Silly peasants

This silly peasant thinks PC gaming is a hoax.   *WARNING* The video might make you a bit dumber.


Should this filthy abomination be PUNISHED?        (◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

hmm both ps4 and xbone move to low clocked amd x86 apus and consoles are superior?

just another nobody trying to be a somebody, you can clearly tell from his "presentation" that he is very ill informed on information regarding both consoles and pc in general and giving bad information to what could end up being some gullible people.

A witch

Hang about looks like someone's already tried!

I am not sure what to say other than thank you for sharing this very entertaining video. This was one of the weirdest presentations on youtube i've seen in some time. On a more serious note i am really getting tired with people who firstly claim to be against fanboyism and then go on into a fanboy tunnel visioned angry rand. Best of luck to the guy. 

Haters gonna hate

I got dumber watching this. Put a warning in the OP

Not just low clocked but even lower ipc than bulldozer. Seriously an i3 is probably better for gaming than those cpus.

Alrighty then.

sources or it didn't happen

I love how he goes from rational (yet wrong) discussion to randomly slurring out swears, haha.

This guys channel is a gold mine! I am starting to wonder if he is just trolling all the way. Check this out and tell me if he is trolling or not


Lol he said "elitist pc people, who prefer bullshit keyboards and mouse, and this whole online thing, IDK man...".. "idk how many people care about pcs beside pc gamers" (well wonder if he uses things like ATMs, banks, movies, tv shows, music, or anything else made on computers, including books and everything that is manufactured ever). "Pc gaming has never caught on as much as consoles...consoles have monetarily beaten the pc market" (not even going to go there, just look at EAs anual report and you will see he is speaking bs...)...

Lol steam has overtaken xbox live in terms of users, and as nvidia said there are 600M pc gamers. If he isn't trolling I think he has brain problems...

Literally could not watch more than the first 3 minutes


If he in fact is trolling he is doing a good job, if not he is completely talkout out of his bum.

Of all the pc haters the crown goes to this guy.

People like this are always good for a laugh

This just represents how a person can be so ignorant and give false information.He is just sucking microsoft's and sony's pe*is so hard that it got thru his assho*e.

I'm just sick of this dirty console peasants..*sigh* Now i feel so dirty just from clicking this link.

nope didnt even make it to the 3 min mark this dude needs a kick in the bum and a good hair cut.