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Ryzen 5 build


Ok i can't get my pc into the bios barely. this board this memory it just wont boot but once in a while.


How many sticks of that memory?
Picking a RAM speed lower than 2666 is worth a try to see if that helps.
Then if it begins to at least boot stably, check if the motherboard has the latest BIOS.


i only got 1 and i was thinking i shoulda bought KVR 2133


Thats the prollem lol i am in bios now and i set the memory to 2133 i am afraid to save it lol because then it doesnt post again for like 15 on and offs lol


So i cant flash the bios or at least it has not let me yet.


Does the board have a Dr. Debug or similar display?


Do whatever you need to in order to get to your desktop (Windows or Linux?) and then download the latest BIOS from the MSI website. The next time you turn the PC off should be to flash the BIOS. From personal experience I can tell you that updating my MSI BIOS got my RAM much more stable at higher frequencies. If you're not familiar with the procedure to flash your BIOS, MSI has a short document that explains the procedure well enough.

On another note, which Ryzen 5 CPU do you have?


I am trying to do that now i am in the bios. i Just got the Ryzen 5 1400


Have you been able to get to the desktop?


yes i got linux installed but i need a standard 2133 or 2400 memory stick to get my m flash to work or it just crashes if i run my 2666 at those speeds it works fine until i try it a 2666 or the Xmp profile or to flash it lol


Sorry for being repetitive, but were you able to flash your BIOS?


Nope haha


Sorry to hear that.


Its cool lol i know what up i just need to grab 1 of these other than that its running good


Have you looked into getting Samsung B-die?


I am looking around about that now lol i think this would have it i think


I think my Hyper X uses SK Hynix dies


Ever tried setting speed and timings manually to exactly that what the memory is supposed to run at?
Also set the memory voltage higher than the standard 1.2v, 1.35 should help.


I can guarantee you that those sticks aren't B-die. B-die RAM is at least 8 GB per stick. It can be 16 GB per stick, but those sticks are dual rank which is harder on the memory controller which leads to poorer results. Another thing is that B-die has speeds of 3200 with a CAS latency of about 15.


what about these?