Smart meters and wireless radiation

I have been watching a lot of the tech syndicate videos lately, and there has been much talk about infrastructure , mostly about isps and internet related services. I have come across a documentary that has frankly, freaked me the hell out. . it pertains to manipulation of the power grid and of residents on a criminal level. the last 30 min of the documentary were simply horrifying. i can see many parallels to some of the points raised during your ISP discussions, but one point that is often overlooked is the effect these technologies have on our health.  we are currenly living in a world where are brains are soaked in an electromagnetic soup.  my question to the Syndicate, can you speak to the gravity of the smart meters, or everyday electromagnetic exposure from everyday items?  is this something that you pay attention to yourselves?  if so how do you protect yourselves or measure the levels of radiation you are exposed to every day?  if there is no standard , no easy way to protect yourself or even be aware of what you are exposing yourself to, shouldn't there be? i develop products for a living in china, and i would like to work with the community to find a way to easily identify , measure and limit exposure to potentially dangerous em fields. 

Electromagnetic radiation is extremely measurable, if it were dangerous it wouldn't be a secret. The people who claim EMF is dangerous have little to no understanding of the physics involved. When people talk about harmful radiation they're talking about ionizing radiation like UV, X-ray and gamma, not microwaves and radio waves. 

The thing that really gets me about this nonsense is that we are surrounded by harmful radiation, the sun WILL give you cancer, yet no one cares about that. but start talking about microwaves and everyone freaks out.

well i'm no expert on this sort of thing i will admit, however the documentary is pretty compelling. check out about 65 min in, they observe cells that are exposed to the smart meters, and you can see deformations and anomalies within the cells immediately, they claim that the radiation is caused by switching inside the box from ac to dc current. maybe you could have a look and tell me which parts are believable or if its all hogwash. 

we get millions of gigawatts from sun everyday. so a few more wont hurt. rest easy my child.


so far these comments sound a bit dismissive, from what i can see, the standardized testing of rf fields has to do with heat, and assumes that heat is the only factor or indicator of harmful radiation, however the test that i have seen and some of the documents i have read site effects that are on the cellular level and effect things like DNA, citing that things like wifi could damage dna to the point of sterilizing the human population within 5 generations. when i hear things like that i get a bit concerned. its one thing to prove the theories wrong, but its quite another to assume that its no big deal especially compared to some of the other nasty stuff that is out there. 

"The statement that “there is no established mechanism by which a radio wave could induce an adverse effect on human tissue other than by heating” is incorrect, and reflects a lack of awareness and understanding of the scientific literature on the subject. In fact, more than a thousand studies done on low intensity, high frequency, non-ionizing radiation, going back at least fifty years, show that some biological mechanisms of effect do not involve heat. This radiation sends signals to living tissue that stimulate biochemical changes, which can generate various symptoms and may lead to diseases such as cancer.

Even though RF/microwaves don’t have the energy to directly break chemical bonds, unlike ionizing radiation such as X-rays, there is scientific evidence that this energy can cause DNA damage indirectly leading to cancer by a combination of biological effects. Recent publications have documented the generation of free radicals, increased permeability of the blood brain barrier allowing potentially toxic chemicals to enter the brain, induction of genes, as well as altered electrical and metabolic activity in human brains upon application of cell phone RF/microwaves similar to those produced by smart meters.

These effects are cumulative and depend on many factors including RF/microwave levels, frequency, waveform, exposure time, bio-variability between individuals and combination with other toxic agents. Clear evidence that these microwaves are indeed bioactive has been shown by the fact that low-intensity EMFs have proven clinically useful in some circumstances. Pulsed EMFs have long been used to successfully treat bone fractures that are resistant to other forms of therapy. More recently, frequency-specific, amplitude-modulated EMFs have been found useful to treat advanced carcinoma and chronic pain."

lets go deeper. did they show the controlled cells? the cells that were extracted but not exposed to the smart meter? basic scientific method. how close were the affected cells to the smart meter?  could the cells have been affected by something else? also what kind of cells? most cells are part of a larger organism and when you put that under a microscope they often tend to degrade anyways.

they go through most of that, there is a control using an analog meter, and one where they show what the cells look like before hand. they are testing from 1 foot away from the smart meter for a duration of 2 min. they also cite the specific changes within the cells. mycoplasma where the cell walls break down, and other deformation of the cells into bottle cap formation caused by oxidation and exposure to free radicals, rouleau where the blood cells stack up. they also show the cells returning back to normal when the smart meter is no longer within proximity. 

you can see it all about 65 min in,

There were lawsuits in the past where the hospitable power was not properly designed, and the EMF fields where right next to hospital equipment. Maybe it stuck in people minds that EMF = Bad.

trying to keep an open mind but these videos are so biased.

I agree, what disturbs me , is that its something that could have a potentially huge impact, something alot of people seem to be fighting against yet there is not a whole lot of information about it online, i have a lot of friends in family in BC where this seems to be a big deal, yet i have never heard mention of it. there is something to it. i hope that some of the people in the tech syndicate community could shed some light on the whole thing. 

In California, CPUC (California Public Utility Commission) made a requirement that power companies must have an opt-out for smart meters.

Smart Meters wireless encryption is optional and can be easily hacked or packet sniffed by hackers. Smart meters have the ability to have it's wireless turned off and sometimes allow wired connection to the smart meter collector devices on the pole. Smart meters also allows power companies to do billing by peak usage time. It's actually cheaper to stick to analog meters.

Here is what California had to go thru on PGE's BS about opt-out of smart meters before the CPUC mandate:

yes, the problem is , from what i understand.  The electricity providers get paid a subsidy from the government based on the number of smart meters they install. so the faster and more meters they install the more money they get, which is what is causing a lot of strong armed attempts to install them and keep them installed. there have even been issues where they are quickly training temporary workers to go and install these things on houses, but with minimal training sometimes things are done incorrectly and things like fires happen. it seems like most issues where personal preference and civil rights are put asunder , the reason for it all comes back to money.  follow the money and you figure out much more of the story.  i mean look at this lady from PG&E im sure she is only saying what she is saying for money. to do her job and provide for her family. 

To be honest, this actually worries me a little. But I do wonder if there were any biological benefits from wireless connectivity. I mean, what if the information passed around us actually gets inside of us as well or something like that. Since scientists don't test everything that can happen but rather just what they focus on, they might not have checked things like that (maybe they couldn't). This also gives us a good reason to keep going wired instead of wireless I guess. I do wonder, though, will our bodies evolve around this and become immune to the negatives or will the problem stay and/or grow forever?

I don't trust the source, but I do question. I have not yet seen any evidence countering this, but I will probably look around and see what I find.

I live in BC and they really aren't that bad we still get the same bill of $45 a month and we can keep our backyard locked now. But as for people fighting it, its mostly just hippy's and tinfoil hats.

OK this whole EMF thing need to be put to rest. Light is a form of EM radiation and at a much higher power than most forms of radio waves. We are bombarded with tons of cosmic radiation that dwarfs any thing we human make. Types of food we eat produce radiation, (bananas are are alpha emitters).

I do agree with the security concerns, the more things that are made smart the more at risk they are. I fear we are entering a world were some one and pick your lock from there home. The more convenience you get the more convenience the criminal will have as well. 

Also how secure is the usage transmission, could some one spoof your signal and have you grossly over charged.

This is less about safety, and more about a persons right to not have some sort of equipment on their property they do not want. It would be understandable if there was NO option, but there is an option. What they are doing is trying to eliminate public option to vote with their wallets.

HOWEVER, I looked this up on the American cancer society webpage It is an interesting read. If you are too lazy to read says that smart meters pose as much a threat as your cell phone.. But that does not mean that it should be able to be mandated.

OMG the radiation! it BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!