Social Media but reasonably?

This is probably trivial for many here…

I cut facebook off almost a year ago and while I don’t miss any content from that place, I do miss out on a lot of communication with friends of mine. So I want back in but in a controlled way, I want to put it in a cage and be able to access it sometimes but also be sure that it can’t get out there.

So far I am thinking a dedicated VM (probably virtualbox) just for that and set it up to use a vpn.

Does that make sense?

@wendell Video idea?

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This raises the question: What is your problem with social media?
Is it just that you don’t like what the sites are doing to your privacy, or are you more concerned about the impact of using the site on your mental state? Or is it none of the above. How you box off social media is dependent on the reasoning for doing so.

It’s that. Mentally I’m fine. … Well, facebook doesn’t change me, let’s just say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Firefox Container?

Or not private enough?

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firefox containers is a good option if you use firefox. Alternatively, just use a separate web browser specifically for facebook; tor browser is an option and FB even has an onion URL iirc.

Keep in mind, they’re still getting your data regardless of how you keep them out of your system. As long as you’re on their platform(s), anything you do on their platforms can be bought and sold. All putting them in a container would do is prevent them from harvesting your browsing of other websites. But you’re still supporting their business model either way.


It’s probably better than nothing but functionally firefox is cleaning up what it thinks is facebook stuff. So I feel like there is potential for facebook to get around that. Just a browser change is not enough, I really want to lock them out.

Tor browser is interesting but I haven’t used it so far and I have to read a bit more about it first.
Will look at it, thanks.

Like I said, I’m just there for the communication. Basically the friendslist and messages.

It can be vm in vb if you have such preferences.

You can also be more rough… Sandbox, other web browser, firewall, vpn.
You run the second browser only in SB and only for the needs of SM. On the firewall you block traffic for this application when a specific vpn is off. When you need to use social media, then you set up the right vpn, start the browser in snadbox and …
The browser, of course, additionally with the appropriate plugins and set to wipe data at shutdown.

The only thing they will be able to compare is the operating system and its details like type, language, resolution, time, etc. But then other fingerprints should not be, like a browser, ip, cookies …

You can go even further instead of the virtual machine or other strange solutions by Tim Holus. You can buy some cheap SBC and keep your browser for dirty purposes on it and connect only if you need to use it.

What does that stand for?

Oh, single board computer, I figure.

Single Board Computer. Odroid XU4, PI 4…


Yeah, the problem with the hardware solution is that I can’t just copy it to another system and have it on my laptop, for example. Otherwise that is an option, sure.

Think for a moment what a website is capable of.
It can store and read cookies, and i can know what web page referred it. So you have to isolate it from other web pages. There is also something called browser fingerprinting, which can use lots of little details from browser version to the web page dimensions (and everything inbetween) to fingerprint your browser: so you need to tweak your browser to be difficult to fingerprint or use a browser that is resistant against it. And ultimately, they also have your IP address if you browse without a VPN, proxy, or TOR; the solution to which is to use a VPN, proxy, or TOR.

Yup, that is exactly what I was thinking and why a VM with vpn setup makes sense to me.

TOR browser would accomplish this as well

I feel the same way about facebook. Ive left since last year and I really dont miss it. The problem is, if you return and talk to the very same group of people, facebook will eventually link this new account back to your old account and every privacy invasion that you have saved yourself from since you left will all go back to you.

I dont think it’s worth it. Fight the good fight. Do try and save your friends and family from the monstrosity social media titan that is facebook. Remember what 1984 was all about: It breaks you down until you love it (in this case, facebook wants you to want them.

Facebook is precisely using FOMO against you. We need to train ourselves into having more emotional fortitude and more emotional willpower.

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I understand the point you’re coming from but that decision is already made.
This topic is not about if but only about how.

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You didn’t mention anything about mobility. :wink: In this case, vm is of course comfortable. Or buy some cheap tablet / smartphone small laptop only for dirty things. But probably vm will be 100% sufficient for you. Of course, it all comes down to the question of what to do. And do you actually avoid the problem by doing so…
They log everything, literally everything, even where your mouse cursor is over and how much time you were staring at the picture.

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I’ve seen plugins that throw off keyboard profiling but I haven’t yet seen something like that for mouse movement. I also think that there must be security concerns with solutions like that.

Can a browser flat out refuse to hand over information like that?
Do you know if brave might be doing that?

Maybe route an Android VM through a VPN and use Firefox Focus?

I keep social media on my phone, and even then I don’t really look at it.

Course I also don’t really use my phane for much more than a phone / ssh terminal so theres that.