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Solus isn't that great



U wot? Square up buddy boy. Come at me, 1v1 me scruuub. Decaf is for pussies. I throw the coffee beans in my mouth and then pour in the boiling water because I'm so hardcore. YOU KNOW WHY I'M SO HARDCORE???? BECAUSE I USE SOLUS. THAT'S RIGHT BITCH. RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS, BUT SOLUS CURES THE BITCH IN YOU. (OMFG I need a life, I'm killing myself here. xD)


I think criticism is absolutely necessary. This was the whole premise of the "Linux sucks" presentations. I think it just needs to be presented differently. Less bitching and more "heres why this sucks" or "how can this be better".


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Over 9000.

You do make great points, in all seriousness. I just had to get out all my childish rage. Criticism is the heart and soul of progress IMO. I am personally fond of Solus, but even I am willing to admit it's far from perfect. It needs work, a lot of it too.


Now you're my best friend AND I actually have respect for you 100%.




Keep going guise


lets keep the topic cool, and discuss Solus.

  • what do you like about it?
  • what do you dont like about it?


But that takes all the fun out of it! xD


Haven't used solus. Don't care for it. More interested in ClearOS tbh.



Jk, ofc. I've yet to try ClearOS. I've got to give it a go. How is it, in your opinion?


I'll let you know once i get it up and rolling on my new server.


Awesome :P


its gonna be a week or so though, still getting parts with my tax return.


I gave solas a try on a test machine a few weeks ago. Not sure what the difference is between it and Ubuntu with Budgie and flatpak installed...


A really awful package manager. At least as far as I can tell


I really like SolusOS.

It's different, it's original, and I really like Ike Doherty's view on practicality.

Of course it's a small project, of course it's a desktop centric distro, of course it's limited, of course it does things in a different way, and people are going to give it crap for not being like all the rest, but that's the internet lol, and nobody cares about it, it's a waste of time. If all the people who are wasting time criticizing interesting projects without even having gotten to the bottom of them would have invested the same time in getting to know the projects better, the internet would not have the same problem because more educated people would be on there lol

Ike Doherty works for Intel. He has insights in performance optimisations for Intel hardware. He found that with his knowledge, the best way for him to make a practical desktop distro that uses those optimisations, is to make a distro from scratch. It's probably also the most legal way for some things.

You can really feel the system performance bonus, especially on more modest Intel hardware, like laptops. There is also a downside, namely the budgie desktop, which is pretty heavy on system resources for what it is. It's heavier than KDE Plasma 5, which is the benchmark, clocking in at about half the system resources hunger of Gnome Shell, and still well under Cinnamon and Budgie. The difference is, whereas Gnome Shell with Wayland is a desert in terms of functionality, with most extensions not really working as they should and with the typical Gnome functionality sacrifice in nautilus e.a., Budgie is actually getting better, and has some really practical features, it's like a Deepin that works. Of course, if KDE Plasma 5 has less system resources hunger, while at the same time being the most full-featured of all DE's, that should ring a bell with other DE devs, and that probably takes time, and will never happen for Gnome Shell and Unity.

The package manager used by Solus comes from Gentoo. It's a really practical package manager if you're into development of a distro and only have a small workforce. I can see why they chose this package manager. It checks the right boxes, it does what it has to do. Users who are not interested in development and patching hot packages, can use the excellent graphical updater in the excellent software center.

The applications that are being offered are still limited, but for users who just require an efficient tool for daily work, everything is there.

I would definitely use SolusOS as daily driver on an Intel laptop. I would have preferred them going for KDE Plasma 5 instead of budgie as main DE though, because Budgie is in my opinion what is holding SolusOS down. The reason is that SolusOS shines on laptops with lower performance hardware, and these are very popular with business people because of the massively greater battery autonomy. These laptops often have limited resources, like single channel RAM capped at 4 or 8 GB for instance. For full functionality, maximum user customization and maximum functional integration of services often used in business environments, budgie is a bit of a pitfall in my opinion, and I think it would fare much better with KDE Plasma 5, even though I really like the accessibility of Budgie, something that is often a bit harder with KDE.

Other things I really like is the fact that SolusOS integrates malware, like Steam for instance, in an intelligent fashion. That is a VERY big service to the community, in that even people who have not gathered enough knowledge yet to configure these things securely themselves, get a very important helping hand.


Are you interested in Kubernetes?

Whoops NVM got my clearOS mixed up with coreOS.

My bad.