Shadow Banned on YouTube

Hi, how/who do I speak to to clarify why I am shadow-banned on YouTube (edit: Level 1 Techs, specifically), and/or get it resolved?

Oh, and if anyone would like to verify my claim, I wrote a comment regarding the audio on the latest news ep. Bonus points for finding it!

Much thanks,

I would say the community managers… But they dont even get back to high profile people with out making an unholy shitshow of them on social media very publiclly.

So likely the best course is just a new profile

Well, that sucks.

Nah, not going through that hassle. I’ll just sit here in judgment of the team, and effectively make comments into the YouTube ether as and when the desire takes me.

Shame to hear they don’t give much of a care.

I appreciate your response all the same.

Why and how do you think you are shadowbanned?

I mean if it is legitimate and a mistake it might get somewhere but youtube is so massive and get so many complaints thag they just cant get to all the people.

Thats why the banning is usually automated anyway.

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? you haven’t had an upload in a year.
your video’s are viewable to anyone that clicks on your profile.
not entirely sure why you think your being shadow banned.

shadow banning on youtube means you get demonetised and they don’t promote your content.
problem is they only promote new content from regular uploaders. if you dont upload they wont promote you.

shadowbanning in this context afaict means being hidden (effectively banned) on a channel. This limits your ability to:

  • post messages in a stream live chat (you can “post” but it never shows up/you can’t delete or otherwise interact with the message like you could normally)
  • send super chats and super stickers (this one will actually error out)
  • post comments on video uploads/archived streams/community posts

(possibly more but this is all that I’ve confirmed testing myself)

To an end user this looks like a soft ban, hence shadow ban. And as previously mentioned the only course of resolution is asking a channel manager to remove you from the hidden users list.

The term is not limited to just one aspect of YouTube, like you describe.

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Is it just comments on L1Techs videos that are hidden from other accounts (but YT shows them as successfully posted to yourself) or is it all channels?

As Zibob mentioned, I guess you could try and contact YT, in case they blocked your account on suspicion of being a bot, but I have no idea if they even have a human contact point?

Have you gone through the YT support side?

But, if it is just L1T, then that is a different kettle of fish.

As far as I have seen, it has only been automatic YT shadow bans, but I doubt the L1Team would complain about honest feedback.


deleted coz not related to OP’s original question…

Huh, they can hide on a specific channel? That’s news to me. Good to know

i think thats a channel ban where you get banned in the chat and it carries through to further comments on that channels content.

if so then its a case of contacting the owner of the channel not youtube. as you say.

My ban is not YouTube-wide. I chat in other comment sections just fine.

As to why I was banned, well, that was in my original post. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was an error, perhaps I made a critique that was not taken lightly. How would I know, I’m not going to assume.

If anyone ever wants to verify whether a channel has specifically targeted you for shadow-banning, download newpipe and check the comments (easy-peasy). I’m sure there are other ways, but since I already use the app, that’s how I confirmed it for myself.

Just to add: you suggest that it involves dealing with the channel owner. That’s why this thread exists.


See my post above, or read my OP again.

Just L1T

ah you didnt say it was level 1 techs your banned from…
thats why i thought you were talking about your own channel.

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True. Reading my OP again, it is pretty ambiguous.
Sorry about that.

I’ve updated the post. Thanks for joggin’ my noggin.

So you are basically saying that you are muted / banned from the comment section,
on Level1techs channel only?
If that is the case then we firstly need to investigate what the reason for that is exactly.
It’s highly unlikely that you got muted for just some negative feedback.

Not for me to say, is it?

I don’t know what I said that caused the “infraction”.

Maybe a mod was having a bad day?

How would I know, since it is obviously an action taken in silence? Unfortunately YouTube is not like other social media, where at least you get told what you have done, or rules you have broken.

By all means, investigate. I am as intrigued as you are. It is not like I have the required access to do so, myself.

I can tell you that it has been for some time. I realised many months ago, but have only considered finding out what the deal was, lately.

(Yes, it is only L1T)

Don’t see the comment held for review or this username in the block list on the backend, sorry

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Well, that’s pure weirdness.

My previous comment is no longer on the latest video (there has been another news upload since my OP - it wasn’t that which you checked?)

I’ll post something fresh on the latest and see what I see.

Thanks for taking a look.