Selling My Gaming Rig!

Hey guys I was thinking about selling my almost one year old entry to mid range gaming computer. I am posting this here today to ask you about how much I should be selling this system for. Now keep in mind that I paid around $600 dollars for this system and I need a turn around be I think dumped in about $150 dollars more into it. So here are the specs as listed.

Power Supply: Rosewill 600W ATX12V SLI Ready Power.
Processor: Amd A6 3670k clocked at 2.7 ghz.
Case: Rosewill Challenger Black Gaming Atx Mid Tower Computer Case.
Hard Drive: Western Digital caviar Blue 500GB 7200rpm.
Graphics Card: Gigabyte Ultra Durable VGA Series Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit.
MotherBoard: Asrock Extreme6 socket FM1.
Ram: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB ( 2 x 4GB ) 240-pin DDR3 1600 Mhz.
OS: Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit)
If you are interested in buying this system please contact me on the forums by sending me a PM, and thank you for your consideration.

First of all, that rig is worth $360 used, and you need pictures with your TekSyndicate username, the date, and all ef the hardware you mentioned clearly visible.

That can't be worth $360?



Out-dated, low-end hardware from a reseller online? It is about half of retail price; for $750, you could get a computer that is leagues better.


$360 seems reasonable to me.

If you charged $500 for this thing, and I was a potential buyer, I'd just spend the extra $100 to buy everything brand new.

Or better yet, build something on an FM2 socket. Similarly priced, better performance.

Oh Dear you both just like crushed my computer future build dreams :(





I barely have a year used on it :(

Well, you can't offer a price that is too close to purchasing everything new.

Ok. So, what computer did you plan to build, and what would be your budget? Maybe we can just recommend a few things.

I planned on building a computer with like a 7950 and a intel core i5 4670k

That'd be a pretty sweet system.

Imagine if you sold you current system for $400, how much would you have?

Heres the story So This computer that I built and am using currently was going to be like my christmas present for 2012. So then when I had like everything setup and stuff on newegg. My parents like immediately called my cousin to come over and like look over all the parts and stuff. So I'm like no no no on and my parents were like No, It's fine It's fine. And I was like okay okay. So I order all the parts and stuff and when I went back to check on the list of orders that I printed I was like WTF this stuff sucks nuts this is not going to suit my needs so from there about 8 months ahead into the future right now. I am basically stuck with this piece of junk. That's why I wanted to sell it and get something more on the high end side because since I've begin to start gaming and stuff and video editing my working performance and standards needed to be boosted. So right now I really wanted to sell this computer away so I don't have to deal with the annoying side effects of lag. Could you guys please help me?

well I would need about an extra 500 dollars to cover up the new system that totals up at almost a grand.

Price accordingly, and follow my instructions on validation as said above.

Hello? anyone there going to reply back?

You can definitely build a great gaming system for well under $1000. What about configuring an AMD build for around $700?

Sure But I need a 7950 that's about it 

Btw does having windows 7 professional 64 bit count?

along with the price?

That's without the OS and optical drive. The Phenom is better than the FX6300, apparently. It has more phyiscal cores, and better per-core performance.