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Ryzen 3000, GPU speculation



It’s an educated guess. If you know anything about the market, you’d understand why.


You aren’t a regular consumer.

Regular consumers buy brand name PCs and run single drives. People running RAID setups, etc. are simply not “regular consumers”. At that point you’re more of an enthusiast and should probably be looking at the threadripper platform.

Or at least, AMD should focus on upselling you to it, if they have any business sense. Consumer intel doesn’t offer what you want either.


While I agree that you’re an enthusiast, I disagree that you need the threadripper platform.

As someone who owns both a 1700 and a 1950x, the 1700 is enough for most people at this juncture.

I agree with this. It’s in their best interest to do so.

Idk how we got on m.2 slots though.




Yes, because they probably have at least a 50/50 chance of coming back. It’s all cycles… Intel’s on top for a while, then AMD, then back to Intel, etc.

With ARM’s push into the server market, there is a chance to break the cycle. The last time there was a serious threat to x86 was PowerPC. At the time, nearly the entire world revolved around running Windows on x86, but that isn’t really the case anymore. These days Linux and other open-source projects are mostly on top, and open-source software is inherently able to switch CPU arches more easily than closed-source. Plus, with everyone being so concerned about power consumption and ARM having a large performance/watt advantage over x86. I think there’s a real chance x86 might not be on top much longer. If ARM gains traction in the server market, someone will have the budget to design ARM CPUs that can compete strictly on performance instead of just efficiency (I mean long term, not just for a generation or two).

My understanding is that a few years ago, Intel’s R&D budget by itself was more than all of AMD’s gross revenue. Regardless of what happens with ARM, Intel can afford to bleed cash for some time while they come up with new ideas.

TBH, I really hope the x86 “monopoly” gets broken up simply so that CPUs that aren’t just more of the same can get some R&D budget. Intel themselves had a pretty interesting idea back in the early 80s with their iAPX 432 arch. A lot has changed since then, both at the transistor level and in compilers, and I’m not convinced it’d be such a failure if they made it today (assuming the world isn’t only interested in x86, that is).


I believe it could quite possibly be true. Now unlike intel shooting themselves in the foot with a 9900k outperforming specific skylake-x chips, amd might just bump the core count up on threadripper. My dream would be to get 12cores or 16cores and not worry about upgrading the mobo of my 2700x.


Vintage GLUE!!!


Sorry for the bump, but I found this to be a great read:

I haven’t looked through Toms Hardware in a long, long time. A long time.


But I figured that article would be in sync with here, because it aligns somewhat with speculation.

Regardless, I. Am. Freaking. Pumped. I haven’t been Team Red since the Bulldozer days (FX-8350 and Radeon 7970). However, Ryzen 3000 16 core (if it’s a thing???) and Radeon VII are very likely going to be my next “extreme” build.

It seems that AMD has big plans to keep the standard going at 4c/8t and 16c/32t for their gaming and enthusiast brands.

@tsk @sgtawesomesauce @Adubs aka AD-BUS get in here for maximum shilling.


My body is ready.

Except I went Intel and ice-lake 100% won’t be supported on my B-360 board. :zipper_mouth_face:


:thinking: I could have sworn they said the opposite? Like the 2011 stuff?



Doubt it, Ice Lake has a new PCH.


From the article

It’s noteworthy that AMD hasn’t fully tweaked the design yet, meaning that it will likely extract more performance from the chip before it comes to market.

There’s no tweaking the design 6 months before launch.

There’s clock finalization and microcode.


Yeah, I took everything in there with a grain of salt and “speculation” :wink:

Just hype and bandwagoning, which I’m all about in moderation.


Ah, I see.

Well then, more and more likely I’ll juice out some AMD bucks.


I feel like its kind of a flop TBH.

ryzen 3k tho, if it can hit 5ghz all core then it stands a chance at Intel BTFO.


In the “wait & see” camp on this one. If it can truly blow out the 2080 and compete with 2080Ti I’ll snag it up for sure.

Yeah, looking at the

Ryzen 9 3850X	16 / 32	-	4.3 / 5.1GHz	135W	$499	May 2019



Don’t see Tom saying just buy it.

That 3700 and 3700x going to be the sweet spot for many. Be interesting if 3700 can hit 5ghz otherwise 3700x may be the way to go. I won’t be home for over a week in October so no pew pew, which would be perfect time to take my current Ryzen box in for upgrade. Was going to wait on RAM but with CL 15 3600 dirt cheap now may be worth it


that part confuses me. wouldnt that be cannibalizing TR?


Perhaps. Maybe they wanted to make way for EPYC (server) and Ryzen (workstation) and just leave ThreadRipper for niche audiences, the people that need both aspects?

Might have just been a trial run/limited edition thing, too.


TR will still have PCIE lane advantage which will segment the market