Software for writing math

Hi dear community. I have a specific question that I wasn’t able to answer looking online. I’m studying for an exam with some heavy math in it, constantly referring to previous theorems as the theory progresses. So I was looking for a software to write down all the formulas (I don’t mind writing down in Latex style or with a digital pen) that would allow me integrate previous formulas in new ones (something like “now I apply theorem x”) and see those just hovering my mouse on that. Almost like Word links work but without the need of taking me to another part of the document or into another document to see what I’m linking. Thanks, I hope I was able to give a clear idea of what I have in mind.

First thing in my mind would be node trees and but no idea if such program exists

Hmm, what’s that?

but with your math boxes

Almost something like that, yeah. But they’re too long to be in such small boxes. Also some formulas are just useful to solve a part on another formula. So I don’t know how I’d use this approach in my case

This might have potential as an open source Level 1 Techs community project

Looks like something nobody has ever thought of. If anyone want’s to tackle it I’ll be happy to beta test and help out.
It could be a plugin for Xournal++, so if someone wants to do it doesen’t have to reinvent the wheel once more.

I have developed super lazy eyeballing habit and I never really calculate anything

First time for years and last time I did do actual math was with

and I honestly couldnt do it first, and it took 12 hours for my unused muscles warm up a bit and then I literally woke up with the answers in my head :joy:

and just writing down stuff and pulling nodes to places would be so much more my lazy af way

I’m studying signals for telecomunications right now, like wave forms and how to make meaningful data fly through the air. Boy there’s a lot of math to do. Like not complicated but every step is built on what you did before and I can’t still remember 20 things I’ve done before the one I’m currently at so I keep going back and forth losing a lot of time.
As of now I’ve been using pen an paper transcribing all the things I need but requires to solve all the equations piece by piece including the stuff you already learned.
Which means that I’m already at two/three lines for each equation solved. By the end of the subject I don’t know how long things are going to be lol

Look up Mathcad. I believe this is what you are looking for.

Also if you are using MathLab I believe they had a writing app like MuPad or something like that.

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Mathcad looks incredible, thanks a lot! I’ll check it out asap. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

It would probably be an API backed React and have a plugin developed to interact with the app you mentioned. It’s an option.

You wouldn’t happen to be willing to draw up some interface drawings/mockups would you?

Sure! You mean for a whole new program or for a “plugin” of some sort? Sketch on PC or on paper (ruler and stylographic pen, no shitty hand drawing)

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Write in Julia, reuse code

I would but I’m an ass at programming and I’m studying two subjects at once. Ain’t got time lol

Only two?

I don’t know how engineering is studied overseas but my exams are done in a one on one talk with the professor. No corss-tests or essays to write in the comfort of my room. So, to the best of my abilities, I can only tackle two subjects at onces.

If you took only two classes here you wouldn’t even be considered in school :F

It’s organized differently. I already took those classes but I can do exams in different times. I’m not forced to take the class again.