Selling My Gaming Rig!

hrm I'll think about it

and btw does a 7950 work properly with a 600 watt power supply?

And will the a6 3670k be a bottleneck with the 7950?

It can be changed up, cheaper parts, or better parts. I could maybe have a go at configuring an Intel build later. I need to go briefly.

Besides gaming, is there anything else you use the system for?

So what am I going to do If I sell this system I'll be loosing money. And with that money I won't be able to buy the good build that I need. Extra damn 500 dollars I need I don't know how where I'm suppose to get that money from.

You only really need a "good" 500W power supply for a single GPU system configuration. The XFX I placed in the build is highly recommended. It will be sufficient for any overclocking.

The A6, like any APU, isn't designed to pair with a high-tier card. They have good on-board graphics, but as a processor, they're pretty weak.

You're currently using an FM1 socket. You could keep your current system, and use it for gaming, that would be fine. But, if you want to start upgrading components, I'd go for something like what I have configured.

That's the trouble with APUs. Great on a budget, but then you're stuck with them. Very few upgrade paths.

Here same build just with OS so you can see the price with it.

The 965 is amd's best quad core and it still beats most new amd cpu's. You should be able to get a decent overclock on the 965 with the hyper 212 so the 7950 won't be bottlenecked.

Honestly, with your budget, I wouldn't complain. AMD aren't necessarily worse than Intel. It's just that their products happen to be cheaper. I wouldn't get so fixated on the 4670K. AMD CPUs have been known to beat their Intel equivalents in gaming, on quite a frequent basis.

Grab an AM3+ motherboard, and you'll still be able to upgrade to the next line of AMD processors. They are not changing up their sockets. So the soon-to-be-released CPUs will work with any AM3+ motherboard.


What should I do now then? If I sell the system I would be loosing money, and then I would also need to make up a few hundards of dollars Which I really don't know where to get.

If you go with my way trading your heatsink, processor, and motherboard for my heatsink celeron g555 processor (dual core 2.7ghz) and motherboard you would not be loosing much money at all. Plus ALL of your other parts are compatible with my motherboard. You could ask your family for an early crhristmas present i7 3770k which, is faster than that i5 you were looking at and is cheaper. I've found that when just sitting down with my parrents and telling them what I need and why HONESTLY they usually gift it to me.

  "theres a fool born everyday put the computer on craigslist for what you want and see if anyone bites."

Exactly. Also, whatever you do, don't call it a "piece of junk" in the same place that you're trying to sell it. That tends to turn people away. :)









Hey Brenna I see you post a lot in the forum and seem to knee a lot, can you help me make a price for a recent system I bought. It's a clevo p370em prostar laptop that I purchased back in February with a i7 3930qm, two gtx 670ms, 8 go of 1600mhz ram, a 750gb hard drive and a 60hz 1080p screen. I've been able to play all the latest and greates games at very high settings and get 30+fps I want to sell it for 1800 or a little more I spent around 2k and realised a desktop is cheaper, better and has more power. a laptop with a 680m cost like 2200 and right now no ono's offering 2 670ms. it hs 2 bays for storage a msata slot and up to 32go of ram. I want to sell this for as much as possible to get a desktop rig like the one I described. Also eBay isn't an option because giving them like 10 percent is too much, if I'm using it ill probably use to just get in contact with people who are interested. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, when I was buying I didn't know much so like an idiot I bought this instead of a desktop.

how old r u ?..

if ur old enough. WORK !!!

That laptop is worth around $1350, at the most.




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