Single Large Work Monitor Recomendations

Another thing I forgot to mention is this screen uses a VA panel. As such it does not have the ‘ips glow’ that you will be familiar with. I have also found color reproduction to be extremely good, and the sRGB color setting is calibrated at the factory. I personally use a personalized tweak of the ‘Racing’ color setting most of the time. But if you need photo-realistic color reproduction, this monitor can deliver.

I have used this screen for over a year now, and have been extremely happy with it’s performance. I NEVER notice any sort of color smearing, and I play a lot of games. But - when testing it using very specific situations and looking very carefully (with my face right up to the monitor) you can get very minor color smearing with a fast moving dark color image in very dark environments. If you are incredibly sensitive to this sort of thing, you may notice it as I have seen some complaints about this from other peoples reviews.

Youtube videos I have seen to reproduce this problem are not capturing it properly - and instead are only going to show you the limits of youtubes bit-rate and compression - so you will need to see it in person to make a proper judgement. I can personally say that I find it to be impossible to see unless you stick your face right next to the screen and have a very specific set of colors using several shades of black and dark grey and try to reproduce the effect. But you will likely never notice it without specifically testing for it.

I suggest buying it from a company that has free returns and will cover shipping, (like amazon) and test it out to see if you are happy with it. I was very happy with mine, like I said in my other post, this is one of the best monitors i have used in 40 years. (and i’ve been hands-on with a lot of screens).

The display also comes with a remote which will allow you full control over all the options for the monitor (or the options can also be accessed using buttons on the back of the display). I personally love using the remote for accessing display menu options as it is much more convenient and prevents me from wearing out the buttons on the display itself through repeated use.

The display menu is very intuitive and easy to navigate and comes with a large variety of options.

The one downside of this display is that the included cables are not premium quality. And to get a good experience using all the features you will need to buy a cable to go with it.

The quality of your cable can strongly impact the performance of your display when you are using a large very fast screen like this one. Many of the cheap cables you will find will NOT work properly because running a large, fast, 4k panel requires a great quality connection. using a sub-standard cable is like putting a very thin fuel line on a race car, it just won’t have the bandwidth you need to get that engine running right.

I suggest buying a Cable Matters cable. (wendell also tends to prefer this company for buying cables if my memory is accurate). If you are unsure of which cable to buy from them, write them an email for advice. From personal experience they will respond to your email with a response to your questions of which cable they suggest. (be careful to buy from the actual Cable Matters company if you buy their cable through amazon - Cable Matters is a fairly well recognized brand, and there are a lot of scammers out there which will try to sell you a fake Cable Matters cable.)

I bought This cable specifically and it works well
If you need a longer cable - This cable will also work

I own both of those cables and can say that they both work fine with this display. Neither one is cheap, but you get what you pay for with those cables.

**Just for fun, here is an image of my current setup. I just moved and it is a bit cramped because of a very small desk. I plan on getting a bigger desk when I move again. But this shows the monitor in relation to my other hardware.

For size comparison, the other monitor is a 24" display.

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I have the LG 43UD79 and I don’t recommend it. There is falloff on the right and left edges. You will lose a character if you fullscreen a terminal or have it right against the edge. The color is also garbage.

I would also avoid that Dell. It is a very old model which, as far as I can tell, has kept its price for the better part of a decade.

I can recommend the M8 monitor arm for these heavier monitors. I also have an ergotron which is good, but the M8 is a little beefier. Same basic design though.


I had an M8 and had to upgrade to the M10 to support the PG43UQ that I currently use. The M8 humanscale could barely hold it without sagging at it’s tightest setting (granted my M8 arm was very old and could have had weak springs after many years of use)


Oof, that’s a pricey one.

Yeah, my M8 is a little wobbly if you jostle the desk at all, but it has held it’s position for about 4 years now. The tilt is the hardest thing to dial in, the top likes to lean forward. Really had to crank those hex screws down. I might have even added some washers…


yeah =/ it was painful to buy the Humanscale M10. I paid 400$ just for the monitor arm (was able to get a 20% discount off the list price). still very painful, after paying 1600$ for the monitor, another 60$ in cables, and then another 400$ for the arm… the total cost of running my current display was over 2000$ >.< i’m hoping to get 10 years of use out of the monitor, and the monitor arm should last much longer. But oof! that price!

(and that was mid 2020 pricing!)


The problem with the M8 I think is the ball-joint they used at the end. take a look at the final joint on the M10 where it mates to the monitor, see how it doesn’t use a ball? It uses a double joint there instead with one for left/right rotational, and a separate joint for up/down.

This arm from Ergotron has the same articulation as the M10, advertises it can support up to 42 pounds, and it’s a lot cheaper. That’s why I suggested taking a look at the Ergotron arms. HX Desk Mount Monitor Arm | Ergotron

Honestly, I wish I had known about ergotron before dropping for the M10, likely would have bought that instead.

The M10 is more polished and fancy looking, and can support up to 48 pounds… . but the Ergotron is much less expensive and is still quite solid at a 42 pound rating.

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I pulled the trigger on the Dell, there was a “sale” that made the price $899. The shipping was going to be faster than Amazon and not shipped and sold by a third party. Also my work had some bonus points for purchasing with their link.

$300-400 is a little too much for me and for a work monitor. If it was my only monitor I probably would have splurged.

I ended up getting the ergotech freedom hd, I had a ergotech freedom arm for my 27 inch monitor. The monitor is 29.9 lbs, so it’s on the heavier side. If it doesn’t work out, I will return the ergotech arm and buy a ergotron arm.

I might get this. I already have a couple hdmi and displayport, so if those don’t work, I will pick one up

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Likely you will be fine with the base cable on the Dell as it is only a 60Hz display. I very nearly bought the Dell monitor myself when I was comparing the 43 inch monitors, but ended up going with the PG43UQ instead because I planned on using it for gaming and I wanted the higher refresh rates above 60Hz. Also the Dell monitor does not seem to support FreeSync or G-Sync, but again if you don’t plan on gaming with it, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Since you did not really list gaming as a priority, I wouldn’t worry about that much. =) Good luck with your new display!

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This was great timing on Wendell’s part. This video goes a bit into why the cable you choose makes a difference on high-end displays.


Yeah also Linus too


yep! Also, I think I was mistaken on who suggested the cable matters cables, likely I got that from Gamers Nexus Steve. But i thought it was pretty neat that Wendell actually shows the Club3d cable that is in the second link I put in for the longer display port cable suggestion =)


I’m using a Sony X90J TV and it is terrific. The burn-in thing is specific to OLED displays, so avoid those; get MicroLED instead.

It is true; 43 inches is the same pixel density as four 21.5 inch 1080p displays. Perfect.

However, I also wanted good HDR, which requires full array local dimming. I could only find that on 50 inch or larger TVs. The Sony I chose is kind of mid-range among their TV lineup, and text is nice and sharp when I set it to Graphics Mode (which is not the default). (I got a 50 inch X90J).

In other words, a larger display might be fine, but you will want to be choosy about which specific device you go with. Whereas any old 43 inch display will probably be fine for text.

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I want one of these so bad; I’ve been there with bad cables

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Oh that’s true

The wake from sleep is probably the biggest turnoff for me. If LG just took their CX panel and made it into a monitor, I probably would have hopped on it

I too need lots of realestate for code/software development, using dual 4k 32" at the moment… when not undocked working from sofa. (they’re old z32x HP)


LOL. Yeah, that is so bad that it is comical. Luckily it only screws up once or twice a week, so it is not difficult to get accustomed to. I turn off the TV when I leave the room, and just let it do its thing the rest of the time. When it does screw up, I shrug off as “good enough”. Everything else about the set is excellent.

(All it takes to reset from a sleep-to-wake screwup is to cycle the TV using the remote).

LG CX is OLED, so I would avoid that.

The Sony X90J is half the price of the LG CX, is terrific for text when set to Graphics mode, has excellent HDR (with full-array local dimming), runs at 120Hz, and has 10.7 ms response time. So it is a good monitor for work, gaming, and watching videos.

Here is a review:

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I just realized we have the same case

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nice! It’s a great case imo. definitely my favorite from all the cases I have used to date.

Here’s a look at what’s inside mine if you are curious.


I was in in between the LG and Dell. Ultimately I decided to go with the Dell U4320Q, as I had good experiences with their 24-25 inch monitors. Furthermore, I read somewhere the LG would sag to a side on a vesa arm.
The resolution and size are perfect. The height is the same as 3 vertical 27 inch monitors lined up together. I don’t have to deal with the issues with window resizing or bezels. I use gridmove to tile my windows with the xipergrid1, it took me about a work day or two to get used to the grid.
The minor pain is that browsers don’t play nicely, but it works for everything else.
I am able to have a tall Jupyter Notebook open on a third of the screen developer documentation/medium open on another third, and notes/spreadsheets in a sixth. I use my laptop display for teams and video calls.

This is still very true

The arm works, but is a little wobbly. The monitor does not shake while typing and when my desk moves up and down. I think for my next purchase, I will buy a better arm.

USB C is very handy. I am able to plug in 1 cable and have that handle data, display, and sound.


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