Share your CPU-Z Benchmark Scores (v1.75 or later)

Just like it says in the title. Run the benchmark, screenshot it and post it up! The more tabs displayed the better, but if you just want to show the score that's fine.

I'll start it off:

4790k at stock speed, benck mark made it run at 4.3ghz

@KuramaKitsune this thread is about the cpuz benchmark lol

That isn't the CPU-Z benchmark though, that's Cinebench. :P

There's already a thread for that.

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ok here i am @ stock cpu speed

and here i am @ overclocked 50x 100.3 mhz i clicked it up one notch to 51x 100mhz and it bsod, so thats as far as i care to go today.

for those that dont care to zoom in thats
single 1877
Multi 7201

Joining the fray

that is fascinating how you're CPU beat mine in multi thread...

cranked my cpu back up to 4.8ghz

Probably an integer math based benchmark, which would leverage the 8 integer units in an FX chip.

i7-5930K @ 4.3Ghz


we need someone with a 5960x to do this

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itd look alot like this i think.

@26 seconds


This is using a CG8565 Motherboard. Motherboard is from an ASUS ROG Desktop with a non-manual configurable BIOS. So I am 100% sure the Voltage could be lowered for this 4.5 OC.

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I find it hilarious how respectable 2nd generation Core series processors are. Puts their new stuff to shame.

Come on amd make intel move.


Just as a follow up, this is 4.7Ghz with stupid voltage because of the board again lol

I tried to sign up on their site and no go. Not sure what the deal is. Anyway my CPU-Z Benchmark Scores would not be very interesting considering I am running everything at stock on this pc right now so you are not missing anything by me not showing them. LOL!

Hey, you should post them anyway @DeViLzzz. I work at a computer repair store and I will for sure be posting a lot fo CPUZ Screenshots over the coming few weeks of systems that come in for repair. lol!

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take a look @ mine and check the voltage
why is my i5 2500k score above your i7 2700k??
oh its not 7200 vs 7700
but youd think those 4 extra threads would be more than that...

I'm sure it's because you're clocked in at 5Ghz where im sitting at 4.7.
So your clock speed is giving you the edge in SC vs MC.
My MC beats your MC just because of the extra threads.
You can even see your i5 dominates the FX cpu in SC performance. lol!

Not in this case. CPU-Z benchmark doesn't seem to take advantage of HT all that much and just seems to test the many Execution units it has.

For instance my 5930K has 6 physical cores. But since It's hyper threaded I have 12 logical ones.

I scored 1935 Single-Core, In theory If it used all Threads perfectly I should get 12 times that score for my Multi-Threaded test, or around 23000. When in reality I only scored 12415. 6.4x my ST score.


single: 1979
multi: 8757

4790k, at stock, possibly turbo-ing up to 4.4ghz throughout