Slightly kicking myself - wrong length cable, but CAT to the rescue :)

As I was just writing this thread…

…I thought I’d mention a mistake I made.

I’m putting a normal old fashioned voice line to the new office and originally I was going to use ‘proper’ phone line extension cable and run it around 75 ft.

Unfortunately, the new arrangement means it’ll be over that…but luckily, I have that 1000ft reel of CAT6…phew! I just tested a 3 ft length of the CAT6, just in case, and it worked (dial tone, rang someone to check quality, etc.). Of course a run of 150-200ft might be stretching it, but we’ll see.

If anyone has experience of maximum runs, I’d welcome the experience before a unreel a lot of cable! :slight_smile: :+1:

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