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Ryzen 3000 Build


I’ve been planning on building a new PC for a while and since all the good things happening with AMD and Ryzen I have decided that its time for me to move away from Intel and do a Ryzen build.

Below are my current PC Specs and the Spec list of the PC I am planning to Build

Current Spec
Case : Corsair Graphite 780T (White)
Motherboard : MSI Z77 MPower
CPU : Intel 3570k
Cooler : BeQuiet Dark Rock
RAM : 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz
GFX : Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse
PSU : Superflower Leadex Gold Modular 700w
Storage : 1x120GB Kingston SSD, 1x 1TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD

New Spec
Case : Fractal Design Define R6
Motherboard : ASRock Taichi X570
CPU : AMD Ryzen 3700X
Cooler : Open to Suggestions
RAM : 16GB Team Group Edition 3200Mhz
GFX : As above
PSU : As above
Storage : 1x Samsung Evo Plus 500GB NVMe, 1x Adata xpg sx8200 256GB Pro NVMe 1x 1TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD

The Firecuda is used for games storage at the moment but may retire that in the future.

Thoughts? :grin:

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I’m with Aorus x570 master and my 3900x works like a charm, in my opinion for this gen of CPU Gigabyte has made a excellent job. I can suggest you to get amsung b-die ram @3600 mhz instead of 3200, this will give you more performance (infinity Fabric speed…) .
About the cooler, i sent back my coolermaster masterliquid 360 rgb, because of his poor thermal performances, and the noise of his fans.
I’m waiting to receive the Alphacool Eisebear Extreme 280, that has a good pump and a interesting waterblock (compatible with G 1/4, so i can change the waterblock in future, if necessary).
As PSU i’m using a corsair HX1000, but i think that a 750/800w is enough (with one graphic card…), also EVGA have excellent PSU (Platinum/Gold cert).
For games, you can use a intel p600 nvme 2tb, the price is very interesting and is really more fast than Firecuda.
Sorry for my English (i’m from Italy).
Enjoy your next rig!!!

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How long do you plan to keep that rig, and what is your use case?

The x570 does have some advantages:

  • Forward compatibility for a high-end GPU in 2022+
  • 32 available lanes of PCIe 4.0 which is great for pro use
  • Double the NVMe bandwidth
  • Guaranteed compatibility with the 3700X
  • Great VRMs for big overclocks

It also has some serious drawbacks:

  • Costs around $100 more in comparison to a decent B450 board
  • Active chipset cooling (more noise, heat, and higher risk of breaking)

I would go with the x570 if I were to upgrade to a top-tier GPU running 8k in three years+, if I plan to upgrade to a later AM4 CPU (last gen is expected to come out next year), if I plan to OC much or if I want to build a dual head system (VFIO + two GPUs + two monitors + two VMs running one PC each) or if I really need that extra NVMe performance for video editing or other high performance add-on cards.

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, then I would swap the x570 card for an MSI B450 Tomahawk Max (Ryzen 3000 compatible out of box) and put those extra $100 to a Samsung EVO 1TB, more RAM or into savings for a new GPU. :slight_smile:

Your decision of course! Your build does look great otherwise, and should last you at least five years for a gaming rig (if you upgrade the GPU to a mid tier in 2022).


Are there any benchmarks that say 3600Mhz RAM delivers enough of an performance improvement to justify double the price for RAM? Mine ran at 2133 initially and now at 3200 and i didn’t get a massive difference in most benchmarks i tested.
I’d say 3200 is fine.


I could be wrong, but if I recall my memory hunting for my current build, the samsung b-die ram are no longer produced. So the price for the ones you find are a wee bit high, lol.

Can confirm the adata is very nice for price and performance.

I had 2 of the 2.5" versions of the seagate sshd in my laptop. I saw no improvement for gaming at least and replaced them with sata SSD and am much happier.

Would also say unless you have some actual need for pcie 4.0 immediately, or some other special case, go with a 450 or 470 and put the motherboard savings towards something else. Especially since the CPU CAN do pcie 4.0 and that it will probably be able to be placed into the mobos that come out for the Zen 3 cpus that hopefully have better stuff and things than most of the x570 boards (wifi 6 standard, 10gb will be cheaper, more than one USB-C port, lol).

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@JLR Decent build i don’t really have anything to add to this.
Asrock X570 Taichi decent choice.
When it comes to a cooler i would personally stick with an Aircooler,
because those are generally more reliable then clc’s.

  • Noctua
  • Bequiet

Generally good choices when it comes to air coolers.


As others have mentioned, pick a 3600 Kit that’s on your mainboards QVL list. Apparently, even if the RAM works it is possible that it performs worse than when all the subtimings are properly configured. (Gamers Nexus did a video on that). Personally, I’d pick 32GB RAM but that’s just me :smiley:
All in all, the Taichi is a really good board, but the QVL list of the Gigabyte Master is better (i.e.: has more RAM on the list).
A friend of mine recently picked up the Addlink S70 (hope the link is correct) and it performs equally/better than ADATA for less price.

Concerning cooling: While @MisteryAngel is right, I personally love my Kraken X62 CLC. Simple because it is silent, cools really good and is out of the way, when I want to do anything in my PC.

Concerning the case: I think Lian Li’s O11 and the O11 XL are awesome, but especially the XL aint cheap :wink:

Edit: Furthermore, I don’t know which screen you are using, but a good screen does make a strong difference. (From personal experience :slight_smile: )


3600 cas 16 or 3200 cas 14, here the price is similar.
At same cas, 3600 is obviously better… search around for gamer nexus article.

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I have put a alphacool eisbear extreme in my rig… 3900x runs at 31° idle (27 ambient) and 71-73° in cpu-z stress test. During geekbench test temps under 68°.
Alphacool extreme has the XPX waterblock, i tested the goofy orientation (vertical logo) and the stardard one (horizontal) and temps, on horizontal, are lower about 5°c (in horizontal the xpx’s inner fins are vertical)
In MT one core reach 4.625mhz @1.4v (never reach 1.5) and other 2 cores at 4.575mhz.
Enabling the PBO, i don’t know why, but the cpu runs with lower voltages and higher frequencies. I’m using the F7A bios on my x570 master and gkill 3600 cas 16 (32 gb)

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I didn’t say it wasn’t.
At the same CAS 3600 is substantially more expensive. Yes, it’s better. The question is, enough to justify the price? I got 3200 CAS 16. C14 or 3600 RAM would have been double that and i doubt i’d see differences in the real world. Sure it’s measurable in Benchmarks, but who cares about high numbers in benchmarks?


Of course, price/performance on 3200mhz (cl16 min) is way better than 3600, also 3000mhz is good… if you can buy 3600mhz cl16 (32gb trident-z rgb, payed 300€ on ebay) i think is not a bad deal.

Back to config suggestion for our friend (topic author), i think is way better spend more money on a nvme 2t for games, instead of 3600 ram, this for sure. But if he can spend 100 euro more, a 3600 kit is owever a good piece to have on his rig.


100% Agree on that.

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Yup i totally agree on this.
Sure the infinity fabric benefits from faster memory kits with lower latency’s.
But ¨if¨ those benefits are significant enough in real world use case scenario’s to pay a whopping price premium for said premium highspeed kits is kinda questionable.

I would personally just buy a decent middle of the road kit 3200mhz or 3600mhz,
that are listed on the mobo’s qvl list and call it a day really.
G.skill Trident Z’s or FlairX kits or so.


Hi @MisteryAngel,

Yeah, that’s what I am thinking, I quite like the look of the current Dark Rock Series, very nice coolers.

Have you looked into aftermarket GPU coolers?

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Everything else looked rock solid.

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I have that card, it doesn’t need aftermarket cooling. :wink:

Yes, I agree. I really don’t like the idea of chipset fans so I would also take a look at solid X470 boards. Gonna be a while until GPUs completely overwhelm PCIe3 and in day to day use the differences between NVMe on PCIe4 and the current ones will be negligible.

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There’s always Gigabyte’s Aorus Extreme :wink:

I’m wondering why no one else has done this. I mean sure, the VRM on this board is ridiculously overpowered, but I think some X570 may have gotten away with that, if they had invested in a better VRM cooling solution.

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Sure, 500 bucks for one heatpipe. :wink:


What makes the chipset fan worse is the fact that in servers, chipsets that dump 25W are perfectly fine without a fan, they just have a real heatsink on them!

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