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  • Name if you have for it 
  • And how you got it ( if you did not buy it form somewhere.) 
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A NAS as well as a Pi NAS works too. anything, i was using a pentium 4 HT as a server till 2013

Can't wait to see what everyone has. 

My storage server. AKA "The Hive"

i got it Christmas 2012

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i3 3220 @ 3.30GHz

RAM: 4.00GB ECC DDR3 Single Channel

Motherboard LENOVO Lenovo ThinkServer TS130 (SOCKET 0)

Networking: Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet 

Graphics: Intel HD 2500

Storage: 6x 500GB WD Blues 7200RPM

               1x 1tb WD Blue 7200RPM

               1x 64GB Kingston SSD Now 


This is my Virtualization server. i use Hyper-V and VMware Vsphere... AKA: "The MasterMind" 

I just got it as a donation to help me and my CyberPatriots team train 

OS: XenServer6.5

CPU: Intel Xeon W3550 @ 3.07GHz 

RAM: 16.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 ECC 

Kingston server ram 4x2GB ECC

Samsung server ram 2x4GB ECC

Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0XPDFK (CPU)

Networking: Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Ethernet 

Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro K4200 


    1x Seagate 250GB HDD {OS} 7200RPM

    3x 500GB WD Blues 7200RPM

    1x Hitachi Deskstar 320GB 7200RPM


This is the server room (Guest bedroom) and how they normally operate


Looks cool.

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Edit, are you working on any interessting projects with those servers?

Especialy your VM server

What do you run on the VM server?

I compete in the cyber patriots competition. In it we are given VM ware images of systems ridden with viruses and security holes, and just terrible things like that. when we have a competition i load up the images on my server and we work together on all the images. we only have 6 hours to to it and the RAID hdd's help alot with speed because windows update and bit locker take a long time. im looking at setting up a cashe of ssd's for the raid array because these hdd's are fast but not the fastest.


But i always have 9 practice images running at one time so anyone on my team can remote in an work on them. They consist of 

  • Windows Vista 
  • Windows 7 Pro, 
  • Windows 7 Ultimate ( my test vm)
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 
  • Windows server 2008, 
  • Windows server 2008r2
  • Windows server 2012, 
  • Windows server 2012r2 
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • 3x Kali Linux (for pen testing the images and 1 for my use) 

It handles them pretty well. Xen is very efficient at memory usage and cpu usage. when no-one is on it the cpu idles at 2% and ram around 6-7GB. 

I have an FX-6300 machine with 24GB of RAM that I use with Proxmox. Pretty plain I know but it gets the job done for me, I want to eventually upgrade to a real RAID card with an SSD cache, but thats much later on

I have a 2008 (i think) HP Proliant DL580 G4 with 4 Xeon's (these things ) and 16 GB of RAM all running Ubuntu. My friends got the thing from ebay in hopes of running our personal minecraft server as well as hosting others 24/7. It's been sitting in my basement collecting dust because my friends cant figure who can run it best. I only it have it because I was setting all stuff up so it could be relatively plug n' play when we decided to move it (which I did) but then shortly I discovered my house is wired so poorly I cant run it unless EVERYTHING is turned off (lights, tv's, appliances). Also my internet is to slow to do any decent hosting.

Paid 150$

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I don't have a server server but I have a RPI B that I use as a git server.

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I'm just running a basic Samba file server on an old 939 based KN8 SLI with an AMD X2, couple gigs of ddr1, and 2x2TB HDDs, all shoved into an old raidmax case.  It works fine serving up media, rarely accessed files and for backups.

Pi's are amazing. i have friends who use them as a web server, Pi NAS, and i personally use them as plex and xbmc players. their amazing.

Here's a picture of my server setup

The main server is named HELIOS, it's a phenom II x6 with 16gb of ram. It has 8 2TB WD red disks, 2 2TB seagate disks, a 1TB WD velociraptor and a 120GB SSD. There's a couple of SATA cards but no RAID, I also have an intel 1000 pro VT quad port network card and a netxen 10gb fibre network card. I use it mainly as a file server aswell as a VM server. between it an the VMs it does:

  • File server
  • SQL server for Kodi (XBMC)
  • Mail server
  • Web Server
  • Firefox sync Server
  • Bittorrent Sync
  • Plex media server
  • Torrent client
  • DNS server
  • Unifi controller

and probably some other stuff which I've forgotten about :P

The 10gb card connects it to the other file server so I can pool the storage between them and serve it from a single host.

There's not much to see in that picture unless you like sata cables :P

This one is named HYRON, it's running an intel avoton c2750 with 16GB of RAM. It has 3 4TB HGST Deskstar NAS disks and an intel 120GB SSD. It also has a Sun dual port 10gb fibre card (I got both of them on ebay for $100, that's really the only reason I'm using it). This server is just used for storage at the moment and is connected directly to the main file server via 10gb fibre. I might run VMs on it at some point which is why I have so much RAM in it.

The last one isn't really a server, it's a pfsense router

This one is named CERBERUS, it's a phenom II x4 with 4gb of ram and a 1TB seagate barracuda hard drive. It has an intel 1000 pro VT quad port network card aswell as two single port 1000 pro PT cards. I have four network interfaces (WAN, LAN, DMZ and public) but the LAN and DMZ interfaces use link aggregation which is why I have six physical interfaces (mainly because I had all the cards lying around, but there is some decent traffic between the LAN and DMZ networks which can saturate the link and slow the internet down).


This is my current setup (14/01/15).

Top to bottom:

  • WatchGuard x750e (running pfSense) (named: pfsense)
  • Dell powerconnect 5324
  • Watchguard x500 (was running pfSense, no longer in use)
  • HP Proliant DL385 G1 (used for archival stuff) (currently not hooked to the network) (named: archive)
  • Custom Built Virtualization Machine. (2x Intel Xeon X5650, 48GB ECC Registered RAM, 4x 148GB SAS in RAID5) (Named: Ikaros)
  • Custom Built FreeNAS Machine (Intel Xeon L5520, 24GB ECC RAM, 6x2TB HDD (in two 3 disk ZFS)) (Named: Asuna)

And how it looks in terms of network....

Everything connecting out of the Virtualization machine (to the right) is what is being virtualized on it. (All permanent machines have dedicated names, but that's a long list)

It has 2x 1Gb NICs coming directly from the pfsense machine (2 different subnets as well). One dedicated to web servers and the other game servers.

It also has 2x 1GB NICs to the Dev Network. This is for remote access and other machines that are acting on that network as well (Windows7 VM, a datacollector thing and a Fedora Desktop). Lots of random other VMs come and go on this network as well.

The Red line is a dedicated Infiniband link between the virt and FreeNAS. This is used for disk images that maybe on the FreeNAS machine and also backups.

But other than that, its all self explanatory. Kinda....


Old setups include.....

And these...

There are some other machines, but they are in co-lo.


I got 2 "servers" which weren't technically suppose to be servers, but I turned them into servers. 

Intel N450 Atom with 2GB of ram and 160HDD used for some small crappy Minecraft server which I have on occasionally running Lubuntu

Intel core 2 quad 9300 @2.8 GHz (o.c) with 4GB ram and another 160GBHDD used for a FTB server for myself to reduce load on my main PC. Running Lubuntu/Windows 7 Pro. I ooccaionsally use this for for cracking my WiFi and friends WiFi password. Currently, that's what its doing. 


I have a Sinology DS213+ that is just for storage and Owncloud.

A Mac mini running CentOS for Plex rendering, minecraft, and email/caldav

A RasPi for a paste bin  and jabber server 

I just ordered a Chinese Celeron SOC box that will be used for Pfsense running snort and squid.

Some Nice Servers here, I personally have 2x Sun microsystems x4240 u2 Rack Systems, Both have a measly 24gig of registered ECC Ram and both running 2x 8 core AMD Cpu's, and there is 14 146 gig 10k SAS drives in each, Was going to do a bunch of stuff on them, mainly through ESXi but they are just sitting in the shed while we are prepping the house for sale , and anything i really want to do works fine on a spare quad core pentium and 8 gig of ram haha, Would take pictures but its currently 3 am and is pointless otherwise haha


I just sold my friend a Dell T3500 (same computer you have, I think) with 10GB of ram and an Intel W3520. When he rendered his music, the computers CPU gets really hot. Its still using dells stock cooler, and when I looked at your Dell T3500, it seemed to be using a different cooler. 

ANYWAYS, my question is, will any CPU cooler work in the Dell T3500, or will only Dell specific coolers work? I hope you answer, even though this isn't server related. I'll delete this once answered. 

no this one is stock. and it does get REALLY hot. when it does i just strap a fan to it and it works out. but my guess is that it is a standard socket.

I don't have a picture of it but I have a HP 1u server in a data center with dual E5420's and 32gb ram. It's old at this point but it works pretty well.  I think it has 6 drives, 5 in raid5 and one as backup.

These are the specs for my home media server.


  • ASRock Q1900m: Intel Quad-Core Celeron Processor J1900 Micro ATX Motherboard/CPU combo
  • 8GB RAM
  • WD Green Hard drives 2 x 2TB
  • Some cheep case with integrated 200w (or 300w) PSU

  • OS: FreeNAS
  • Plex media server plugin

Needed hardware upgrades (maybe next month when i get to it):

  • Need additional 2 x 2TB hard drives (might try to get WD Reds)
  • New case
  • Dedicated PSU
  • More RAM

I also need to run more plugins/jails on this server, maybe OwnCloud and/or Bittorrent Sync.

I have a thread on this server:

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