Shadow Banned on YouTube

Hi, @AbstractConcept, sorry for the delay. I’ve stopped checking this thread daily.

I am unsure of which post you would like me to see if I can see?

You have a link to the forums, if I see that correctly?

Well I can no longer see my own comment on YouTube; instead I have made another, this time I made a subcomment/reply to flyingcacti’s comment

My previous root-level comment is gone, so I am making this to test if subcomments are doing the same. Cacti, if you can see this could you give me a reply? Yours was the comment at the top of the sort list, so I do not need to keep scrolling for it when I reload the page. Forum thread /t/…/184666/41

In theory this link should have the comments section open to my comment:
Level1 News May 4 2022: Excuse Me Waiter, There Are Ads In My Algorithm - YouTube

Edit: Hmm, after posting, I can see it from a non-logged in window, strangely the total number of video comments is still 170, as it was before pressing post.

It’s there on my end

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Excellent, @S3N7RY can you see and leave a reply to my subcomment?

I thought regular viewers couldn’t submit a ticket for issues like this, but I guess there is? I just submitted a request at YouTube Help (bottom, “contact us”) so maybe that’ll lead somewhere. But geez, doing this after almost two years…

So, it doesn’t seem like as a viewer I can’t ask them about it. From YT support:

I understand that you are worried about not being able to interact with this channel. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to further troubleshoot as it doesn’t appear the Google Account you’re signed in to is linked to the YouTube channel you want to discuss. To protect the security of our partners, we can only provide support to authorized channel administrators.

To get support from our team, please either:

  1. Sign in to the Google Account that is authorized on this YouTube channel and send us a description of your issue as a new email. We can’t discuss sensitive account details here, so it’s important that you start a new email conversation with us.

  2. Add your email address as a manager of the YouTube channel. The channel owner can add access using channel permissions, here’s how. Keep in mind before replying that it can take up to 1 day to authorize a new channel manager before we can discuss account details.

If possible, you may advise the owner or the manager of the channel to reach out to us so we can further investigate what’s going on.

1/2 obviously aren’t happening; it just doesn’t make sense. So afaict someone with access to the channel needs to ask support about it (so in the case of this thread, L1T managers need to ask about S3N7RY’s channel not being allowed to interact with the L1T channel).

I too can see your comment.

Thanks for your help with this.

I have left a reply. Please let me know if you are able to see it.

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That does seem like the only practical approach at this stage. Thanks again for your help.

Looks like Abstract has a good idea, your reply is visible to me, signed in as a random (signed in) user

I can indeed see your reply.

I tried leaving another comment at the top level (not a subcomment or reply):

One more top-level comment for experimental purposes (porpoises?).
Currently UI shows a total of 173 comments.
Related to thread /t/…/184666/41

It appears to survive me refreshing the page, unlike last time. I can even see it while logged out.

Apparently, people can now see my comments.

Go figure.


All of yt comments was down for literally hours today

My comment I refer to was from a day or two ago, but maybe they made some fundamental changes?

All I know is that for the first time in what I guess would now be a year or so, people can interact with (and therefore also see) my comments.

+1 in the win column.