Ryzen 5 5600X or Ryzen 7 3800XT?

Greetings. So I’ve got all set up on what to get for the PC Upgrade but the main part, the CPU, is not to get for love nor reasonable money. (The 5600X) But what is in stock at my retailer is the Ryzen 7 3800XT for the same 299€ that the 5600X is supposed to be sold at.

Which of the two CPUs is better when it comes to render videos and do content creation? (Software used is Openshot, Handbrake and OBS on Windows 10)

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend.

Probably 3900x :wink: Check price on that.
But as to your original question most benchmarks I saw give edge to 3800xt, here’s example:

But can check rendnering benchmarks on other sites, and draw your own conclusion.

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The 3800XT will be ever so slightly faster. The extra 2 cores and 4 threads help in this…
However the performance difference ain’t that large, because of clock speed and architecture and what not. But yes, the 3800 is a bit better in those tasks…

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20% ipc uplift tho pete could be very close and any single threaded task will be faster on 5600, so would probably go that route

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Well that’s the trade-off, ain’t it?bit from what I understand the extra threads will do more favors… Overall the performance is about the same since multithreaded the 3800 is better, and gaming the 5600 is better…

I think you are overvaluing the 2 cores / 4 threads that only 33% more cores so if the app scales all the way to 8 you get 33% more perf in ideal world. If its not using all the cores then the 20% IPC would be a major advantage. It woudl vary a bit program to program, but I would probably go 5600 over 3800.
Win for 3800x in handbreak
But guessing since OBS probably gaming involved so the small loss at handbrake encoding is probably fine

Note openshot, but not super popular for benchmarks to exist but win for 5600

Honestly seems like a toss up, probably about the same after you average everything together. I would prob still got 5600 as it will resell better if OP wants to upgrade later.

Since you helped me a lot deciding I thing it’s fair to let you know on what I have decided:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite
  • 32GB G.Skill RipJaws V schwarz DDR4-3200 DIMM CL16 Dual Kit

As soon as the parts arrive and are stuffed into the case I’ll let you know the results :wink:

Thank’s again for helping.


wise choice of a 3900x that should work very well as a workstation.

You may run out of ram. I run some of the same programs and I had to upgrade to 64gb of ram, 32gb was running out and spilling over to page file and the system would become unresponsive for a min. After the upgrade my system uses about 40 to 50gb of ram.

Let us know how it works out!

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Told you :wink: Good choice, hoping to get mine soon too.

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Sooooo… it runs. PC is more “snappy” (running the same m.2 windows 10 as before, will do a reinstall soon) but… yeah. Handbrake and OpenShot don’t really use that power. I’ll give you some numbers.

Source video: 1080p MKV, 53 minutes

Handbrake NVENC 6:00
Openshot 36:35

Handbrake NVENC 4:18
Openshot 30:07

It’s better… but it’s not 600€ better. And especially not “from 4 to 12 Cores” better. Am I missing something? Any tips? Hints?

Also: idle temp is around 50°C and the fan is ramping up all the time. I’m guessing the thermal past that was under the fan/heatsink that came with the CPU isn’t great. I also had to reseat the fan once. I’m trying to source some thermal paste tomorrow locally.

Well nvenc is a GPU based encoder so changing CPUs doesn’t really do anything for you.

The real differences would come with different codecs.

What cooler are you using?

Are you crazy? Get some decent cooling. I would not be surprised if your system is overheating and the CPU is throttling and that’s why your results aren’t that great. My guess is if you have some decent cooling your scores will be better just cause the CPU won’t throttle and will be able to keep higher clocks and be more stable in general.

yes, the result with handbrake is ok either way but openshot only uses 20% CPU all the time :S

I dont know anything about openshot. Are there settings for setting thread count?

Yes. In the preferences tab there are options for “OMP Threads (0 = default)” and "FFmpeg Threads (0 = defaults). I’ll try to link to a screenshot of the settings tab, maybe I’m just missing something. (Note: that is not my installation but it looks the same) https://betanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/openshot-25-768x480.png

The AMD Prism cooler is more than adequate for standard 3900X, but not for overclocking. But yeah, monitor those temps - if they are constantly above 70 degrees, consider switching to a better one.

So I have reseated the cooler, new thermal paste (though very cheap one sadly) but idle now is about 38° at launch and cinebench r23 multicore pushed it to 68°. with the current fan curve he dropped to 45°. That being said and the fan now going at around 1500rpm it is still very audible. Temps are ok but noise is not. I guess I’m getting a new fan somewhere in the near future…

Being above 70 under load isn’t an issue.


But the noise level is :wink:

What I’m getting at is you can turn down the fan. Its ok to run a little warmer here.