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Solus isn't that great



any sources, or..?


Damn it; Ikey has had two freakin' years! That's fourteen dog years, for cripe sake!!! Why doesn't he stop jerkin' off and snap his fingers?!?!?! We need this crap fixed NOW! Ikey needs to quit his day job, stop trying to have a life and get to work. Oh, and he needs to hire a couple dozen full time developers, too! Screw Budgie, screw the Brisk menu, screw Linux Steam Integration, Screw eopkg, screw Optimus support, screw the Clear Boot Manager, screw the program optimizations, screw curated rolling releases (open that faucet wide), screw it all, 'cause it only adds additional fragmentation. It's the installer, stupid! That's how we'll judge you!!!

Who here has a link to the OP's Linux distribution? I'd like to download it and do a review.


Schyken gonna be so mad.


I've only looked at it for maybe half an hour in a VM, sorry if my remarks will look stupid.

Looks and feels like modified Gnome 2.

Is that the one on the right? This one's fancy.

What do you mean by "integration"?

What's that?

You mean bumblebee?

You mean grub?

Like what, for example?


Rofl nice

that was a troll answer btw lol


No worries. Move along, there's nothing to see here. Ubuntu Unity; yeah, that's what we all need!

Better yet, since MS has owned the desktop for decades, anything that that is not authored by, or have Redmond's stamp of approval should be banned. After all, fragmentation is a serious crime, is it not?


Go ahead. I used antergos (which has kernel problems, updates can hiccup and at the moment my /home but I back up regularly sonit isn't an issue), Manjaro, Salix, Slackel, Debian, Arch, FreeBSD, and OSX. I expect extensive posts.


Apparently I'm evil for critique. Now I know how Total Biscuit feels LOL


You misunderstand. What Linux distribution have you written and maintained?

Your distribution must clearly be superior, so I wish to try it.


instead of being a dick maybe take criticism for something that is not working currently. if you are scared of pointing out problems you will not progress.


Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against any OS or distribution/fork/whatever. Except maybe ReactOS, which I consider a meaningless cancer (Edit: well, not totally meaningless, I can see some sort of academic value in reverse engineering of Windows API, I just don't see much use for it). But so far, everything Solus's users said about it was either wrong ("they wrote the OS from scratch") or weird, like calling preexisting easy-to-use open source stuff a "feature" of Solus.
Whatever rows your boat. You like it, OP doesn't. Why the butthurt and all these attempts to present an ordinary Linux distribution as something unique and unmatched?


That's really one of the most pointless arguments made and I see it all the time. You can say that you don't like something, doesn't mean you have to do what they did better.

I see it all the time with games and music. Oh I don't like this song or game "Pffft have you ever made a song/game no? Then your point is invalid".

Please do not resort to those arguments.


Users of one distro are always butthurt when someone knocks their distro.

Users of a Linux distro also do a lot of campaigning for others to join their OS.

It's weird. Like cult like weird.


In comes @BarkingMad and suddenly

Lol Oh well.


I don't work on linux but I am currently working on Icaros desktop. Go ahead! I employ you and wish for your honest opinion.

Now with that aside, I am listing what I see as faults here. I am not downplaying and stomping as people seem to think. The system is good as it is. What critiquing is, is pointing out what needs to be done. As I said before I was expecting something like your post to pop up and yell like crazy, and I understand well and fine that its new. as a power user, however, there are some very basic elements that I expect in a libux distro in order for it to be useable. I have been seeing nothing but praise and glory and fanboyism on the forum and decided to find the bad parts. What I listed was just inside of 2 hours of use. I intend to fill out a full bug report and have been chatting with the devs on twitter half the day about what they are doing.

Now if you want to criminalize me go ahead. I expected autism, I got it. But if someone can't figure out that positive criticism and negative criticism exist it isn't my fault that people get angry but rather a lack of perspective.

I also pointed this thread to the dev team so that they can see my issues with it. Till I can make the bug report this will do nicely.

Anyways, enjoy your noght. I have a linux distro to build on my machine so I can get back to work.


IKR at least you're calm about stuff LOL


Linux in a nutshell


IMO they all suck. Each flavor I've tried has its own version of suck.

In fact you all suck, Everyone sucks. The whole world sucks.


Think we should get a spin off of the "Your OS sucks" tshirt and just make it "Your distro sucks"


How about just "You suck" and tux under it. People inside will get it.