So GTA V for PC is delayed...Again. Thoughts?

this makes me sad. But hey. something to look forward. again.

At this point, who cares? We've already been waiting for over a year, a few more months won't hurt. I know that people are pissed off because they delayed it again, but if 2014 taught us anything then it's the fact that delays in a videogame release (while unfortunate) should be appreciated. If they say that they're simply not ready yet then this is the best course of action. If the PC-port ends up being shit even though they delayed it that long then that's just yet another Rockstar game that sucks on PC.

everyone i know has already played the game forwards and backwards on ps3 and xbox360

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Sounds like a seriously shitty port if they have to keep pushing a release back.

The Saints Row games are fun and all, but they're too far over-the-top in my opinion.

What beating people with a purple sex toy is totally realistic!  It could happen :P

I also speculate that this is all bullshit and its going to be shit when it gets released.

I have those feelings too.  AFter the GTA IV launch, I lost a lot of respect for Rockstar.  Only the launch can confirm our suspicions.

Don't care about GTA 5 anymore.  Would've cared 6 months ago but they waited too long.

This is the winner here.  I checked steam the other day and its a full price game.  I think the game is about 1.5 years old now.  If they took the time to make the PC port closer to the games original launch date, say no more than 6 months out, I would be interested in buying the game after reading some criticicism.  Now, I just want to wait for a steam sale than buy a game that's aged.  Granted they added a fair amount to the game but not $60 worth IMO.

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As long as they don't pull an Ubisux and they game plays like shit whenever it launches then I'm cool with another delay.

This just my shitty opinion, but GTA5 in first person would be much better than Hardline. Considering how much more satisfying it would feel to shoot people in it since the reaction to getting shot in GTA5 is much stronger. Also the map Is gigantic, to the point where it can surpass a match in BF. And there's probably going to be a wider variety of game modes. And when you don't feel like playing seriously you can just goof off with friends. 

Don't really care. These types of games I never buy day one. I play what I have then when I am ready for it. I could be on sale. So not a big deal to me.


If they delay it a bit more I might be able to complete some more games in my steam list, I finally got a bit bored of GTAIV quite recently and finished a few.


I just hope they know PC players don't want to hide behind things the whole time like some kind of pretend game like TLOU or Gears of War..

I'm glad they delayed it because I'm so fucking sick of games coming out to early and being complete trash. 

I think most games are developed on a pc with special software that emulates the console it's being developed for. 

I think the problem here is they are trying to achieve the somewhat impossible... They are trying to make the game play smoothly for a wide field of players with various types of systems. this would require an extreme variable in graphics quality without loosing render distance.... so there would be no unfair advantages for players with high-end systems. 

Either that or the devs are too busy spending their money from last release. or trolling... they could be trolling us.

#little note I bought this on 360 and it's totally worth buying again absolutely fantastic game!

Wait, it got postponed from March to April?

Originally January 27th, then March, now April?

Next 2016 then 2056.

I'm not butthurt, I won't get this probably until the enb mods have matured.

I forget, what is GTA V? It sounds familiar but I have not seen it for so long, I don't recall what it is supposed to be. Is Rockstar a person or a company? (dripping with sarcasm)

Thought 1- Sad
Thought 2- What Ever
Thought 3- Back to playing borderlands

This delay would have saddened me had I heard it several months ago, but now my hype has faded and it just feels like a routine at this point.

I still would love to play the game, and am glad Rockstar is at least trying to care about the product they release. I just can't continue getting excited about a game I finished playing well over a year ago. I get that Rockstar wants to prevent another GTA IV, and ensure GTA Online doesn't turn out to be a trainwreck again, but they shouldn't have put out trailers and shoved a pc release in my face when it is clear they had a product on their hands that wasn't anywhere near a state they were comfortable with shipping anytime soon.

More money from Pre-Purchase. Simple as that.
Ohhh and the hype, don't forget the hype of it!

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