

I’ve had a decent experience with CH7 and 2700x combo. Any perceived quirks were all PEBCAK and mainly due to the “new” way to overclock aka Precision Boost / XFR vs manually setting multiplier etc. and making a poor decision on my initial RAM kit. After changing out of my Intel 8700K modality and adopting a ryzen approach, things sorted out and I am quite pleased.

Nope, works perfectly fine out of the box with a somewhat recent kernel.


Ah thats a nice and pretty quick catch up from the boys and girls on the Linux foundation then. :slight_smile:
But of course its not as easy to get working out of the box on every distro.
So yeah for a novice Linux users it will still be kinda problematic.
Because on Ubuntu LTS based distributions you still have to fiddle arround with installing the latest hardware enablement kernels.
And that isnt something that a general novice Linux users would feel comfortable with i guess.

Nope. 18.04 running here.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Where do you get that impression from that it might be complicated? It isn’t even that new piece of tech, the Aquantia chip is the same as on the Asus PCIe card. The driver is in the kernel since 4.11. And nobody is installing an old version on a brand new board / system.

It’s fine.

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Ah well i have read about it somewhere that certain users had some issues with getting the Aquantia nic to get working properly on Linux.
But thats probablly fixed allready then. :slight_smile:

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At least the crosshair has a BIOS flashback feature.

Brick your Taichi? Whoops…

Can’t remember if i mentioned in thread. I do own an X470 taichi. Because of the price vs. features. but… upgrading BIOS is definitely a cross fingers exercise with no UPS :smiley:

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Just as a thought… I never buy from PC parts from Amazon. They do not inspect returns and send them out again. Sometimes missing parts.

I understand you swapped out for Corsair Domminator. Strange timings for apparent ‘B’ die:

  • 3000, 15 - 17 - 17 - 35 for $270.00 CAD

You could have gotten Dark Pro:

  • 3200, 14 - 14 - 14 - 31 for only $13.00 more.

Don’t take my word for it. World class overclocker 8Pack swears by this ram, for Ryzen.

I have three Ryzen systems. Three different brand motherboards, MSI (Ryzen 5), Asrock (Ryzen 7) and Asus (Threadripper). I have had problems with all of them to some extent. But all turned out great and working as expected. So happy overall with all of them.

I do not, however, run Linux. So YMMV…

It would be good to hear about those problems to get a more representative view.

MSI B350 Pro Carbon - overclocking. It was not until a few bios revisions that overclocking was properly obtainable… YMMV

Asrock X370 Killer - memory timings. Issues that the other two boards did not have running exact same ram. It is now corrected.

Asus Zenith Extreme - numerous - CPU installation (not specific to this board though), Core Performance Boost giving CPU too much voltage, oled screen not working, water flow sensor not working.

Hmm the first two sound like BIOS immaturity, and the last one sounds like the full blown Asus Experience! :sweat_smile: How long did it take for the ZE to work as expected?

As i understand it, no DDR4-3000 is “b-die”. Mine is Hynix. But i bought it because it was about 200-250 AUD cheaper (on a g.skill 32 GB kit) than a set of DDR4-3200… runs at 2866 these days so i’m not too upset.

Yes, Yes and the ZE is working as expected. In other words, I expect WF sensor and oled NOT to work… lol … To RMA a board again over that was not worth it. Other options the board had made it a keeper for me and I just had to put it to work. So i just gave up on those two issues.

Windows 10 on ZE still does not load properly from cold boot. I don’t know what is the culprit for that. I have to do a restart after all programs load to make sure they are all running correctly. For instance Blender’s cursor in edit mode is tiny and black, you can barely see it. A restart and it is big and white.

I thought that 3000 was not B die either until the OP’s statement. I do not have the time to check it out and take the OP at his word.

My Nighthawks are 3200, 16Gb sticks and definitely B die as per Thaiphoon:


@Raziel wow, expectations vary… wildly.