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Good page
Hajimete no Gal: Chapter 82, Page 19

Another good page
Hajimete no Gal: Chapter 87, Page 14

Good ending
Hajimete no Gal: Chapter 87, Page 16

LMAO the author snuck in a jojoke
Hajimete no Gal: Chapter 88, Page 14

Good action shot
Tadokoro-san (Web Comic): Chapter 109, Page 4

I forgot to update this thread, but I got it fixed in September.

Made food for the week


Ordered another rice cooker from Zojirushi, as I was very happy with the previous one I left with my brother.

I forgot I got a 6 cup before and was afraid I didn’t have enough space in my kitchen so I initially ordered the 3 cup. Furthermore, the 3 cup was the only available in stock. I thought 3 cups would be bigger and would arrive new, as reviews complained about getting a used 6 cup. Once the 3 cuo box came in, I realized I needed a bigger cooker, so I ordered a 6 cup and planned on returning the unopened one I don’t need.

I ended up going with the 6 cup

It is very convenient being able to set it and let it cook on it’s own.



I decided to upgrade my home office setup, as my work has a wellness fund that supports office equipment upgrades. It took a while for everything arrive and is set up.
I followed @wendell and @ryan’s suggestions for desk and office setups.

Unfortunately, updesk only sold all-in-ones, so I got a all-in-one as it would fit in my room. I also don’t have the power tools or patience with hand tools to mod my desk similar to wendell’s.

initial photos

the MX Vertical

At my previous job, someone I worked with had the MX Vertical, so when I was picking a work mouse, I wanted to try the MX Vertical since I already had the MX Master for my personal desktop.
Ergonomically the MX Vertical is better, as it prevents my wrist muscles from overlapping. The only thing I miss from the MX Master the infinite scroll.
The next mouse I’d try would probably be a trackball similar to Louis Rossmann’s or the MX equivalent, but I don’t like the idea of relying on my thumb for scrolling.

the monitor

It also doubles for a TV after hours

the desk and balancing board

I use both the height adjustment and board on a daily basis. Between breaks, I will alternate between sitting and standing modes.
I kept 1 at the lowest, 2 at regular seat height, 3 at regular stand height, and 4 for standing + balancing board. The curve on the board isn’t aggressive on the sides. When leaning front and back exercise some caution as it’s very easy to lose your balance at those angles.
I use workrave on my work computer to remind myself to get up. I have it set to alert every 20 minutes. I skip breaks only during meetings and when I’m focused on a task.

things I learned while setting up the desk

mounting the legs

When mounting the legs to the surface, follow the instructions and screw one leg into the surface. At first, the instructions don’t sound intuitive, but they make sense when you need to install the center frame and other leg.

mounting the center support

Also make sure the marked lines match the instructions. I ran into issues such that the second leg wasn’t flush with the surface (a serious gap). I was wracking my brains out trying to figure it out, but then I thought about taking it out and putting it back in.

A week after I used my desk, my order from the GN store came in and I returned from home with a retro mousepad. I kept it for the original spirit despite the controversy

the semifinal setup

I still haven’t gotten my desktop fully setup, but when I do, I think I’ll update here when I’m done.

It’s funny because 3 years ago, I said


LMAO his face
Reincarnated as an Aristocrat with an Appraisal Skill: Chapter 52, Page 18

Nice new desk setup. But I’d avoid thumb trackballs, they will move soreness from your wrist to your thumb really fast. They are uncomfortable af. A touchpad like the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, Dell TP713, or a trackball like Kensington Expert Mouse (that I use), Slimblade, or Elecom Huge that Jeff (Craft Computing) uses are way better. I also use touchpads ripped from old HP Pavilion DV9000 laptops (2 of them) wired to PS/2 and using a USB converter.

I haven’t used the magic trackpad, the tp713, the slimblade or the huge, but given they aren’t much different from things I have used, they should be really good options too.

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My room is lit with a ceiling fan with 3 yellow leds. I have my screen brightness set to 75%. I took some data using my phone’s light sensor with the following app.

Overall in my room, I haven’t had any issues with the brightness. There’s a mild glare, but not enough to personally cause any discomfort

light sensor readings

These aren’t super scientific, but it should give you a relative comparison.

baseline (blinds open, early morning)

right under the fan

where my monitor sits

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Good covers
Loner Life in Another World: Chapter 103, Page 5

Loner Life in Another World: Chapter 103, Page 9

Loner Life in Another World: Chapter 104, Page 16

I got a light and some other stuff.

It came with a remote, so my room is a lot brighter. I can control the light from my bed and I can read manga in a better lit environment

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Oh shit, big boss is coming to the front lines
Kingdom: Chapter 697, Page 20

Great pages
The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic: Chapter 44, Page 34

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic: Chapter 44, Page 51

Good art. The bus metaphor went great with the band’s journey
Shiori Experience - Jimi Na Watashi To Hen Na Oji-San: Chapter 55, Page 41

Shiori Experience - Jimi Na Watashi To Hen Na Oji-San: Chapter 55, Page 44

Shiori Experience - Jimi Na Watashi To Hen Na Oji-San: Chapter 55, Page 47

People who voted left as the overcooked version are correct.

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You have been forcefully implanted a neural link, but a error has caused you to be stuck with the following defect
  • Your brain converts every meme into a variant of the super idol meme
  • Your brain converts every song you hear into a variant of Never Gonna Give You Up

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Imagine developing a virus that detects what music you are listening to on youtube (like, searching for the tag Music or looking for popular songs in a DB) and redirecting you to rickroll.

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Yoooo this was a great extra
Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapter 88, Page 21

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Another great page
Dr. Stone: Chapter 217, Page 11

Stone Age Internet???
Dr. Stone: Chapter 217, Page 17