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Ryzen 3000, GPU speculation


Im still interested in how PCIe 4.0 will work. I realize it is double the speed and can be multiplexed.

Sure Ryzen 3000 may have 24 PCIe lanes like its predecessor ?

Ryzen now has
-4 PCIe lanes to an NVMe drive
-4 to the chipset
-16 to PCIe slots.

A nice mix.

Will magicly we have with bandwidth doubled.

-8 x NVMe drive slots Perhaps 2 x NVMe drives PCIe 3.0 at full speed ?
-8 x chipset bandwidth
-32 x PCIe slots at 3.0 or 16 at 4.0



I think that might be more complicated, reallocating the lanes as 3.0, but I’m not sure, will see if I can find out.
I suspect you might only be able to run that slot in PCIe 4.0 x16 if there even is a UEFI update to support it in the first place.

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We will have to wait for implementation to see. I think we’ll probably see the same config, just at 4.0. You will not be able to get more lanes, just more bandwidth at 4.0.

The way the motherboard manufacturers explained it, it’s just as simple as choosing the protocol that the lane runs at, but I’m not sure. I guess it really depends on which slots are attached to the CPU and which are attached to the chipset.



All depends on the motherboards.

I will be pleasantly surprised if the 500 series boards run everything at PCIe 4.0.



I’m betting on the highest end boards doing all 4.0 and the midrange boards doing a mix.

Especially because it’s fully backwards compatible with 3.0.

IIRC, that’s what we saw during the transition from 2.0 to 3.0



I had a Z68 mobo that got a bios update to support PCIe 3.0 on the top slot, if you dropped in a ivy-bridge CPU.

Never got ivy tho, so didn’t get to try it out.

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Haven’t looked through the entire thread, pardon if this is a repost.

4 GHz on mobile sounds pretty nice.



Those, to my knowledge, are not Zen 2.



I don’t know, I just saw 3000 and went with it.



Says it’s based on the 12nm process, so I’d say no.

that said, it is labeled 3000, so I think it fits here.



The APUs announced at CES (codename Picasso) will get the 3rd gen Ryzen branding but will be on Zen+, the APUs won’t be “refreshed” with 7nm until Renoir comes about. Which I expect we’ll start hearing more about very late this year or early next year. Expectations are that these will share a similar layout to Matisse(desktop CPUs 3rd gen Ryzen) but replace one of the CPU core chiplets with a GPU, although time will definitely have to tell on that one!

The APUs previously on sale were “plain” Zen while desktop CPUs were at Zen+, the APUs on sale while “plain” Zen was the main desktop CPUs were Excavator/Bulldozer based still. So yeah. The APUs lag about a year behind the desktop parts as far as process goes, but still have the same generation branding as the desktop parts.

EDIT: Well, I say a year, but considering the launch of 3rd gen Ryzen will be “mid 2019” it’s more like 6 months. And the same would be true for previous desktop and mobile parts really.

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microarchitecture Zen+

Yeah somethings fuckey.



AMD seems to be lagging behind one generation with their uarch on the APUs.

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Like I don’t really care about brand as I’ve been rocking my old i7 4770k now for years an are finally upgrading at the end of this year. Only waiting to the end of the year for one reason at being i want to see if AMD bring out that 16 core 32 thread monster to desktop as i normally have a rule of only upgrading every 10 years as the world has a big enough e-waste issue it’s not really dealing with. But in this case if they do bring this chip out i will jump on it like a dog on heat lol. Than pass down my i7 system to my son which will make his day.



I’ve kind of lost interest now the launch is months away again. I am sure the new chips will be more cores for less money again and faster. Navi no show as well.

Im curious how the Radeon VII will perform. Hardware Unboxed confirmed he will have one before release with plenty of time to do a massive benchmark on it. So that will be soon.



Also interested in Radeon 7, but given i just spent 3 grand on motorcycle parts this month, i’m going to wait it out now :smiley:

Good news on the PCIe front though. to be honest, not unexpected given that its all driven by the CPU and not the chipset.

And yes, as per above, 8x PCIe4 lanes will be plenty. Will certainly give AM4 a good bandwidth upgrade for things like SSDs if you can force your GPU down to 8x PCIe4 (if it supports it) or the CPU can allocate the equivalent of that when it is running 16x PCIe 3.0…



meanwhile i’m just waiting for that rumoured 6 core ryzen 3

upgrading from a 2 module bulldozer APU to that.




One thing I heard on a video… can’t remember which one was Ryzen 3XXX is going uncouple infinity fabric from the SDR speed. As prices have dropped I was thinking about upgrading to 3600+ with the thought of if it is still coupled the performance gain would be pretty good. That being said… if they uncouple I can save a couple hundred dollars and be happy with my 3200.


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In think they are just driving traffic to their site because there is no actual information here at all

Screenshot in case it goes away and to save the clicking.

Everything is just * Expected… So it is all just guesses.