Shadow Banned on YouTube

ever replied to any of the crypto bots that talk to each other? we have a script that sweeps those up automatically. Other than that I dont think we bother with any kind of moderation really

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Yeah just try to post a comment under a recent video.
And see if that shows up.
Like wendell said maybe you replied to such a bot,
and maybe thats why your replies were gone.
The comment section on the YT channel isn’t really moderated.

I am pretty sure that a response to an obvious spam-bot would not have happened, but it may be possible.

It is a funny thing, because I would always have thought that heavy-handed moderation would have been antithetical to your team’s principles, so I was shocked that it appeared to be the case.

Especially given that my comments have all the edge of blu tack. (I think my most egregious offense would have been a banal quip when Ryan shaved his head).

The plot congeals…

Thanks MisteryAngel,

I have posted a comment to the May 4 2022 news video.

My comment does not show in newpipe (indicating shadow ban), but if you are able to see it, please let me know.

Thanks again.

Can confirm

Not seeing his comment 4 Hours ago


If you can’t find his name in the hidden users list, then I guess YT really is shadowbanning users on specific channels without the channel owner’s consent…which is very heavy handed, if you ask me. I’m in a similar situation with a different channel (that I was subscribed to for years and even membered up to, before the incident happened), and I thought their telling me I wasn’t in the hidden users list was just lip service, but I’m guessing maybe they really didn’t find me.

If you still can’t find this user in the hidden users list, any chance you could try to escalate to YouTube themselves about their hiding users on the L1T channel that you nor the mod team requested to hide?


Hmm yeah that is really strange.
I don’t see it either.

If your particular username is not on the hidden user list confirmed by @wendell
Then it must be something on YT’s / Google’s end.
But it’s pretty strange indeed.

Well, that sucks.

But I feel as though we’ve reached the end of what is doable.

Thanks anyway.

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Maybe you could try to create a new account on YT.

I’m not jumping through those hoops, especially for having done nothing wrong.

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I mean, yeah, considering a) it’s not a platform ban, it’s only on L1T and b) you’re probably subscribed to and possibly membered up on several channels already, it’d be a pain to move to a new account (or account hop) because of one channel.

I feel like YouTube just needs to be given complaints by enough content creators to stop doing this or allow channel owners to provide recourse in these situations.

Yeah, this isn’t an account I’ve had for 5 days, and although I predominantly use newpipe for viewing YouYube, I do regularly use other features of YouTube directly (comments for example). I have also bought media via YouTube, so being made to switch accounts to comment on one channel once every couple of months seems like an extraordinary measure to take.

Clearly I’m biased, but obviously I agree that content creators should have much greater control over moderation of their own “communities”, with a fallback to YouTube overlords as a default, if they so choose.

Sign of the times, I guess.

have you tried submitting a support ticket to youtube.
frame it as a bug or something.

go at them asking why your shadow banned. will give the convo a negative phrasing.
so yeah go in with i think there’s a problem, i cant post on this one regular channel for some unknown reason.
tell em you already talked to the channel owner and your not on his naughty list, so your not channel banned by them. so can some on look into it please.

it might take up to 12 weeks to fix if it is a bug.
but they will likely tell you straight away if its not.


It’s a long shot, but I suppose it may be worth a crack.


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You must be bot! You have repeated the same thing 5 or more different times word for word!

What are you on about?

fwiw (& now i have something to add this time lol) not the most recent level one news but the one before it, i wrote a comment while watching, scrolled thru the comments for a while and then tapped sort by new and my comment was gone too…

So i was like hmmmm bit worried, but then kept watching the news for a while and retyped my comment, though not quite the same way and many many hours later, its still there so maybe this situation comes down to a really wonky keyword filter youtube-wide… so completely innocent words or phrases have been caught up maybe in an attempt to combat the cray amount of bots that have been showing up everywhere?

Just a thought… goodluck!

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Unfortunately, it’s not a one-off, and I’m going to apply Occam’s Razor here.

It is more likely to be some type of shadow ban (which we all know is a thing), than it is that my benign words have been caught in a filter trap several times over a long period of time, and without failure since a particular point in time.

I see where you’re coming from, I just think that possibility is incredibly unlikely.

I can confirm that I am not seeing it either; accessed from USA-based IP address which should eliminate any additional country-specific confounds.

I did not check any subcomments, but it does not look like that was in any way a subcomment/reply.

Actually, @S3N7RY, could you try leaving a reply to my comment:

Sorry to be offtopic, but we on the forum are trying debug some phantom comments:

I should probably ask, can everyone else in this thread see my comment?
While you are there, could you thumbs-up it so it stays sorted to the top while we test things? I think Youtube’s comment sorting algorithm combines age and popularity, so after a few hours, anyone visiting this thread to check for it may need to scroll through a majority of the 160+ comments to that video.

I can no longer see my own comment while logged-in after refreshing the page.

while I dont see where there is much @wendell can do the same thing happened to me. But my comments ive given before are still seen. Also my newest comment on their newest video is still there. Weird

Wendell only has so much on his control side of the YT suite. I dont think it has anything that lets you investigate past what has already been mentioned