Screaming off the roof, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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Preaching to the choir...


I know i know.. sorry... i am just not brave enough to make this post on http://FORUMS.MICROSOFT.COM or http://SUPPORTthatsNOTreallyTHERE.APPLE.COM

Love your avatar by the way... fits the profile!

I have to thank @Wendell and suchlike people for pushing me over the last bit with HUMOR and INTELLIGENCE and solid news.

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Damn, we could have gamed together.... Even tho I ran out of Xbox live 2 years ago...

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LOL good luck with that. I understand the sentiment, but who cares what you use at work. Just use it for work purposes.

Businesses are in the business of making money. They will use whatever tools are necessary to get the job done. At my company we have software that is only made by a handful of companies, and all of it is Windows only. Not to mention the fact that MS Outlook is pretty much the only email/collaboration system of enterprise grade, Word is the defacto word processing software, Excel is the defacto spreadsheet, Powerpoint is the default presentation software, MS SQL is one of the most popular database systems, the list goes on and on.

I don't know what you do for a living, but being able to be flexible with respect to what you do for work is what keeps you employed. If my boss told me to scrub the toilets, I could tell him no, and he could fire me. So if he did, I'd scrub the toilets, and start working on my resume, but I'd keep scrubbing toilets as long as required at this job.

Maybe your skill set is in demand to the point that you can make all the rules, but from my experience, anyone is replaceable. Don't paint yourself into a corner with grandiose and inflexible demands.




But do you understand that you are in the minority of people who can dictate terms like that?

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I tried that a lot and let me tell you even for someone running and loving linux 90% of the time, as a photographer it is hard to beat their stuff. And so far no software on the linux side of things is even remotely close. This is the main reason I still have a mac on hand (2015 15" MBP).

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well... just don't be an ass to people. Nobody likes an aloof linux user and it doesn't help more people be open to switching.

No OS is perfect. Linux is not the end-all. (though I do agree it's quite good)
Be patient and understanding to people even when they use OS like osx or win10.

Will Weaton says, "Don't be a dick."


I have no idea who Will Wheaton is. And he has no business talking about my dick.

I am a hu-MAN... and unless its a matter of life and death (there i draw the line) i will say NO. And sure plenty of people call me a dick... im used to that... look who`s talking!!!!! :-P

Often when one shows their backbone others will be offended. It says more about their own backbone.. or the lack of it.

I LOVE MASH by the way... you are invited in my tent sir @eidolonFIRE (bring a drink or two)


I promise you i wont be an ass... well uuh.. i take that back sorry.

No seriously.. all my clients and potential clients know me and where i come from and most of them will know where i am going. Dont be a dick about it... im an ass... and honest about it. I not so much care about your feelings or others. I find it more important to see you be SAFE, HAPPY and HEALTHY.

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🤔 But you're so nice online. It does not compute.

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Damn you guys are sharp!!!! :-)

I almost start feeling BAD for screaming it of YOUR roof :-)

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I've literally seen companies go bust because they couldn't afford the assets they needed for real innovation, and were cutting jobs and necessary privileges and fringe benefits to keep the workforce happy, because they were thoroughly dependent on commercial software licenses for obscene amounts of money, not just Microsoft licenses, but also devkit licenses, SAP, various scientific software licenses, AutoDesk, etc...
I've been on linux since 1996, as a student I couldn't afford commercial software for what I wanted to do, so open source was the only option, and I never got into the commercial software taxation system. That has always given me enough financial headroom to make investments that are necessary for innovation, and I'm a pretty careful spender lol, but if I have the choice between buying 10k of software licenses for a devkit of some MCU, or spedning the same amount on a logic analyser and a better scope with data analysis functionality and an extra staff member to reverse engineer that MCU and throw the data in the open source community and make an open source devkit, I know what I will prefer lol.



Here in Germany, there has always been a good part of open source development though, still is one of the leading countries for that. It's mainly as you said above, a decision on who you want to work for. I know quite a few SME's that are closing shop because they wanted to work for the big names in automotive and engineering, and they had to hop on board with the commercial software stuff, and they were dumped. I know of two company closing sales where there are literally crates of software being offered for sale and there are no buyers lol. But there are also the big success stories of products that have gathered international acclaim and the German Engineering reputation without using any proprietary parts or software. Just the example of scopes: Hameg were always fair priced, very well engineered, entirely generic parts based lab equipment manufacturers. Now with Rohde und Schwarz, it's the same thing, they don't use Microsoft Windows CE or proprietary ASICs that are kitted up so nobody can reverse engineer them, they offer crazy good products for a fair price that are entirely made with generic parts and run a pretty bog standard Damn' Small Linux operating system. It's a total success formula, they can undercut Chinese Manufacturers, and large US brands that manufacture in China, and they produce in Germany and Czechia, high quality precise Central European production, no license costs to them nor to the user, and products that live forever because they can always be fixed with off-the-shelf parts. And guess what users like the most... the crazy good user friendly interface and incredible functionality, many times better than any commercial software solution. The same goes for KDE, SuSE, Manjaro, LibreOffice, and thousands more successful open source software products made in Germany.

Commercial closed source software and hardware is just a complete lie, it's brand marketing, it has nothing to do with quality or functionality or useability, it's the inverse, it's like Apple, making people pay extra for bogus features that serve only one purpose, and that is to hide the bad quality and lack of features and precision. In the end, especially when the economy desperately needs to grow because it's not looking so great, the market will gravitate towards honest quality and workmanship, and what better way to really show that off than to make open source products, where people really can appreciate every single detail and where people can really enjoy the reliability, the quality and the long lifespan of the products, and can actually get those products for a fair price?


Well yeah i can totally see why allot of people jumping ships towards open source.
The evolution and envolvement of open source software is growing,
and its getting way more convenient to use.
Nowdays if you dont really use Windows or Mac specific software,
or if you dont really play allot of games.
Then there is basiclly very little reason to pay money for a commercial OS imo.

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I think I lost a few IQ points after the blinding arrogance, but overall you make a good point. As long as your choices are working for you, go right ahead. I'm glad you got out of the rabbit hole.