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Solus isn't that great



They wrote Budgie


I think the only thing they used, is just the base linux (I.e. like just the absolute bare metal open source kernel itself) and then built eveything up from there.


I gave it a try last year I think, and I didn't like it. But my days of distro hopping are over. It's fun if you have the time, but I don't. I've been on Ubuntu MATE for a while now and it's rock solid and easy to use. Some would say that it's a lazy man's Linux, but I'd say it's a busy man's Linux. It does what an OS is supposed to do - it makes my life easier.


it is based on ubuntu though so its not a "from scratch"


Its not "based" on anything lol


it says they did a rewrite but in LAS and late night linux he has said what it is based on.


Its entirely its own thing and has been for a long time


Just launched it in VM. I see a linux kernel, lightdm, Gnome utilities, systemd and some usual open source software, like hexchat, vlcplayer, etc. So they wrote a DE (budgie) using GTK and Python, and probably installer and package manager.

Edit: what I mean is they didn't "write the OS". They built a distribution (and yes, it's still a lot of work if done properly), but hardly "from scratch".


I never brought up risc in my post and I haven't mentioned it recently, as in months, and you're still pissing away about it.

I dunno man, I think you're the koolaid addict here not me.


Its not like its based of a different OS like ones that are simply forks.


bringing it back to Aremis's issues. he's right there are issues with this, did you check the bug tracker


They still havent added support for AMD GPUs lol. Well. You can use it but only with stock drivers which are crap.
So yeah there are issues but I don't think it deserves a beat down :P


It deserves more attention and not just a pat on the butt and a shakenof the finger, not the microshaft treatment.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Can I do jack shit about it? No. Can you? Maybe maybe not
There's a

whole entire solus forum you can post to and get actual stuff worked on instead of just bitching and moaning here where I'm 99% sure no Solus Devs are



Solus people are not the nicest people.

I can see why he posted it here.

Plus he is saving others here some time ( in theory ). Because if it were not for this they would have to download and try it out themselves. Of course peoples should always try things out first hand.


No its just @Aremis is continually strange and I dislike him
Also happen to like solus


I'm sorry fam. I take it back. Solus people are nice people.


Lol. I mean. I like solus but won't use it yet. Because no AMDGPUPRO support. Among other minor things


Solus is really incomplete but fans of the project act like it's currently the greatest thing ever. I don't see what's wrong with his critique