Dell Poweredge 2950 

2x Intel Xeon E5345 Quad Core 2.33Ghz

16gb ECC Ram

2x Qlogic 4gb/s fiber channel adapters

DRAC 5 Remote access card

2x 750watt hot swap PSUs

Perc 5 Raid Card

1tb Hitachi Drive (I have more drives to add but I just need the caddys.

Runs Windows Server 2012 R2 with several Ubuntu VM's in Hyper-V

Server 2:

HP proliant DL380 G4

Dual core Xeon 3.6ghz

2Gb of ECC ram (Used to be 4 but it no longer boots with it and I haven't gotten around to trouble shooting)

2x 72gb SCSI Hard drives Raid 0 (Yes I know there is no redundancy)


HP DL380 G5 that I picked up for $100.

Xeon 2.33 quad core.
32GB ECC RAM that I picked up cheaply on eBay.

A mixture of drives ranging from 36GB, 72GB, 146GB and 1TB. Mainly just to fill all 8 SAS bays so I could build an array in FreeeNAS. Will replace the drives with bigger ones later.

IBM M1015 for SAS with some SFF 8484 to SFF 8086 cables.

FreeNAS booting off an internal USB stick.

Runs pretty quiet and pretty cool for a 2U server. Probably the only downfall is that it uses 2.5" drives and not 3.5", meaning disk capacity is limited to 2TB instead of 4+ per drive.
I'll just get some 2TB drives for now and swap them out with larger drives when they eventually come out.

I have my laptop in my study of course and recently added a Dell Precision 690 (collected from work).

Currently it's running dual Xeon 5160 3Ghz dual cores, 20 GB DDRII and 2x500GB Seagate sata drives, I took the Quadro FX4500 out and put a spare GeForce 550 Ti in it as it does get used for a little bit of WoW and classic titles (I love games like Hitman II, Max Payne 1 etc).

I would love to get two Xeon x5360's for this, dual quad cores and two SSD's to mirror as a boot disk. I use it for VMWare Workstation as I am working for a cloud computing company and slowly learning virtualization.

Yes, I know this is bad, but there's nothing "mission critical" on it.  In general I use it for experimental and educational purposes.

Noteworthy Hardware:

Motherboard: Intel SE7501BR2

2x Intel Xeon 2.4GHz


Assorted Hard Drives <500GB in software raid (mdadm)

 Operating System:

Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS



Media Server

Web Server

That's quite a lot of RAM.

4027GR-TRT (Supermicro)

8x Radeon HD7990

2x Intel Xeon 2687W V2

1x X-Star DP2710

1x Random HP 1080p Monitor

1x Samsung Evo 850 128GB SSD

8x Radeon HD7990????????????????????? Are you trying to take over the world?

Well... i guess i will half to do my network too


So my wifi router is a Linksys EA6900 With DD-WRT

Backup Wifi Router WRT300N with DD-WRT

Fiber Modem that can go up to 10GB/s (sadly i only have 50mbits) (yay small isp's FIBER!!!)

And here is a network layout: 

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Well if we're going to do networks too then here's mine :P

It's a pretty crappy diagram.

This is the core switch, it's a TP-Link TL-SG3424 24 port managed gigabit switch. This switch connects the servers and the router as well as the access point and switch in the living room. You can also see two PoE injectors, one is for the modem and the other is for the access point.

This is the back of the file and VM server. There's a four port link aggregation there which is used by the file server as well as being bridged to the VMs. The cable which connects to the on board NIC is a mirror of the public network interface on the router, this goes to a VM I use for network monitoring so I can keep an eye on the public network traffic. Right down the bottom you can sort of see the fibre for the 10gbps connection which goes to the other file server

This is the back of the second file server, it has a two port link aggregation and another cable for the IMPI interface. At the top you can see the fibre cable for the 10gbps conenction.

This is the back of the router, I have two two port link aggregations for the LAN and DMZ networks and two other interfaces for the WAN and public networks. The WAN cable goes up to the PoE injector and then out to another room where the modem is.

Here you can see the four cables which lead out to the rest of the house. Two are a link aggregation which connects to the other switch, one goes to the modem and the other is for the access point. I'm renting which is why so I can't run the cables through the walls but this works fine.

This is the living room switch, it connects my gaming PC, HTPC, consoles, etc. to the network.

The access point is up on top of the TV as I'm not able to mount it to the ceiling. It works fine up here though.

Here's the modem, it's all the way over in the kitchen as that's where the only phone jack is. I use the PoE splitter to power the modem from the UPS in the other room, that way the internet will stay up if the power goes out. You can also see the great job I did wiring the PoE splitter to the modem :P They grey cable is used to give me access to the modem's settings, while the other cable goes to the router.


My Fileserver

Currently housing 80 TB of data in 3 ZFS RaidZ2 pools of 8 drives. Running ZFSguru and ncdc for lans nothing more.


Supermicro X9-SAE-V Motherboard, Intel Xeon 1265V2 CPU, 2 Intel Postville 120 GB SSDs as Boot, ARC and ZIL. 1 IBM M1015 IT flashed and 2 HP SAS Expanders.

The machine is build for data storage and not for speed. It can do 550MB/sec but then the M1015 bottlenecks the system. However I can put in 48 drives which I'm slowly expanding to.

As a taskserver I use a I3 4330, 8 GB, 120 GB SSD, 2 TB WD drive for most of the tasks. This basically makes my fileserver not having to run 24/7 Although efficient as the fileserver might be Idling at 100 Watt is still a decent amount on the yearly bill ;) compared to a 20 watt system.

Next project is a PFsense router with this

It's an Intel C1037U with 4 GB ram and 2 GB CF card. Still need to get it working. got WAN working but I think I need to bridge the other port in order to get the LAN part running of the router oh well gives me something to do as PFsense is just new to me.

btw Dexter Kane why not use double sided tape (like Patex, Bizon or Tesa) to mount the AP on the ceiling? those can handle the 400 grams without trouble.

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That file server looks pretty sweet.

I don't think they'll let me put tape on the ceiling, not to mention trying to get the cable up there. I have all the mounting hardware for it so ideally I'd do it properly, but it's not my house so I don't want to mess around with all that. It works fine where it is, but it does get really hot, it would be interesting to see if having it upside down (as it would be if it were ceiling mounted) would help dissipate heat.

Well Tesa does have that removable tape stuff for pictures and such works great for a buddy of mine hence the mentioning of it.

As for the server I need to disconnect about 10 cables and I can move it as 3 separate boxes making it a lot easier to move. It's kind of a pain to move such a beast around let alone the fact that normal 5U rack cases are 35KG empty. Filled it's about 65 KG then and I'm not to keen on getting a hernia because of it :) Not even considering I need to make two of those then. Now I used aluminum so those 3 boxes filled would be totaling around 80 KG combined where the smaller ones are the bulk of the weight but only 50x30x25 cm big.

What program did you use to make that network picture... I used packet tracer.

I can't remember what it was called, I just searched network diagram tool and used whatever came up :P

VMware 5.x Lots of stuff on this box
Specs: HP DL160 G6 dual X5690 and 96GB of DDR3 ECC 8TB Raid 5 and 512GB SSD (not Raided) intenal 128GB ssd for cache
Got two of these servers with no disks as large company decommissions from where I work.
Network: VM routers only using one port as gig uplink.
Lots of test systems, and a couple game servers and currently using about 50% of the server capcity.

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First a pic of my "server room" which is basically just my wardrobe.


The tower on the floor is a decade old Packard Bell iMedia that I had laying around:


- Intel Pentium 4

- 256MB RAM


- Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 32 Bit


- Teamspeak 3 Server

- NoIP Updater


The 1U Rackmount Server Sitting on the chest of drawers is an IBM System x3550 bought off of ebay:


- 2x Intel Xeon E5410 (Dual Core 2.33GHz)

- 4GB DDR2 ECC RAM (4x 512MB + 2x 1GB)

- 73GB 15K SAS HDD

- Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 64 Bit


- Minecraft Servers (When needed)

- GMod TTT Server (When needed)

This stays unplugged most of the time due it basically being in my bedroom and making A LOT of noise.


The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C660D-1GD that just runs an IRC client to keep me available in a few channels.


Network (In the room):

The switch is a generic TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Switch.

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I would've merged the servers or with the laptop as the P4 is just a money slurping machine for just a no-ip updater and a TS server. Or get a Raspberry Pi and have a 750 mW server instead of a 200 watt idling monstrosity.

I'm all for using old tech for new purposes but the P4 was a monstrosity and resembled the worst Intel showed the world.


them CPU cores tho

Can I get a link, I might want to grab one of those with some B-day money.