Shooting at Youtube HQ

The police should do their jobs as expected and the shooter should be neutralised without lethal force if possible, with lethal force if required.

After that, the media should not name who the shooter was or display a picture of them.




We’ll find out more soon.

Exactly. We spend so much time focusing on the perp that we forget the victims.

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That doesn’t make a good story though.


Then its turned into a debate about gun control no matter the situation or the other epic failure that occur,


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To add this, I think the spotlight should be put on the people who helped prevent the situation from getting any worst than it did.


Yeah, the media will absolutely go deep on the shooter, his/her hopes and dreams, her favorite meal in elementary school, her Livejournal posts from 1992, you name it. And if it is a woman, I would expect to see more focus on the shooter than normal, just because that’s so unusual.

Yep, I personally think that encourages more of this stuff.

Wanna be famous?

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This is often overlooked (because of reasons that this topic isn’t about)

Do we have a stream for the statement?

EDIT: there’s a stream in the link from OP.

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I would guess it will be on every news site from Al-Jazeera to Washington Post.

Stream said they’re using AI to analyze all the surveillance…

On the bright side, can’t be worse than the internet detectives on Reddit.

Edit: 4 victims, 2 at an adjacent business, 2 at YouTube, and the shooter killed him or herself. No other fatalities (yet).

Here I am, watching this press conference and all I can think about is the blue S2000 in the left third of the view.

And it was a female shooter. Wow.

94 male vs 2 female shooters over the past 36 years. I guess 3, now.

Beleived to be.

From what I think hes saying.

4 injured, 1 woman dead suspected self inflicted and a suspected shooter.

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Man, I forgot how mind numbing news analysis is. I’d prefer long periods of silence between occasional facts.

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facts at all would be an improvement. In stark contrast to the rumors that occasionally turn out to be almost true if the context is ignored.

Without fail every personal involvement I’ve had with the media has shown me that they get things wrong like it is their job to get things wrong. Even when it has nothing to do with “narrative” and “politics”. It’s just arrogance and incompetence.

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