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Solus isn't that great




Thank you.


Btw - no dog in this fight, but nice write up for sheding light on areas for improvement. It sounds like you may have shared this with their devs.

You may have done a real service for the future users of the OS.

Seriously you should forward that to the devs. That an in the wild write up not by a paid crony.


I sent it to their twitter but I'll probably send it to Ike directly. He'll call me a flamewar faggot but I'll send it anyways lol.


I definitely noticed the Solus hype train. I've been using it for a few months, just for web browsing and very very very occasional platformer games. I don't think it's great, but it's been working solid for me since I installed it. I can't say that about a few of the other distros I've tried.



I think you mean....



i never understood why people would bother moaning about a distro. i won't use Arch because i can't in good conscious support that particular community. and so i don't use it. do i have opinions about how it could be better? yeah. but nobody cares what i think.


The moral of just about every Linux thread on this forum.


I believe you're mistaken. Every operating system sucks!


Well its of course obvious that the perfect operating system doesnt exists.
All of them have their pro´s and con´s.
Just use whatever works best for you is all that matters in the end.


In open source, there is enough choice for everyone. What I don't understand is people going off to the point of flipping out on other people's open source projects. Criticism is one thing, but keep the nerves in check, save them for closed source malware software consoles!

So you don't like eopkg, then don't use it, no need to criticize it, it's been there for a long time and will remain there for a long time, because people more skilled than you have made it because they like it and it's their perfect package manager. So it doesn't suit your use case scenario, big deal lol, just grab another package manager or another distro, it's not like you don't have the choice, there are literally dozens of ways to get software onto your linux machine.

It's really strange that nobody is criticising the single package manager in any of their proprietary software consoles, where there is no choice, where there aren't half the features of eopkg, and where the package manager works so well that you lose a day every month to fix a broken system after the single update per month if you're lucky, and where every other update is not an update but is a reset of your carefully tweaked privacy and security settings that you then have to do all over again... people really don't appreciate what luxury they are spoiled with by the open source communities that make all of this happen for free.

Solus isn't broken, it works really well, it works much better than Ubuntu or Mint for instance, which are fundamentally broken by design in order to satisfy non-logical, mostly commercial, requirements that were made by marketeers and bean counters instead of developers... now there's something to bitch about if you want to bitch about open source. Also RedHat with Gnome Shell, something to bitch about in open source. Ubuntu and Microsoft, something to bitch about. But a package manager that's been proven for years? Come on!....


Maybe we all need to do a "why my OS sucks" instead.


why my OS sucks ubuntu 16.10
every time I start it takes about a minute to start up. (non-SSD ) never worked out the cause I just wait.
also when starting up Nemo has an error which I always send back. hopefully, it will be fixed one day.
search is slow and relevancy needs some work.
power management is horrendous. 3 hours life on a good day.
software needs to be updated example. Bluez is on version 5.43, ubuntu uses 5.41 which has a connection bug where to get around you have to connect the blue tooth device change audio profile, then disconnect it, connect, then change audio profile again.

but I love Linux and find unity a perfectly good DE for my needs. I will just wait for bugs to get fixed.



sudo apt install tlp

power management solved


tlp installed. not sure if it lenovo but yeah bad bad battery