Security Cameras that record to local server

Sorry, not sure what topic this falls under, so let me know if I should move it. I know Wendell has done a bunch of ip camera stuff in the past, so I thought this might be a good place to ask.

I’m looking for recommendations for security cameras and doorbell cameras that can use local NAS storage to store the video data. I’ve got 50 TB in my home server and it just seems like a waste to pay for someone else’s cloud storage.

my home server is running Arch, and I use LXD to containerize/compartmentalize all the different stuff on the server. I’m hoping there’s some FOSS linux-based something-or-other I can just run in a container to control the cameras and handle recording to disk.

I’m really new to this stuff (only have the nest doorbell, and I’m not very happy with nest), so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I believe Wendel once recommended a Hikvision+Synology NAS. HIkvision can output RTSP streams that the Synology NAS can capture purely offline, without exposing the HikVision camera online (just the Synology). Its in their Youtube. Just search for it.

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I don’t have a synology NAS though. Is that proprietary software? I’ll re-watch the video though, thanks.

Portions of it are but the underlying OS is still good ol Linux

I assume it is a custom made NAS. In that case, you need to find the software you are going to use, and then search for cameras. Most software suites have their own compatibility list of cameras, therefore you would have to pick from their list.

From my understanding, any camera can do, for as long as it has the RTSP protocol as output.

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My bad, its int he forum. But i swear i saw an old video on the youtubes

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Just want to throw my two cents in because I just learned this, the Unifi cameras (specifically their doorbell cameras) won’t have their full functionality enabled unless you have the full Unifi Protect system, but you can still use the basic camera functionality via RTSP stream to something like they Synology NAS or some other NVR.

I’m personally planning on doing a sort of dual system setup where the unifi cameras will connect to a zoneminder server via RTSP, but also connect to the UDM Pro SE so I can do stuff like talk into my phone and have it come out the doorbell

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@lI_Simo_Hayha_Il that’s an excellent point. I have no idea what’s available for software. Any idea where I should start?

@reavessm Yeah, that’s why I wasn’t really looking at the unifi cameras. I don’t need their router and I’m wary of investing in a unified ecosystem type of setup.

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Not really. I am using QNAP NAS, so they have their own software, which has a compatibility list. You should check the license though. QNAP’s allows only two cameras, to add more they need a subscription.

I tried a few FOSS programs, but settled on a commercial software called Xeoma.

If you are paranoid, it is written and maintained in Ukraine. I don’t know how often it phones home.

BUT … it reliably dumps four Reolink PTZ streams into my Synology NAS, day after day after day.

Blue Iris is the best option IMO as far as minimal setup and maintenance. Also supports a phone app for remote viewing. It isn’t FOSS but this is one area where there aren’t really any good FOSS solutions.

Also there is HA integration that is well documented. Also a very active forum community.

Does Home Assistant have no NVR functionality?

No, afaik it will only watch the streams but it won’t store anything.

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Another vote to Blue Iris from me. Tried zoneminder and shinobi as I waanted to stay foss but quickly learned that I wasn’t wanting to gain mastery over either of those and wanted my security cam setup to just work. Cost is more or less nonexistant when compared to something like an Axis setup.

Have a mix of amcrest, hikvision and axis cams on it. None have access to the internet. Backup motion detected events to the cloud on backblaze.

Personally i and some friends use ZoneMinder with a combination of super ancient composite CCTV cameras that need a DVR card installed in the machine, and some more modern IP cameras.

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