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Ryan Shrout Leaves PCPer for Intel



Time will tell, I am sure others will keep him in check. On the point of Intel employing journalists, I guess that doesn’t make them journalists anymore.

The main beef I had with the whole Principled tech thing, as someone on the forum pointed out with extensive research, is that they were just puppets. it seems like they were contracted to: “Demonstrate how much better this new Intel 9xxxx chip is compared to the competition and previous generations”. And that is what they did.

@Marten Ah I see. Fair enough. Not something I am privvy too.

So we are all in agreement that the worst have left PcPer and now it will shine!


Yea well I even Josh spoke up and said after I commented how about them PCI lanes etc ?

I’ll see if I can dig it out .


A throw away shell company?

Kind of like a burner phone for pr :smiley:


They have been throwing them away for years though!


Now sure it was the episode but poor Allyn could not raid. As an expert. Listen for 5 mins and tell me I am wrong


I probably have seen that. I don’t think he is an idiot though and am still willing to give him the befit of the doubt.
There may be reasons, may not be, Some times tech can be a pain in the arse. Not everything works great first time, especially not in my experience. Maybe it is an honest answer.

But I appreciate you have a different view, I am not challenging that.


Well the other shoe drops… so be curious if they will still be an arm of the Intel PR team or try to get some sort of objectivity back.


Either take the media to act as shills, OR take the higher profile tech guys out of the media and employ them so they can’t say bad things any more.


IMHO several of the things PCper have made a big song and dance about over the past 2 years have been pro intel anti anyone else at metrics that on paper make intel look great but in reality just don’t matter as much as they make out.

i know @wendell seems to have good things to say about OPTANE, but for the typical end user it comes across as product that is just very expensive and falls short compared to just setting up a bunch of SSDs. Intels promotion of it as a hard drive accelerator is pointless now when you can buy terabytes of SSD for the cost of HD+optane.

I’m sure there are benchmarks that prove it is amazing, and i’m sure it IS amazing for a bunch of fringe workloads, but for the average desktop end user you’re simply far better off spending the money on far more SSD because budgets are a thing.

The way intel were hyping it up a few years back it was like we were going to have SSD capacities with near RAM speeds and right now it falls flat on both points.


Poor guys. Must have been a “We’re Intel, GTFO” scenario!
Podcasting from their basements.

The word content was thrown around quite a bit at the start of the video… Reminded me of something a few years ago. But totally different situation I know.

I guess they have an established fan base of some sort, just gotta figure out where they fit now. I’d seriously be considering dropping the PCPER thing if I were them, given how things played out. Go something new.


Sebastian Peak has been on none but the last 4-5 shows in the years Ive followed PCPER…Morrie is more qualified :slight_smile:
I wish them well be the shill is out now. Did they just fire Alex ?


Yeah Sebastian has been in the background taking hot sexy hardware pics over the years. Damn fine photography. Always been remote though. Now I don’t think any of the guys in the video are co-located.

Also I don’t know which one Morrie is! My bad. Not sure on Alex, was he the guy running the monitors in the previous live streams?


Basicly you nailed it morrie is the review guy that is never on stream and Alex is the sound board / screen capture guy.


Maybe now they can update Ryan’s website. People are running greater than 800x600 these days.

One last thing, they did a pretty good job. 4 people remote in a conference call is usually a disaster, with the delay. Talking over each other etc.


Its not super professional but I enjoy the Weekly Space hangout. Getto does 4 skype calls fine. Im more the content not the method of delivery.


Not like we are not putting up with @Wendell at 360p latelly ! /grin


Hehe I am pretty pedantic with some things. Fake drama, people talking over each other then stopping and doing it again, people talking with massive oysters in their gob that they keep trying to swallow. Things like that will make me stop watching a video.


My tolerance level for say Bitwit is next to zero.
A semi broken stream with an engineer I will plow throw for knowledge.