[SOLD] ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II

I bought this card here on the forums from @Fouquin awhile back, and now I am unfortunately jobless so I could use the extra money. It performs very well, except for in GTA V for some reason. I will take $100 for it.


Here's the original topic from when I bought it:

Good luck on the sale, not going to lie I wish I could just buy it back from you. Really a great card and I was in a similar position when I sold it last year.

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I would sell it back to you if you want!

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Just a friendly bump :) I am currently using one of these and it still chugs through most games no problem at 1080p maxed or close to maxed.

I have this card too and for $100 it's a good deal, it still a beast for 1080p and the fans are pretty quiet even at 60%. Also, you can bios flash it to a DCU II Top version for higher clocks and more Voltage overhead.

I am interested , but I live in Brazil, do you ship to these parts?

This is still for sale, so... Bump.

Where are you in the world?

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ill buy for 100 shipped


Detroit MI

i also dont mind waiting so if you wana do a like 15 day so its cheaper thats cool with me

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Sounds good. I'll pm you when I get home from work in about 5 hours to iron out the payment details and whatnot

oh cool, ill be at school then so i probably wont answer till tomorrow around noon est. But i will reply!

this will be a nice little bump from my HD6870 =)

update: I would like to note that I have received the card and it does work =)

Nice to know thanks.