Ryzen 1700 Segfault Bug Detection

I’m currently running a Ryzen 1700 at 3.00GHz with a VCore voltage of 0.975V. I have faced quite a few freezes on Ubuntu and Fedora. It runs fine on Windows 10 though. I thought it might be because of C6 State. But then I came across a post on Segfault bug. I ran Oxalin’s kill Ryzen script which gave me two errors.

[loop-6] 2019-01-21T19:29:38+05:30 build failed
[loop-6] TIME TO FAIL: 165 s
[KERN] 2019-01-21T19:29:38+0530 Ubuntu-on-Ryzen kernel: bash[24113]: segfault at 55bd9e27489c ip 000055bd9e1e4f99 sp 00007fffae969298 error 7 in bash[55bd9e1cd000+a5000]
[KERN] 2019-01-21T19:29:38+0530 Ubuntu-on-Ryzen kernel: Code: e8 cc e0 ff ff 48 8d 3d a5 64 0c 00 e8 d0 e9 ff ff 31 c0 45 85 ff 0f 95 c0 89 05 aa 33 0d 00 83 fb ff 74 07 83 0d 9e 33 0d 00 <10> be 01 00 00 00 48 89 ef e8 19 10 04 00 85 c0 0f 85 7f 04 00 00 

[loop-2] 2019-01-23T16:36:33+05:30 build failed
[loop-2] TIME TO FAIL: 610 s
[KERN] 2019-01-23T16:36:33+0530 Ubuntu-on-Ryzen kernel: traps:
genpreds[24974] trap invalid opcode ip:7fe741ca44b7 sp:44b60fd1 error:0 in libc-2.28.so[7fe741b47000+171000]

Is this indicative of a faulty processor?

Thing with PC’s is their faults need drop in replacement to test :frowning:
So without a CPU and motherboard to swap in and test its hard to say. Even a PSU as a third option.


Is it a pre-week 25 of 2017 CPU?
You’ll have to look at the CPU itself to check the date code on top.

Have a read through this: Ryzen Pre-Week 25 fabrication RMA issue


The batch number is UA1716SUT. So, it’s possible that the chip is faulty.