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Ryzen 3000, GPU speculation



One thing I often see missing in these discussions is that the 14/12nm GloFo node used in Ryzen 1xxx and 2xxx is a low power process(LPP) while the upcoming Ryzen 3xxx/Zen2 will be manufactured on the TSMC 7nm high performance computing (HPC) node. Also IIRC most of the comparisons officially made by AMD has been 14 nm vs 7nm not 12 vs 7.

As for AdoredTV’s video, I don’t doubt everything in that. I think for sure AMD will go for the 5ghz clock thing. Certainly with the improved front end in Zen 2 and the IPC improvements they gained there, they’d want to get that single/dual core boost up there to really put Intel’s nose to the grindstone. As for 16c/32t on the AM4, I have a hard time seeing that one. 12c/24t or maybe only the X parts will have SMT.

And as HWare Unboxed “Not Steve” said, there has been little to no indication that AMD is going to announce a new product line at CES, but then again, Zen1 and Zen1+ both released in March/April respectively iirc, so if they’re not announcing the parts soon… When are they coming? I don’t think AMD wants to lose their momentum with their yearly on time releases of new products. So I definitely see them announcing Zen 2 consumer parts very soon™. Very likely to be Q1 2019, probably late Q1, while Rome is coming early Q1.

And if I’m honest, I think the major reason for the delay is to get enough defective dies produced so they have the lower end parts ready.

But as always, only time can tell. But the little ember of hope that AMD can rise to the kind of market share they held back in the Athlon days in another few years is glowing just a little bit brighter.

Now if only Arcturus is the actual “god GPU” from AMD, that’d be cool too. But let’s just say that, that particular ember seems to be well and truly smothered.

EDIT: Didn’t realise I made this as a reply to someone. Might be relevant to what that person said, might not be. Sorry :sweat_smile:


16 core / 32 thread WILL happen, however I suspect they might be scarce for a bit and delayed due to being golden cores. But “scarce” is still better than anything intel has in the pipe. Intel can’t get 9900Ks out as it is.

I think this is less likely. I think AMD will either have plenty of partially defective dies to sell as R3/R5/R7/PS5 (or even as lower end Threadripper or EPYC parts). And if they don’t, they can manually cripple some of the non-defective, but “don’t clock as high” parts. If they have the ability to see which cores on a die don’t clock as high, they could even selectively kill THOSE specific cores.


All I can say is, we’ll see when they get announced. It’s certainly getting interesting

Well, Ryzen Master can tell me which of the cores on my CPU are the best performers, so it’s not unlikely that they can do that in the speed binning process as well.

Anyway, just being a bit cautious about getting excited about these rumours. But I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing 5GhZ, or at least very close to it.


I agree. AMD needs to punch out as much product as it can from TSMC. To keep suppliers locked it and happy to be at capacity. If they can, to quote Lisa “We want to be disruptive in the PC marketplace.”

Hardware unboxed was critical of the pricing. But AMD have been selling at very good prices. If they go into 7nm chips with the same aggressive pricing and can meet demand. It will be a huge PR boost for AMD.

What I expect is AMD will have a more broader product line than the 2000 series. If they can bin 5Ghz chips at great price and keep that low end market filled with only AMD recommendations.

Intel still has terrible graphics. An APU with more cores and navi would be a huge seller. Just look at steam survey stats at what most gamer systems are.

There is a lot of Intel will come back commentators. AMD need too bloody their nose. Make them look stupid. Not because they are stupid just so the message to consumers is AMD is what to buy.

Still it’s all rumors and wishful thinking. I was not expecting anything major from CES.


With all this talk with core count and clock speed. I really think the motherboards for AM4 would need addition pcie lanes. What’s the point in having 16 AM4 with the same lane count?


That’s a good point. I’m curious if they’ll be able to increase the PCIe lane count on AM4 at all. I imagine that’s somewhat tied to socket.


If the rumors about the Ryzen 3000 are true, Intel will simply not be able to compete. At all. On any level. Their only course of action will be to do something illegal like buy off reviewers or rig tests in their favor, which they’ve done in the past and would do in a heartbeat when cornered.


You might be surprised. I’m sure Intel has a contingency plan. They’ve had 3 years.

More importantly, I don’t think Intel will be able to get away with their anti-consumer practices in this day and age. Not to the same extent they did 15 years ago. No contra-revenue schemes.


I have to agree with this… the sheer amount of abuse Intel took for just trying to bullshit us on that 28 core CPU at Computex shows people are paying attention AND the information dissemination with the internet is much faster than 20 years ago.


And look what they’ve done. Everyone was sure that they’re just sitting on some amazing tech, ready to be revealed the moment AMD comes out with something competitive. But they had nothing.

I certainly hope they won’t succeed if they try. But I’m almost sure that they’ll try regardless.


Oh, I knew they weren’t. It takes 5 years to develop an architecture. I’m thinking they’re going to need another 2 to ship.


Looking forward to seeing what the 3000 series looks like in laptops. If AMD could do something like adding Thunderbolt 3 or mabye their own version of a PCIe external interface they could do some major work in that sector


That will come. The spec is open, it’s just a matter of time now.


Oh they will try… they already have. It will take a massive culture shift at Intel to not mislead the world on their products. I don’t think they have it in them to actually come clean and play on the up and up.


I LOL’ed at the end where Adored called out everyone for complaining that the prices where too low :slight_smile:

It does serve 2 functions :slight_smile:


Well, they ask and they shall receive. AMD just raised their prices by 30%.

I guess this is a bunch of cold water on all the haters.

Hey guys, these prices are waaay too low, No way AMD would do that


Okay, prices are… Ryzen


Brilliant from a cost on market research perspective.
Get one guy to answer a few more emails, then F5 on some tech news site.

Imagine the following:
Ryzen 3000 happens, all reviewers get a nice little box with CPUs.
And a letter.
“Dear tech community, because you asked, we jacked prices by 30%.
Regards - AMD”


Umm yes they will, 2 is the sweet spot imo


Ehh, it’s definitely up for debate, but I think having it as an option is the best of the two options.


Where do you see this? Or is it also part of this thread’s speculations?