Simple server disk monitoring with a webpage?

So, I saw this old thread Linux server monitoring - #13 by Token

But nothing there seems really trivial enough.

Honestly the only thing I’m looking for in right now is a tool that can tell me the health of my disks. That’s the main requirement. Other stuff like usage, cpu, ram, etc… are nice to haves.

And I see all these tools focusing on the latter and nothing on the former.

So, that’s my question: anyone got a solid recommendation that does exactly what I asked for?

Or am I gonna have to create my own tool?

Prometheus + Grafana are probably the easiest to setup and give you a dashboard (or however many you want) with CPU, RAM, disk I/O, disk space utilization and more. But I don’t know of any tool that shows you the heath of you disks, besides built-in IPMI, like iDRAC and iLO.

If you are using ZFS, best is to just check zpool status from time to time. For other FS, just check smart values.

As for software with a GUI… I don’t know, hard to say. There are integrations that I could have easily done in Nagios / Centreon by running aforementioned zpool status or smartctl. But those aren’t exactly the easiest to set up. There could be a grafana dashboard that monitors disk health, I never looked into that in all honesty.

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Still pretty alpha but there is Scrutiny GitHub - AnalogJ/scrutiny: Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T Monitoring, Historical Trends & Real World Failure Thresholds


For pretty graphs you can run Truenas and open up the reports page, decent storage, and graphs. Easy to setup easy things, but can be complex for advanced stuffed.

Use netdata? It’s packaged for most distros by now and is very easy to setup

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You’re not likely to get a web based tool which does just disk monitoring. But there are tools which include it.

It’s been a couple of years since I used it but you could have a look at checkmk

That includes disk monitoring, file system monitoring and a web gui. Among a number of other monitoring options. So covers your requirements. Pretty simple to setup as well

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It does loads more than just monitor disks, but the storage application of the Cockpit system gives drive info, as well as views of system info, in a web page, but might be overpowered for just the disks

And the Houston repackage As referenced by Wendell


I ended up reading a bit on prometheus and grafana.

Got node_exporter, prometheus and grafana running in docker containers with volumes.

Plus found this dashboard: 10664

Pointing at a modified smartmon script and a “textfile”. So learned how to set that up as a cronjob pushing data to such a textfile that is now a datasource for node_exporter.

Productive day.

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