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Ryzen Laptops That Are Coming Out


So I’m still weighing out my options and coming up for a savings plan and I was wondering… What ryzen laptops are coming out? I really only know of one that interests me and its the HP X360 15z.

Buuuuut there has to be something thats coming out that interests you guys? I’m still looking at options for laptops and aside from the System76 machines this is really the only other one that piques my interests.

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I avoid HP, this Asus 8 core has had my attention as a desktop replacement



Not actively looking but the thought occurred that if I’m getting a laptop this year then it would certainly be something in the ballpark of that one. Maybe not flip/touch necessarily but the other specs of that Envy X360 are in the right ballpark.

For a full on gaming laptop I’d wait until next year with some new type of graphics(if even just a 7nm take on Polaris) and a FreeSync 2 100+ Hz screen. But I’ve learned that I really should just avoid gaming laptops. :wink:



haha yeah part of my thing right now is I want a machine that I would use a lot outside of the house and aside from an S76 Oryx I’d use that HP. I can play quake or TF2 and then I can do all the work I want on a pretty good set of hardware. I’m thinking about getting that instead of an oryx, dunno if it can do TB3 though.



I’m looking at sorta that one… but cheaper. The X360 straight from HP is surprisingly well price, 2500U w/8GB of RAM and 256 GB NVME is at 829 now which is on sale… but 879. Gotta go home for a week later in the year (over Labor Day) and the work laptop I have is straight up sheeyat! So I figure I can buy a nice toy to take home with me and has better functionality… and give money to AMD.

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haha I’m looking at doing the 512 NVME with a 1TB drive and that machine is literally what I want in a laptop.



Yeah… I don’t need all that storage so 256 GB will do just fine. Seems like a lot of companies are still tied to Intel as adoption of Ryzen has been slow, maybe they took a wait and see approach. I figure I’ll order beginning of August… maybe I can catch an even better deal somewhere. I do have a few Ryzen laptops in my wish list on Amazon and check them every few days.



PM me links. I’d rather have Zen than intel. I spent so long working on AMDGPU anyways :3



I’d like to request a review if you pick one of these up. I’m not opposed to Ryzen, but my experience was abysmal. 1800X build was the worse computing experience I’ve had since the mid 2000s. Linux couldn’t run a day without shutting down.

The world is convincing me it was bad luck or hardware (even though Windows ran 2 weeks non stop).

Anyway, if you pick this up and uze Lynox… Write up a review for the forum, please :slight_smile:



To you, and anyone with interests with me doing hardware reviews, let me know what specifically you want me to look at. DX9/10/11/12? Vulkan? OGL? Compute? Network? What all do you want and send it to me in a PM.




By the way, the HP x360 15z has replaceable RAM, M.2, and 2.5" drive. If it matters.



I saw a picture of the inside, I didn’t see ram. The M.2 is also NVME capable, and the 2.5 has some dumbass cable that it needs, forcing you to buy the cable for 80 bucks or buy inside of a certain spec.

The only thing I really want to know is if its EGPU capable.



Lenovo has a couple of modeles of the new ryzen apu based laptops out also



Where’ve you been?!

I’m liking lenovo less and less. I’ll keep my old thinkpads, but in just trying to change a display to have fuses pop just because its a new cable… ehhhhhno I’d rather not deal with that.

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Be careful about the quality control on the HP Envy X360. The specs are great on paper, but I had several issues:

Terrible display panels. They actually use at least 4 different panels on this models. All of them are rather dim, which doesn’t bother me too much. Units with LG and AUO panels seem ok. The ChiMei panel is utter trash with abysmal colors and dimmer than the others. Some units have really bad backlight bleeding.

There are a bunch of more minor issues, like the webcam looking purple in daylight. Apparently it’s tuned for fluorescent light, resulting in strange colors in natural or incandescent light. That’s a broader longstanding issue on several HPs, not just this X360 model.

The build quality is just medium. Opening up the laptop is a bit scary as it requires some force to pry off the cover, and the edges are RAZOR sharp. No joke, be really careful. I had to wipe blood off components…

Other issues: I was a bit disappointed by the (lack of) alignment of some of the trim. On my first unit, SD cards would get stuck in the card reader. The weight (~4 lbs) and size (15") are a bit much for a device marketed as a tablet. Battery life seems ok at around 5-7 hours, but I never ran it down completely. I kept getting the feeling that things, eg the fan, might break down eventually. I tend to keep my computers a long time so I want great quality. Touch screen + pen are nice bonuses; they’re ok but not great, say compared to lenovo. About a month ago, the touchscreen wasn’t working in Ubuntu 18.04 beta (kernel 4.15 I think).

The Ryzen 7 2500U is nice though. Upgradeable RAM to 32GB. 2.5" bay + NVMe slot. The 2.5" bay needs a special connector (SATA to ZIF ribbon cable), so if you got a unit without the HDD you might need to order it separately.

Yes, I’m a nitpicker. I ended up returning it. I’ll wait for a more refined model. But those who are less picky might still really like it.



I use that thing on a day to day basis and I can definitely recommend it. Mine has never booted windows so I’m not sure how that experience is but it’s an amazing Linux workstation.

I assume that the windows experience is equally nice though.

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Adendum: I run my GL702ZC (Ryzen 7 1700) with 32GB of RAM. I replaced the shipped 256GB m.2 sata drive with a 960 Evo 1tb, the 1tb spinner with a 860evo 1tb and the realtek wifi with an Intel adapter.

I’m also going to repaste it, but I haven’t done that yet.



Did not read a lot here, just as a PSA: don’t by raven ridge laptop for linux. It’s a mess.

More at 11.



The Ryzen 7 2500U seemed ok out of the box with kernel 4.15 for general use. I didn’t run into problems, but I also didn’t extensively test features, virtualization, etc.

EDIT: I did notice some errors during the boot process, but don’t remember if they’re the same as in your link. But I didn’t have problems with freezing or usb devices.



Display panel would suck but for me I won’t be using the webcam and probably won’t be cracking it open. The base model either 128GB/1TB or 256GB drive and 8GB RAM will do just fine.