Single Large Work Monitor Recomendations

I want one of these so bad; I’ve been there with bad cables

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Oh that’s true

The wake from sleep is probably the biggest turnoff for me. If LG just took their CX panel and made it into a monitor, I probably would have hopped on it

I too need lots of realestate for code/software development, using dual 4k 32" at the moment… when not undocked working from sofa. (they’re old z32x HP)


LOL. Yeah, that is so bad that it is comical. Luckily it only screws up once or twice a week, so it is not difficult to get accustomed to. I turn off the TV when I leave the room, and just let it do its thing the rest of the time. When it does screw up, I shrug off as “good enough”. Everything else about the set is excellent.

(All it takes to reset from a sleep-to-wake screwup is to cycle the TV using the remote).

LG CX is OLED, so I would avoid that.

The Sony X90J is half the price of the LG CX, is terrific for text when set to Graphics mode, has excellent HDR (with full-array local dimming), runs at 120Hz, and has 10.7 ms response time. So it is a good monitor for work, gaming, and watching videos.

Here is a review:

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I just realized we have the same case

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nice! It’s a great case imo. definitely my favorite from all the cases I have used to date.

Here’s a look at what’s inside mine if you are curious.


I was in in between the LG and Dell. Ultimately I decided to go with the Dell U4320Q, as I had good experiences with their 24-25 inch monitors. Furthermore, I read somewhere the LG would sag to a side on a vesa arm.
The resolution and size are perfect. The height is the same as 3 vertical 27 inch monitors lined up together. I don’t have to deal with the issues with window resizing or bezels. I use gridmove to tile my windows with the xipergrid1, it took me about a work day or two to get used to the grid.
The minor pain is that browsers don’t play nicely, but it works for everything else.
I am able to have a tall Jupyter Notebook open on a third of the screen developer documentation/medium open on another third, and notes/spreadsheets in a sixth. I use my laptop display for teams and video calls.

This is still very true

The arm works, but is a little wobbly. The monitor does not shake while typing and when my desk moves up and down. I think for my next purchase, I will buy a better arm.

USB C is very handy. I am able to plug in 1 cable and have that handle data, display, and sound.


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